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Varieties of tomatoes of Siberian selection (with photos and descriptions)

Selections are different. But among them is Siberian. She is famous for her good grades. Siberian plant breeders have bred a very large number of tomatoes, here are tomatoes with early ripening, and with medium, and very large-fruited, and ordinary, and high and medium growth. Each variety is good in its own way. What are the best of them, what are the characteristics of the variety, where it is better to plant certain seedlings, it will be discussed below.

Varieties of tomatoes of Siberian selection with photos and descriptions

Variety Variety "Berdsky large"

Treats tomatoes with average and at the same time early terms of ripening. Bushes can grow more than 1 meter in length. In order for the crop to be high, the variety must be constantly shaped and tied up. The best option in two stalks. Fruits gives large, juicy, orange-red color. The mass of one tomato can reach up to 800 grams. Suitable for fresh food and for preservation. It can be grown both in greenhouses and in the open field.

Variety Variety "Snezhana"

Refers, like the previous tomato, to varieties with medium and early ripening. The first tomato harvests can be obtained 105 days after sowing. Very good tomato, because it does not require special care, can grow in greenhouses and on the street. The bush grows compactly, there are few branches and leaves. On average, the height does not exceed half a meter.

Variety Variety "Superbomb"

Gives very large fruits, weighing more than 600 grams. The bush is best grown in greenhouses, where it should be tied up, since the height of this tall tomato can be more than one and a half meters. But it will also grow well on the street with careful care. Excellent tomatoes, pleasant to taste, do not require a lot of care, fragrant. It is best to form a bush in three stalks.

Grade Grade "Samokhval"

The variety has yellow fruits with a pleasant tomato flavor. As a rule, their weight is about 300 grams. But if you perform all the techniques agrotechnics as needed, then the fruits can be weighing up to 800 grams. Tall shrub that requires to be tied up. Grown in any conditions. Yield and disease resistance at a high level.

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Variety Variety "Barnaul canning"

A popular variety that has compact bushes. Gives a good and uniform harvest. From the name it is clear that is well suited for conservation. The skin does not crack. Can grow in greenhouses, and under the film, and on the street. Fruits ripen early after 100 days on average. Unpretentious.

Grade Grade "Ural bogatyr"

A powerful bush of these tomatoes can grow more than 2 meters in height. It will need to be formed and tied to a support. Yields gives a good variety and quality. Maturing dates are medium early.

Sort Sort "Siberian surprise"

A good variety that gives lasting yield. The height of the bush reaches up to one and a half meters in height, which suggests that the tomato must be tied up.To get the best result, it is better to form this species in three stems. Ripens relatively early. Fruits are red, uniformly shaped as a brush. One such brush can produce up to 10 tomatoes with an average weight of 140 grams.

Variety Variety "Pink Stella"

Siberian selection tomatoes are short. The height of a compact bush does not exceed half a meter. It is noteworthy that the variety does not give a lot of greenery, and it is not necessary to seedling it. It can grow both indoors and outdoors. Crop shapes in tassels. The color of the fruit is raspberry, weight up to 250 grams. Gives a bountiful harvest, and better tie up the tomatoes so that they do not break under the weight of their own tomatoes.

Variety Variety "Konigsberg"

Treats tomatoes with mid-term maturing. Refers to tall tomatoes. Grows a long bush, which can reach more than two meters in height. Because it is necessary to mount in the support. Pasicking is also required. The fruit forms a scarlet color, weighing up to 300 grams. Suitable for both preservation and fresh food. Formed best in two stalks.

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Variety Variety "Fidelio"

It ripens early, the yield is high, the destination is universal. The bush does not grow too high, up to a maximum of 1.5 meters. It is necessary to remove the stepsons and fasten to the support. It is best to leave two stalks. Fruits are large, can reach weight up to half a kilogram, their color is pinkish.

Large-fruited tomatoes of the Siberian selection

Grade Grade "Abakansky pink"

A good kind of tomatoes, which has an average ripening time. Fruits reach weight to half a kilogram. Often the variety is compared to “Bull Heart”. The color of the skin is red, but the pulp is pink. For the tomato and got its name. Fruits are tasty, juicy, fleshy. Bushes tall to two meters.

Variety Variety "Grandma's Secret"

A variety with medium ripening periods and very large fruits over 1 kg. The skin color is scarlet. Bushes high, but not spread out in breadth. It is better to form them in two stalks. Suitable variety for greenhouse cultivation. Use fresh and in salads, and close for the winter. The shape of the fruit while oblate and round.

Variety Variety "Batyan"

The variety produces good fruit weighing 350-400 grams, which ripen early. The skin color is red, it is also thin. The flesh is juicy. Bushes are high, they need to form and remove excess shoots. Optimal to leave two stalks during formation. Can be grown in cool climates and outdoors. The fruit has a characteristic tail.

Variety Variety "Bull's forehead"

Excellent grade. It gives high yields even when there are no conditions for this. Brushes form large fruits of 650 grams. The bushes themselves are of medium height up to 1.5 meters. The color of the skin is red, it ripens well both in the street and in greenhouses. Taste is pleasant, aroma of fruits is appetizing.

Grade Grade "Goose Egg"

Another species whose seeds of tomatoes of Siberian selection are the most fruitful. The shape of the fruit is similar to an elongated egg, which could not be reflected in the title. Color red-orange. The mass of tomatoes is 350 grams, the yield is uniformly constant and large. Ripens evenly, fruits on one cyst can reach the number of 6-8 pieces. The skin is thin.

Tomatoes of the Siberian selection for an open ground early, undersized

Variety Variety "Heart of Buffalo"

This is a great variety that could combine two decent quality - it is low, with a large fruit. Bushes do not reach more than 70-80 cm in height, but at the same time the weight of one tomato can be more than a kilogram. The color is scarlet, the fruits are stored for a long time, which makes it possible to grow for sale. Very popular variety. Grows in open and closed ground.

Sort Sort "Siberian heavyweight"

Truly fruitful fruits. The bush does not grow more than 60-70 cm, but at the same time it can break under the weight of its fruits. And they reach 800 grams or more. The color of the tomatoes is pinkish, they ripen early, but will require garters during fruiting.

Tall type of tomatoes, the height of the bush can reach almost two meters.You need to form a bush and remove excess shoots. It showed itself well during cultivation in central Russia. Can grow on open ground. Maturing terms are average.

Grade Grade "Petrusha gardener"

Tomatoes are ripening, undersized. Bushes do not exceed a height of half a meter. Bred in Altai, the bushes can not stepchild. The shape of the fruit is slightly elongated; during fruiting, the shrub looks very aesthetically, as it is evenly littered with fruits.

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Variety Variety "Amber"

Among all the previous tomatoes of red and crimson flowers, this orange fruit, of course, can not stand out. Fruits weighing 100 grams behave perfectly during heat treatment, that is, they are well preserved. Fruits form early and evenly, their taste is decent.

These varieties are part of a large collection of breeders from Siberia. But these tomatoes are bright indicators that the work of agronomists was carried out not in vain.

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