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Clean chimney do-it-yourself: the best folk remedies

Chimney cleaning

The main causes of poor traction in the furnace is the build-up inside the chimney and the blockage. To clean the chimney of soot with their own hands, easily and quickly, without chemicals, folk remedies can anyone. There are several simple ways to clean the pipeline that removes smoke from the boiler, fireplace, stove of a residential house, industrial premises, baths.

Causes of chimney clogging

The use of systems with heating on wood, briquettes or coal for heating premises requires regular cleaning of the chimney. Inside the pipeline, combustion products are deposited on the walls, which eventually form a large build-up, which prevents the free passage of smoke.

Chimney cleaningDuring the combustion process, oxidative reactions take place under the catalytic influence of atmospheric oxygen and high temperature. Combustion of fuel is accompanied by the release of heat, gaseous substances and solid particles - products of incompletely burned components. The black smoke coming out of the chimney signals a high emission of soot, which not only dissipates into the atmosphere, but also settles inside the outflow channel.

The reasons for the increased formation of soot residues can be:

  • fresh firewood. Raw wood contains a large amount of resins, esters, natural moisture for heating with wet logs requires more time and energy. During the combustion reaction, a lot of soot is released, which accumulates in the pipeline;
  • burning domestic waste. When heating plastic bags, plastic containers, synthetic materials, chipboard and chipboard, furniture elements in a boiler, fireplace or stove, a reaction occurs in which a large amount of soot is released into the firebox, which is heavier than air and quickly sticks to the chimney surface;
  • bad traction due to the short chimney. The chimney must be higher than the ridge so that the smoke is effectively brought out. Without thrust, the combustion process does not take place in full force, so a soot is formed;
  • firewood softwood. Logs and pruning of pine, spruce contain a large amount of essential oils and resins, which when burned form soot suspensions. Under pressure and smoke with soot enters the pipe, where the remnants of combustion products are deposited on the surface of the channel.

Also the cause of blockage of the smoke channel can be a collapsed brick from masonry, scale and rust on metal pipes. It is important to establish the reason for which the pipe is littered.

Cleaning methods

Cleaning the pipe in various ways with your own hands is not difficult. The methods were used even by our ancestors during the heating and cleaning of Russian stoves. Heating with firewood has always been accompanied by the release of soot and soot, therefore, previous generations regularly maintained the cleanness of the outlet channels by mechanical methods or folk remedies.

With a small blockage, use traditional methods in the form of burning in the furnace of some products that cause peeling or softening of soot growth.Each operation, check the smoke traction, so that at the first signs of the overgrowth of the lumen with soot, use the method tested by the people. Mechanical cleaning of the chimney is an extreme measure due to the difficulty of access to the roof and the complex design of the smoke duct.

Folk remedies

When stoking stoves and fireplaces to reduce the content of soot deposited on the walls of the chimney, from the time of Ancient Russia the following available means were used:

  • salt. The crystals absorb excess moisture and accelerate the burning process. As a result, soot produces a minimum amount. Add to the melted oven at least 500 g of salt;
  • potato peelings. Starch contained in potatoes dries out soot growths and exfoliates them. During the burning of the fuel, heat at least 10 liters of the peel of the root crop, gradually pouring small portions, so as not to reduce the temperature;
  • aspen. Furnace furnace aspen dried logs causes the combustion of soot.

Chimney cleaning


Even if you will drown the stove with the use of folk remedies on a daily basis, household polymeric garbage, plastic, and tar containing objects cannot be burned in it. Toxic deposits and soot from the walls of the chimney after burning in the MSW furnace can only be cleaned by scraping.

Periodic firebox dried wood with the addition of folk remedies will be a reliable prevention of the formation of soot deposits in the furnace channel.

Purchased formulations

To clean the chimney from soot and soot, you can buy ready-made shop tool. Among the experienced stilts, the following products have recommended themselves positively:

  • special briquettes and logs (for example, Chimney Sweep, Express, Happy Summer Resident). Goods are sold in household and specialty stores. They are based on elements that soften the soot growth and dry it when it is fired by these types of fuel. Soot from the pipe-line flies out or falls down;
  • powdered substances and granules. Products in the form of a carbon black powder or a rounded mixture (for example, the Czech brand “Kominichek”) are poured onto ordinary dry firewood during the sinking. The use of the finished product serves as a preventive measure against the formation of soot deposits on the walls of the furnace pipe.

Use special ready-made products for prophylactic purposes. It is enough to heat the fireplace or stove once a week using the finished composition to maintain the cleanliness of the furnace channel.

Chimney cleaning

Mechanical methods

The blockage of the chimney in the form of a soot outgrowth or a collapsed brick, which prevents the smoke from escaping from the firebox, can be removed with your own hands by the following methods:

  • chimney sweep ruff. Build a ruff on a long flexible rod. Wrap a short stick with a cloth, tie it tightly with a rope, fasten it on a rope. Move along the channel, scraping soot from the walls. Clean the pipe from the top, from the roof, or clean it from the side of the firebox, if the design allows. Put loose container on suitable dirt;
  • elimination of clogging with a plastic bottle and rope. Fill a container of 1.5-2 liters from under the drinks with water, tie a strong rope or twine at the neck. Lower the load through the pipe from the roof and remove the build-up due to the weight of the bottle. Use a strong knot and rope. Remaining in the chimney container with water will create big problems. Another disadvantage of this method is perhaps such a cleaning of only the channels without bends;
  • disassembly of the pipe. If there is a serious blockage in the chimney, it will be necessary to disassemble the stove at the alleged site of accumulation of dust. Tap the chimney over its entire length. A dull sound will indicate the location of soot accumulation or clogging with a foreign object.Remove 1-2 bricks from the brickwork, clean the segment and put the stone elements back, smearing the joints with clay and sand. The metal channel will require disassembly into its component parts.

The methods are similar to the work of chimney sweepers who clean chimney pipes with tin ramrods. Do not bring the condition of the channel for the removal of smoke to forced resort to drastic measures. Timely prevention of soot deposition will save you from serious problems. Watch out for the fuel, do not drown substandard fuel, heat special components from time to time to remove soot.

Prevent chimney clogging

A clean chimney is not only comfortable use of a heating stove or fireplace. It is also an important safety condition for living in the house. A clogged pipe, poor traction due to soot build-up and soot can be the causes for carbon monoxide and combustion products that are harmful to the human body to get inside. To keep the furnace piping in order, use the following helpful tips:

Only stove a stove or fireplace with dry wood of certain types of trees. Raw logs and conifer wood when burning forms a large amount of soot. Better for

Chimney cleaningfireboxes use birch, birch fuel briquettes. Store fuel for 2-3 seasons ahead for the chopped chocks to dry out;

  • Do not incinerate household trash. Polymers and pressed wood using glue emit a lot of toxic substances, including soot and ash;
  • output the chimney above the roof and ridge. The height of the pipe must be sufficient for good traction inside the furnace and full burning of the fuel;
  • Heat the stove periodically with table salt, aspen logs, peeling potatoes or special ready-made means to keep the chimney in order.

Regular maintenance of the chimney will relieve you of problems with insufficient bollard, smoke in the room, and soot on the stove. It is enough to heat the tested compounds in the furnace 2-3 times a month to prevent clogging of the channel with soot and soot.


In case of insufficient space, smoke of the premises, the appearance of soot on the surface of the stove or fireplace, it is necessary to take measures that will help eliminate the blockage in the furnace channel. You can clean the chimney of soot with your own hands, easily and quickly, without chemicals, folk remedies in just a few furnaces. Regular use of methods will eliminate the formation of soot on the walls of the chimney.

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Chimney cleaningChimney cleaning

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