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The main reasons why tomatoes blush


The uneven color of the tomatoes is not a signal about the disease of the plant, but speaks of errors in the care of tomatoes. To find the essence of the problem, it is necessary to understand how tomato ripening occurs.

Tomato ripening

The development of tomatoes consists of two stages: in the first stage, the growth and formation of the fetus occurs, in the second stage, over the course of 3 weeks, the resulting fruits begin to acquire a red or brown hue.

When to start worrying?

If, after 3 weeks, the tomatoes did not turn red, then it is necessary to study in detail the causes affecting the ripening process, and proceed to their elimination. Non-compliance with the elementary rules of care leads to the uneven color of tomatoes.

The main causes of uneven color

There are at least 5 common reasons why this happens; we’ll look at them below:

  1. Feature grade. For example, a variety of tomatoes, Paul Robson, in which the green shoulders are considered the norm. Over time, green areas are taken to turn red, but later than other varieties.
  2. Uncomfortable temperature. Improper adherence to the temperature regime, or rather the elevation of the mark plus 35 degrees, will provoke a stop in the production of a natural pigment - lycopene. Lycopene and makes tomatoes red.
  3. Bad light. Inadequate exposure to sunlight, due to too dense planting of tomato bushes. As a result, the ripening of the fetus is disrupted, leading to uneven color.
  4. Lack of nutrients. The reason for the shortage is the improper implementation of feeding, that is, with an excess or deficiency.
  5. Busy loads of fruit. A common reason for inexperienced growers. An improperly formed bush, on which there is an excess of stepson and brushes and forms the very congestion. The result is a large number of fruit brushes and a tomato bush unable to provide each tomato with nutrients.

If an error is detected, you should immediately take measures to eliminate it. The quality of the crop directly depends on the correct care of the plant. We propose to consider in more detail how to correct the situation.

The main methods of improving the quality of the crop of tomatoes

Here are 5 simple methods that significantly affect the quality of your harvest:

  • Carefully choose a variety of tomatoes.
  • Monitor the temperature for comfortable growing tomatoes.
  • Provide fruit quality lighting. To achieve maximum lighting, you can not do without the use of trellis, supports and garters.
  • Spend iodine foliar feeding. For the preparation of iodine solution will need iodine -1 drop and warm water in a volume of 3 liters. This feeding is carried out no more than 3 times a season.



Do not exceed the prescribed dose of iodine, otherwise the effect for the plant will be disastrous.


  • Cut tomatoes regularly, from the beginning of planting and throughout the life of the bush.


To grow a good harvest of tasty and healthy fruits for everyone who is engaged in vegetable growing. It is enough to regularly provide high-quality and timely care for plants.

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