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The gap under the fence: how to close effectively and aesthetically

corrugated fence

Close the gap under the fence - this is the desire of every owner of a country house, as neighbors and wild animals can penetrate through the space, which can cause considerable damage to landings, furniture and even the lives of household members. If the distance from the ground to fencing too big, then attackers can get to the site through it. To increase the security of the area, you need to choose a way to remove the space under the fence.

Refined base

Landscape designers recommend choosing a stone for its aesthetic properties. To create an aesthetic closure of the gap under the fence is to choose a stone. The material is natural, gives the site a noble look. Benefits:

  • cost savings;
  • decorative;
  • do not require professionals;
  • ease of installation.

Disadvantages - requires a considerable amount of time and effort.

To complete the closing process you need to:

  • digging a dimple with a height of 20cm;
  • trench leveling;
  • falling asleep sand;
  • selection of stones of a certain size;
  • preparation of the solution;
  • laying stones.

Additional ways

Below are a few methods to prevent the penetration of animals on the site.

  • The embankment is suitable for a plot with minor irregularities and a small gap under the fence, which can be sprinkled with earth and planted with stiff and barbed grass. It will grow and block the path to penetration. Plus - cheap, fast. Minus - fresh soil can be excavated by cats and dogs.
  • Board. Between the racks of the fence frame, lay the boards, cut by pre-made measurements. To process cloths with the compositions preventing formation of decay, a mold and bark beetles. Part of the bar, immersed in the ground, cover the ground on the basis of bitumen. Plus - cheap, aesthetically, quickly. Minus - may require the purchase of material and careful efforts to completely close the free space under the fence.
  • Slate. Pros - cheap, fast. Cons - unpresentable view, not a durable service life.
  • Grid reinforcing or chain-link. If there are gaps under the fencing of corrugated board, you can see the grid, which allows you to save: budget, attractiveness of the structure and safety of the site. For mounting, lower the level into the soil, fasten the top along the lower edge of the profiled sheets. Such a choice can complement the original decor, which will make the look more interesting.
  • Brick. Plus - reliability, efficiency. Minus - the price, unpresentable.

These are one of the main ways, however in addition it is possible to use: polycarbonate, plastic, metal, prickly plants.

Original ideas

If you use fantasy, then regardless of the choice of material, you can get the perfect result, which:

  • will perform a direct task;
  • will be a beautiful addition.

How exactly to patch holes is a personal decision of each landowner, but it would be better if you approach the process from the original point of view. For example:

  • lay boards covered with chopped pattern;
  • arrange metal sheets with a pre-printed ornament;
  • perform brick laying in a creative sequence;
  • when pouring the concrete base, add a dye of the desired shade to the composition;
  • rub the seams between the stones in the same tone as the profiled canvas on the fence.

When choosing a way to close the gaps, you should not forget about the design of the entire area, so that the design harmoniously fits into the overall look.

Closing the gaps under the gate

Correctly eliminating the space under the fence around the perimeter of possessions, it remains to take care of removing the gaps under the swing gates, for which fit:

  • folding flaps;
  • sealing brushes;
  • conveyor belts.

For installation, you can use screws, screwed into the lower frame of the valves. In summertime, the dampers should be lowered and removed for the winter, which will exclude their deformation from movement on the ice.

In the case of tilt-up and sectional structures, it is not necessary to take measures to eliminate the gaps, as they closely adjoin the surface of the ground or concrete platforms. The situation is similar with sliding gates.


Professional installation means leaving a minimum gap under the canvases, since even minimal slack with years of operation is excluded. Accordingly, the elimination of gaps is not required.

Additional work in the form of removing free space under the fence can be avoided only if you properly approach the design and installation of the fence in advance.

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corrugated fencecorrugated fence

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