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Crispy, lightly-salted cucumbers

salted cucumbers in a can

How to cook salted cucumbers at home with cold pickle, so that they were crispy every hostess should know. After all, our taste tastes have developed so that salted and pickled vegetables are a must-have type of snack in any weather and under any circumstances.

It does not matter whether it is a family dinner or a solemn event, a jar of pickled cucumbers should be kept in reserve. In the summer, we mainly pickle vegetables for the winter, the banks stand almost until the New Year, and then they go. But what to do when in the summer I wanted to try salted cucumbers, because you want to. In this case, you need to cook such cucumbers yourself, while the whole process will take 1-2 days. Such cucumbers are quickly cooked with a cold pickle, and they are eaten even faster. Previously, our grandmothers were preparing salted cucumbers in buckets, but today the hostesses are no longer cooking in such volumes, so take the usual glass jars.

Salting cucumbers in jars gives you delicious vegetables that will be crispy and lightly salted. Under the boiled potatoes - this is what we need. Your efforts will be appreciated by relatives, especially the male half.

The recipe for salted cucumbers is quite simple, especially since cold pickle is used. To give the cucumbers flavor, take the spices and seasonings: garlic, dill and peppercorns. This is a classic set, but if you wish, you can change it. Use cilantro, mint, coriander or cumin seeds. The flight of your imagination can be unlimited, so do not be afraid to experiment.

Required Products:

  • cucumbers - 1 kg;
  • salt - 1.5 tbsp. lodges;
  • garlic - 1-2 tooth;
  • water - 3 st;
  • dill - 1 umbrella;
  • parsley - 1-2 dry;
  • horseradish leaf - 1 pc.


How to cook crispy salted cucumbers

Preparing the brine: in the cold water pour salt and stir until dissolved.

cooking pickle

At the bottom of a well-washed jar we place the spices: greens and peeled garlic cloves. Greens can be cut to better accommodate.

spicy herbs for harvesting

Washed cucumbers laid out in jars, vegetables should be fresh, if possible, then collected in the morning from the garden. If you buy cucumbers on the market, they must be saturated green, with pimples and elastic.

cucumbers in the bank

Pour cucumbers with cold pickle, fill the jar on the hanger, as the liquid will wander a little and foam will appear. We leave the cucumbers salted in the room for several days, covered with a simple lid or gauze cloth.

pickle pickles pickle

After 1-2 days, the brine will become cloudy, remove the foam, which means that the cucumbers are salted.

finished workpiece

Put the jar of cucumbers in the fridge and serve it chilled.

crispy cucumbers

Bon Appetite!

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salted cucumbers in a cansalted cucumbers in a can

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