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The second life of the old hose: the most successful ideas

In addition to fruits and vegetables in the country you can find a lot of interesting things. For example, the old radio, antique furniture and holey hose. Yes, the last item is from the category when it is a pity to throw it away and cannot be used as intended. But this does not mean that the old hose should collect dust and take up space in the pantry. Even it can be turned into a useful device or a beautiful decor for the garden.

We spread the track

Near a cozy lake or vegetable garden with greenery is not the place of urban factory tiles. In this corner you want to see something more interesting and unusual, for example, a path made of wooden cuts or a path from a garden sleeve. Multicolored snails can be made with plastic holders or a thin cord. So that they do not slide, you can slightly deepen the crafts into the ground or fasten them together.

Weave basket

Old hose will help keep tools or small items in one place. To do this, you can build from it a basket of the desired color and size. Make it quite easy: you should start from the bottom, twisting the tube in a spiral and fixing the coils with plastic ties, and then go to the vertical walls. For convenience, you can build a handle from the end of the hose.

This craft will be an excellent pots for street or home flowers.

Dressing cottages

If there are often children in a country house, it is necessary to make something fun and creative with a hose. For example, plant a “monster” in the garden, “grow” flowers on the wall, or run a huge caterpillar between vegetables. Additional material in such handicraft will serve any available object: a bucket, a plastic bottle, and even cabbage. The main thing here - to show imagination, so the process is to attract children.

Summer shower rug

To wash yourself with cool water in the yard after a hard day’s work in the garden is a special pleasure. But it can also be increased if you lay the ground under a summer shower with a hand-made rug. This will also help old waste tube that must be rolled into a spiral of a round or oval shape. The rug will not deteriorate from moisture and will be high enough not to soil feet in the ground. The same product can be placed under the entrance door or on the veranda.

Wicker Furniture

If there is old, broken furniture in the country, you should decorate and repair it with the help of the same watering tube. This material can turn an old frame into a reliable chair for fishing or update the look of a worn chest of drawers. Following the patterns of wicker furniture from the store, real masters can do it themselves. One has only to try, find free time and prepare the foundation.

Device for drip irrigation

Hosed hose? No problem. It is necessary to pretend that this is the way it should be, adding a few dozen additional holes. In this simple way, you can get drip irrigation for cucumbers, tomatoes and other plants in the garden.

In addition, this trick will save several hundred rubles on the purchase of irrigation system.

Garden tool case

Particularly practical gardeners will like the following idea. Dense rubber hose must be divided into segments of 20-40 centimeters and cut on one side. So the unnecessary thing will turn into a convenient cover for a rake, an ax, a knife and other dangerous tools. This precaution is necessary for summer houses, where children often play, who may cut themselves with a sharp blade.

These ideas are only an impetus to manifest your own imagination. It should be remembered that in the country you need to relax your body and soul, and needlework from old materials is perfect for this.

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