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Quick-cooking Korean Tomatoes

Korean Tomato Snack

I want to offer you an interesting dish - tomatoes in Korean. The most delicious recipe, and also instant cooking. Until recently, Korean cuisine became almost native for us, although a dozen years ago it was considered exotic. Now all the mistresses of the world, especially our women, have learned how to cook Korean snacks at home.

These dishes are prepared mainly from vegetables and fish, as the Koreans do not particularly like pork. But so much the better, Korean snacks can be called low-calorie, since fresh vegetables belong to the category of dietary products.

Today we will prepare Korean-style tomatoes, which in a few hours can become a snack on your table. Thanks to spices and additives, we quickly pickle tomatoes and get a decent dish to the table.

Tomatoes in Korean, fast


Required Products:

  • 600 grams tomato,
  • 100 grams of sweet pepper,
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic,
  • to taste greens (dill, parsley),
  • 0.5 cha. l salt,
  • 1 tea l sugar,
  • 3 tables. l vegetable oil
  • 2 tables. l 9% vinegar.

Ingredients for snacks

How to cook tomatoes in Korean

Cut the tomatoes into large slices and mix in a bowl with chopped greens. Tomatoes cut and not large, and not finely. Medium lobules will fit: they will marinate quickly, and will not disintegrate into porridge.

In a bowl, tomatoes and greens

Ripe tomatoes can become too soft, so do not cut them finely so that they retain their shape, as the snack should be mixed frequently, and this will affect the shape of the tomato. It is better to buy ripe, but dense tomatoes that are not very watery and not very soft.

Add chopped vegetables to the tomatoes: pepper and garlic. Pepper clean from the seeds, and the garlic from the skin. You can twist them through a meat grinder, and you can grind it in a blender, like me. Add fragrant chopped vegetables to the tomatoes and mix.

Adding garlic

Salt the tomatoes, add sugar to balance, which will work fine when pickling. Vegetables will make juice and marinade will be even more.

Salt the tomatoes

In a tomato snack pour oil and vinegar. Thanks to vinegar, tomatoes can be stored for a long time. Just put them in a glass jar and leave in the fridge. At any time they can be served at the table. Stir the tomatoes and let them marinate for 5-6 hours. Periodically mix, so that the juice that will drain to the bottom, well soaked all the tomatoes.

Adding vinegar

Ready-made tomatoes can be served immediately after cooking to the table, and can be left in the fridge until the next day to treat all friends. Invite friends to gatherings and share with them delicious recipes. Bon Appetite!

Korean Tomato Snack

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Korean Tomato SnackKorean Tomato Snack

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