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Tomato "Intuition" characteristic and description of the variety

Tomatoes love everything and everywhere. And it is precisely this crop that has a wide variety of varieties. They are deduced to ensure that the species gives as much yield as possible, while taking a minimum of time. This article will be written about one of the popular varieties of tomato.


First you need to say a few words about the general characteristics of the variety. This species is very popular. After its creation, it was stated that this species has a very high resistance to diseases, its fruits will not crack.

A remarkable feature of "Intuition" is that the fruits ripen evenly and simultaneously, and this makes it possible to harvest tomatoes with a whole brush, which greatly facilitates the work, saves both time and effort.

757559With regards to reviews, gardeners praise and love this variety. On the Internet, you can find a lot of positive words addressed to tomatoes "Intuition". Especially people appreciate it for the fact that culture really justifies all expectations, fully confirming the words of breeders. Namely, high viability, unpretentiousness and stable yield are mentioned even in the cool season.

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So, it's time to go directly to the information about the Intuition tomato, its characteristics and the description of the variety.

What is Intuition Tomato?

  • The grade belongs to tall. Powerful stem can reach a height of more than two meters. That by itself implies the need for garters.
  • The tomato gives very appetizing fruits which ripen evenly, have equal proportions. This, in turn, makes the fruit competitive in the vegetable market.
  • The variety is distinguished by its simplicity. It grows well on different types of soil, while requiring little attention for themselves.
  • Pysynki at tomatoes "Intuition" are formed quickly and abundantly. This fact suggests that you still need to work a little bit, since the extra shoots must be constantly removed so that they do not interfere with the ripening and thicken the plantings.
  • The yield is high and stable. After ripening, the brushes must be assembled to make the culture easier. But there are summer residents who leave the harvest on the branches for some time to show an attractive greenhouse with pride. By the way, most often the Intuition tomato is grown in greenhouse conditions.
  • Variety refers to the hybrid species. And they, as a rule, always have high resistance to diseases and other unfavorable conditions. Tomato variety "Intuition F1" is a vivid example. They get sick very rarely.
  • Variety fructifies throughout the summer, the ovary forms actively and evenly.
  • The skin of tomatoes is dense, does not crack.
  • Tomatoes are easily transported over long distances, which makes it possible to sell them. They are also well kept.
  • The taste of the fruit is pleasant, moderately sweet, dense flesh.
  • Tomatoes are compact in size. They can be used for winter twists in general. Often use a grade for gas stations, which can even be frozen for the winter.
  • The variety has an average ripening time. You can get the first harvest after sowing seeds in about 110-115 days.
  • The yield per square meter reaches about 30 kg or more.

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As you understand, the variety of tomatoes "Intuition" is something to love. This worthy competitor to many other species. Putting it, you will not regret it.

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