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Delicious Crispy Pickled Tomatoes Appetizer

Tomato and Pepper Snack

Crispy, sweet-sour and aromatic tomato and pepper snack with garlic, which can be served with mashed potatoes, cereals, pasta or meat. In autumn, due to the threat of frost, the entire crop of tomatoes is removed. A large number of brown and milky ripeness of tomatoes appears in stores and on the market. From autumn brown tomatoes it turns out very tasty and crunchy pickled salad.

Time: 10 minutes + 2-12 hours to infuse. Yield: 2 servings.


  • brown tomatoes - 4 pcs .;
  • Bulgarian pepper - 1/2 pcs .;
  • garlic - 1-2 teeth;
  • salt - 1 tsp. (no slide);
  • sugar - 2 tsp. (no slide);
  • Apple vinegar 6% - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • black pepper (ground);
  • parsley (or dill).

snack foods

How to cook delicious tomatoes with pepper and garlic

To make the appetizer tasty and crispy, choose fresh, strong and juicy fruits of tomatoes. Wash vegetables, cut the stalks. Then cut the tomatoes into small slices.

sliced ​​tomatoes

Now we choose an aromatic and sweet Bulgarian pepper for salad. In order to appetizer appetizer, we take red pepper. We look to the pepper pod was not sluggish. It should be fresh, supple and thick-walled. Wash pepper pod, cut it to remove seeds. Peeled seed pepper cut into strips. Pour the fragrant slices of pepper into slices of tomatoes.

add pepper

For salad, take your favorite greens. It can be dill, parsley, or both. We cut the washed greens. Too shallow with slicing is not necessary, let the pieces of greens be large, so that they feel good in the salad.

add greens

Peel the garlic cloves, chop the garlic, add to the vegetable sliced.

add garlic

Add fragrant freshly ground black pepper from the grinder.

we pepper

Add sugar to the salad.


Salt salad.

we salt

Pour a spoonful of apple cider vinegar into a bowl of salad. Apple cider vinegar can be replaced with regular vinegar 9%. Since table vinegar is stronger than apple vinegar, we pour a bit incomplete spoon.

add vinegar

Mix all the ingredients of the salad.

mix salad

Snack should be given time to insist that the brown tomatoes with pepper had time to soak in the marinade. Close the bowl with salad food film.

insist salad

According to the recipe, tomatoes should marinate for a day, but after 2 hours the appetizer is already very tasty, it is quite possible to serve it. When serving the salad we add some vegetable oil.

delicious snack

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Tomato and Pepper SnackTomato and Pepper Snack

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