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How to secure the film on the greenhouse

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Not always local climatic conditions contribute to good cultivation of the crop. For this, greenhouses were invented. With their help, you can extend the season or get a harvest earlier. One of the options is a greenhouse of arcs and films. The final stage of construction is the fastening of covering material to the frame. It is necessary to fix it so that the wind of any force could not break it.

Mounting methods

Arc structures simple in construction, so they are popular and are more common than other greenhouses. One of the stages of installation is to mount the polyethylene to the frame.


This is one of the most difficult, but important stages. This is done in several ways:

  1. Using special clamps.
  2. With the use of stationery binders.
  3. Due to self-made clips from a plastic pipe.
  4. Using mesh or cord.
  5. Using scotch tape.

There is another method - instillation polyethylene film ground at the base. However, it has some drawbacks. Firstly, the film is blurred, and secondly - less light is transmitted into the greenhouse. In this way, it can be fixed on the north side, since there the covering material does not rise during the season. Instead of land, you can still use bricks or stones.

Special clamps

This method of attachment is used for the construction of PVC material. Fasteners look like clamps-latches, which are mounted on top of the film and cover part of the arc. Thanks to such clips, time is saved during the construction of the structure, polyethylene is not harmed, and also securely fastened to the frame.


Special clamps can be used many times. For example, in the fall, when disassembling the frame, they are easily detached, and next season they are reused. Instead of such clamps, pipe clamps are also used. It is only necessary to select the desired diameter.

Stationery binders

This mount is used for reinforcement structures or small plastic pipes. It is best to use large clamps. So that they do not violate the integrity of the covering material in case of strong gusts of wind, a piece of cloth or rubber should be placed under each fastener.

Plastic pipe or hose clamps

If the arcs are made of plastic or reinforcement, the clamps can be made independently. For a small greenhouse use a conventional hose, which is cut along the length and divided into small pieces.

For more greenhouses such fasteners will be weak. In this case, you can use an arc of strong material, such as plastic. Its diameter should be slightly larger than that of the frame arc. The pipe is cut into small pieces (enough 5 cm), cut off the side, so that it was convenient to fix it to the arc. In order not to damage the coating with sharp edges, they should be sanded using emery paper or melted.

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On a note!

If the arc of the greenhouse is made of metal pipes, then under each fastener should put a gasket. They will not allow the film to overheat and tear.

Net or cord

To fix the film to the frame, you can use a special grid. It is fixed to the base of the greenhouse.However, this method has its drawback - over time, the tension gradually weakens. Therefore, it requires periodic pulling up. Instead of a grid, another cord is used, which is fastened in a similar way, not only at the base, but also along the entire surface of the greenhouse.

Double-sided tape

As a clamp using a simple double-sided tape. First, you need to clean the frame well, so that the latch is well attached to it. Then an adhesive tape is attached to the pipe, and a film is attached on top. The disadvantage of this method is that it will not be possible to save cover material when dismantling such a construction. Therefore, it is best to use inexpensive coverage. And since in the future it is necessary to ventilate the greenhouse, the adhesive tape should not be glued to the bottom.

Recommendations for shelter greenhouses

Good greenhouse for high-quality cultivation of culture will turn out in the event that adhere to some recommendations. First of all, it is important to correctly calculate the length of the coating. As a rule, it is sold in rolls. Therefore, it is enough to know the parameters of the greenhouse and the width of the roll.

If the greenhouse will be used for a long time, from early spring to late autumn, the coating should be durable and reliable. However, if during its fixation the nailing method is used, then an inexpensive material is quite suitable for this. And when buying it, it is better to take a little more so that you can repair the damage that may occur during operation. The coating is applied only after the arc is firmly and securely dug, and fixed in the ground.

On a note!

The best time to build is warm weather without wind.



The mount plays an important role in the construction of the greenhouse. They come from different materials, depending on the type of construction. Fasteners using the holes made use more for the frame, made of durable polymer coating. Each retainer has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, what method to use the gardener chooses independently.

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plenka na pernikeplenka na pernike

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