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How to keep cucumbers fresh for long?

Saving Cucumbers

Cucumbers are one of the most popular vegetables on our table. They make all kinds of salads, as well as preparations for the winter. This is one of the few products that is not thermally processed. If you have prepared them for the future or have grown a large crop, you need to properly store cucumbers in the refrigerator for a long time and use popular effective methods of storing this healthy vegetable at home.

How to choose cucumbers

For preparing a salad or for preserving, you need to choose only the freshest vegetables. Since 98% of it consists of water, you should take a responsible approach to choosing to keep the fruit as long as possible. They dry quickly and lose their elasticity, which affects their taste, as well as the possibility of cooking pickles and pickled salads.

To select the appropriate cucumbers, you should pay attention to the following points when buying:

  • it is better to buy cucumbers in the morning in the market, so there is a greater likelihood that they have been torn off recently, and they also did not so much lie in the sun and did not lose moisture in the heat;
  • It is better to buy slightly dirty fruits, as the washed ones quickly lose their moisture and form, and also can damage them when washing, which affects the taste and quality of the product;
  • to remove nitrates, soak them for 2 hours in cold water, leaving them in the sunlight;
  • if you bought slightly wilted fruit, soak them for 6-8 hours in cold water, they will again become elastic and suitable for canning, salads and pickling.
On a note!

It is better to collect domestic cucumbers in the evening, when there is no dew on them. It is better to leave 1-2 centimeters of the stem in order to preserve moisture in the fruit longer, as well as tear carefully, without damaging the skin, otherwise they will dry out and will be unsuitable for pickling and salting.

How to store cucumbers in the refrigerator

In order for the harvested or purchased vegetables to remain fresh and crispy as long as possible, it is necessary to adhere to the storage rules. Since fruits consist of more than 90% water, they should be stored at a humidity of at least 70%. Standard in the refrigerator, it is observed, it is the best place to store vegetables. You also need to monitor the temperature - not below 5 ° C, since the pulp can become watery at a lower temperature.

There are several ways to store cucumbers in the refrigerator:

  • in a loosely tied plastic bag, in the compartment for vegetables up to 7 days;
  • on the refrigerator door in a package up to 7 days;
  • on the middle shelf in a package up to 7 days;
  • in a container with water up to 7 days.

Periodically during storage it is necessary to check the stocks, removing the darkened and crumpled fruit. And also before you put the bag in the fridge, they can not be washed, they must be dry. Wash them immediately before use. If you wash them in advance, the protective film will be washed off the peel, which retains moisture, they quickly dry out and turn yellow, and become unsuitable for consumption.

How to store cucumbers without a refrigerator

It is not always possible to use the refrigerator to store stock: for example, if you have harvested in the country.In the summer heat, they quickly fade and become unsuitable for salting or pickling. Therefore, you can apply the old proven storage methods that were invented before the advent of refrigerators.

At home, they can be stored in the cold in the following fresh ways:

  • pour in a bucket or bowl of cold water, pour out the vegetables and store for up to 10 hours, the water will not let them lose moisture, they will remain firm and crispy;
  • put in a box with holes, store in a cool cellar for up to 7 days at a temperature of 5-10 ° C;
  • wrap with a damp cloth, periodically wetting it with water, stored at room temperature for up to 7 days;
  • dig a hole 50 cm deep, cover it with fresh nettles, cover the cucumbers and cover with nettle branches and plastic wrap, so they will stay fresh for up to 7 days.

On a note!

Another proven way to keep stocks fresh for several days. To do this, rub the horseradish root, pour a layer of 1-2 centimeters on the bottom of the jar, cover with paper with holes on top. Fold the vegetables, seal with a tight capron lid and leave in a cellar or dry dark place at a temperature not higher than room temperature.

All the above methods of storing fresh cucumbers at home are not expensive, they will help to keep the crop or stocks for several days before harvesting for the winter. So you can save and home, and greenhouse fruits. But it is better to buy them immediately before use, so they will retain more good and will be very tasty, juicy and crispy.

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Saving CucumbersSaving Cucumbers

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