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Big Tomato Sort Tomato - Characteristics and Description


Those who have at least once grown a big beef tomato f1 in their garden are no longer going to give it up.

Official data

The originator of the hybrid is the company "Monsanto" Holland. In the register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation the tomato is entered in 2008 under number 9153817.

Tomato is recommended for cultivation in the Northern, Northwestern, Central, Volga-Vyatka, Central Black Earth, North Caucasus, Middle Volga regions of the Russian Federation in personal subsidiary farms and under film cover.

Description of the plant form

Indeterminant hybrid. This means that its height will increase until someone or something stops its growth. Often the plant, which is formed in one stem, easily grows to two meters.

Experienced vegetable growers say that Big Beef tomatoes are beautifully formed in two shoots, while they do not reduce the size of the fruit and yield.

The leaf of this tomato is large, but it does not differ in the particular intensity of the greenery, even if it is assiduously fed with nitrogen fertilizers. Tomato shoots are powerful, strong, because they must hold enough weighty fruit.

Tomato has a simple inflorescence.

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The Register of Breeding Achievements of the Russian Federation states that fruits weighing 210 g, but its native breeders, as well as American ones, also claim that 350 g of fruit weight is the norm for this tomato. On the Internet, you can find reviews of vegetable growers, who often submit photos of tomato on scales, the scoreboard of which shows 400 or more. Judging by their stories, the tomato hybrid is able to achieve such a weight not only on the first inflorescences, but also on the second and third.

The fruit is served as a flat-round. However, those who planted claim that one plant carries on its shoots both flat-round and fully rounded, leveled, classic tomatoes.

The shape of the fruit is absolutely round and slightly ribbed. An unripe tomato is green, ripening occurs evenly over the entire surface, leaving no green spots on the stem, and the tomato acquires a bright, rich, red color.

Cutting a tomato across, we can easily count the nests - there are six of them, but in some fruits there may be more. The inside of the tomato is thick, rich, fleshy.

The size of the beef of tomatoes is designed to cut them into flat transverse parts, you can easily lay on the steak and make a sandwich, and a tomato big beef, the description of which absolutely corresponds to this purpose, is the best suited for such a culinary creation.

Tasting properties of tomato "Big Beef"

Conducting a tasting evaluation of the hybrid, all the experts came to a single assessment of "Excellent." Very rarely, the hybrid tastes as good as the varietal tomatoes, but in this case it really is.

Tomato hybrid surprises with its rich, pleasant, tomato taste and aroma.

Tomato is served as a salad. However, to prepare a flawless salad, its skin is slightly dense, so such a technological operation like scalding should not be ruled out.

Under the skin will keep tight pulp, which is perfectly cut, does not crumple and long retains its shape in sauces.

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Tomato with such indicators of taste and presentation it would be a sin to start processing. However, if it is not possible to realize the surplus, it is possible to cook tomato products.

Juices, sauces, ketchups from this hybrid turn out gentle and saturated, dense and fragrant. And from sliced ​​tomatoes go great salad preparations for the winter.

Tomato juice from the excess tomato comes out thick and rich.

Productivity and marketability "Big Beef"

The breeding register indicates a yield of 9.4 kg cm2. However, vegetable growers say that the hybrid yield is much higher.

The hybrid is responsive to fertilization. Each root or foliar application increases the yield of a tomato plant at times.

The yield of tomato products is shown at 98%. This means that almost all of the ensuing fruits become suitable for consumption or sale. Such an indicator of marketability makes the hybrid desirable and loved.

The resistance of the tomato "Big Beef" to diseases

The gall nematode bypasses the tomato side. It's too tough for a hybrid and TMV, verticillosis and fusarium.

Concerning a fitoftoroz opinions of vegetable growers were divided. However, those who grew the hybrid in open ground complain about the instability of the plant. The one who adhered to the technological rules can not say that the hybrid is not resistant to the phytophthora.

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Features of fruiting

Having received shoots, intensive growth begins. Even at first it can be seen that the plant will be powerful and tall.

As soon as the stepchildren appear, they should be immediately removed, and the plant should be formed into one stem.

Planting seedlings in a greenhouse, you can slightly deepen it, while the stem will give additional roots, which will increase the area of ​​nutrition.

The soil mixture must be nutritious and contain all the necessary nutrients. However, this moment does not mean that the plant does not need feeding. High yield of huge tomatoes is possible only with regular dressings.

Tomato refers to the medium. Considering a big beef tomato, the characteristic and description of the variety suggests that the hybrid is very resistant to temperature extremes and withstands short-term reductions particularly well. This property can not be better used for early harvest. By planting seedlings in greenhouse shelters, vegetable growers manage to make plastic shelters inside the greenhouse and thus gain additional time, enabling the tomato to adapt and enter the fruiting phase in a timely manner.

Compliance with the cultivation of tomato crop cultivation, timely watering and feeding will ensure a good harvest of tasty tomatoes.

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