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Real stoves in a modern interior

stove in a modern interior

In country houses, stoves are rarely used for their intended purpose, that is, for cooking or warming rooms. Rather, they are part of a modern interior in a rustic style. All the necessary functions in the household for cooking and heating are performed by gas stoves and other appliances. Homeowners prefer to have beautiful design objects in their homes, reminiscent of the old traditions of their people. These objects are treated with trepidation and respect.

What are the stoves

Furnaces differ in shape, purpose and volume of construction. It is also necessary to take into account the dimensions of the rooms in which the installation of a furnace of a certain type is planned. Indeed, depending on the intended use, it can be entered into the interior of the kitchen or living room.

Installation features

Before you install a heavy stove in a particular room, you need to make sure that the foundation of the house in this place is strong, able to withstand up to 2-3 tons of masonry. In the absence of this condition, the foundation needs to be strengthened or a lighter version of the stove built.


The owners of private houses are popular three main types of stoves. They differ from each other in volume, shape and weight of structures, but the basic functional principles are identical within the group.

Title Functions Specifications
Dutch woman Space heating One or bunk construction with vertical chimney. Designed for warming rooms up to 40 m2. Averaged base dimensions 0.7 x 1.0 m. Recommended for installation in living rooms
Russian stove (with stove bench) Heating rooms, cooking, a place to rest and warming

Massive construction weighing from 1.5 to 4., 0 tons. It can be designed in various ways, both in form and in functional content.

You can set the cooking side in the kitchen, and the side (with a bench) in the bedroom or living room

Swede Depending on the type of structural elements, it can perform all the functions of a conventional furnace, but is inferior in size to the traditional variant. Simplified and lightweight view of a classic Russian stove. Such stoves are intended for construction in small kitchens or living rooms.

The profession of stove-house in the old Slavic countries was considered prestigious and brought a considerable income. The work of experienced craftsmen valued at the weight of gold. A master who has mastered the secrets of building a stove, could provide himself for life.


The food cooked in the oven becomes uniquely tasty, the “divine” aroma spreads around the house. It causes an appetite and gives simple dishes: soups, porridges or baking special sensations.

In the house, warmed by heat from the furnace, the person feels comfortable. The mutual relations of family members are becoming closer, there is no room for quarrels.

The heat of the Russian stove remains for a long time, it is good to rest on a warm stove bench, insomnia disappears. Children and adults prefer such sun beds, refusing beds and sofas.

Ways of registration

Designers apply modern techniques in their projects. They give the most attention to the finishing of the main object - the Russian stove.


Porcelain stoneware or ceramic tiles are a modern and inexpensive material. The choice remains for the owner of the furnace. The shape, color, size and texture of the tiles allow you to create unique compositions. The tiles are well breathable and retain heat for a long time. They are not susceptible to deformation, easy to clean, resistant to temperature changes.

A rock

More expensive, but the most durable and durable type of finishing furnaces. Use natural material made from shell rock, sandstone, serpentine. Stone creates a flavor of old mansions and castles. To reduce costs, you can use artificial material in the furnace finish. It is very similar to natural stones, but its lifetime is less than tenfold.


The easiest and cheapest finish option. It will require updates every 2-3 years. On plaster can be painted with paints that are resistant to high temperatures. The stove, painted according to individual sketches, will stand only in your house and nowhere else. For owners, this is an important point.


This material is one of the most expensive. However, the decoration of it - the most beautiful and elegant way to design stoves. They are made by individual orders or purchased in antique shops. Tile tiles can be used for both the outer and inner surface of the furnace. Their lifespan is unlimited over time. They accumulate heat well.


Mosaic painting gives the room a fabulous and unique look. The light reflected in each piece of colored tiles is reflected on the ceiling and walls. The game of color fascinates, soothes a person, brings him to a state of rest and comfort.


Until the XV century, all furnaces were fueled "in the black." At the beginning of the 16th century, chimneys began to be used, and later - chimneys.

Decore household items

To give a more pronounced color of the “Russian hut” in the interior design used items of old everyday life. They can also be used to hide small defects that may appear over time.

Near the stove hang embroidered towels (towels), dried bunches of herbs and berries. Plaids and pillows with traditional ornaments are placed on the bed. On the shelves establish old utensils: dishes, bows, irons.

Safety finish

When installing the stove in the house, you need to consider that all the furnishings in the room where this “Russian izba” attribute will stand. For ceilings and walls there should be used materials resistant to fire, well cleaned and breathable.


For finishing the ceiling is better to use plaster, followed by painting. It is impossible to install stretch ceilings on which fumes and soot will accumulate.


Wall decoration around the stove can be made of natural wood: logs, wall paneling, boards. They must be constantly treated with protective agents to protect the kitchen or living room from fire.

Another option - it is pasting walls with special wallpaper. They are made of fiberglass based on quartz sand, well cleaned and washed, do not burn, do not absorb moisture.

Russian stove and styles

You can install the stove not only in the design of the “Russian izba” design style. The main condition - to withstand a certain dynamics.


The main principle is simplicity and unpretentiousness. The stove is painted white. Furniture items from unpainted tables, benches, chests. Log walls and ceilings with crossbars will emphasize the simplicity of the situation. Embroidered tablecloths, napkins and towels will add brightness.

Country music

American country style, based on strength and reliability. The stove is faced with natural stones. The tables and chairs are massive, coarse solid wood. Skins are spread out on the floor, and antiques from the life of Indians are hung on the walls: beads, tomahawks, and mats.


In French style, gentle pastel colors are maintained in the atmosphere of the whole room. The color of the oven merges with the walls. Kitchenware and decorations do not stand out for their brightness and pretentiousness.

The stove in the interiors of country houses is a subject that ennobles them, brings us back to the origins of ancestral life. In such a cozy interior, people cook, rest and relax.

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stove in a modern interiorstove in a modern interior

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