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Tomato "Black Cluster F1" - is it necessary in the garden?

Official information

Tomato variety "Black Cluster" is not entered in the list of breeding achievements. If you search for information, then the only “official” one will find a typographical bag with seeds from the company NK “Russian Garden”.

The company began its work in 1991. If earlier they were engaged in the sale of Dutch bulbs, and then the packaging of seeds, now they are selecting varieties and hybrid forms, sorting, cleaning and packing. If you believe their marketing presentation, then allegedly there are laboratory selection studies and quality control. The company guarantees that anyone can visit the exclusive experimental site where the most valuable selection news will be demonstrated.

Unfortunately, the information indicated on the bag, and the information of those who have already grown this tomato do not match, which is why it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons before buying and growing.

Characteristic and description

Black cluster tomato is designated by the letter F1. This means that tomato hybrid and collect seeds for further cultivation does not make sense. The seeds themselves are quite expensive priced and packaged in sachets of 10 pieces.

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Description of the bush

Hybrid filed as indeterminantny, early. The plant is tall, without stopping the growth of the main shoot.

NK "Russian Garden" does not indicate the method of forming a bush, but those who have already grown this hybrid, kindly share information and photos, as well as a description of the hybrid form.

According to their information, the plant has a height of around 150 cm. Powerful with a large pubescent leaf and large fleshy shoots.

The formation of the bush can be carried out in 3 or even 4 shoots.

The manufacturer does not indicate for which region this hybrid is recommended. However, the observations of those who have already grown say that the tomato shows itself much better in the southern regions. Only the abundance of the sun makes the fruit richly black and changes its taste for more harmonious.

Fruit Description

The main thing is that the black cluster tomato characteristic and description of the variety really coincide with the color of the fruit - they are black. However, it is not easy to wait for the color of the fruit.

Initially, the fruit has a green color. Gradually growing up, a dark spot begins to "flow" on them. It gives the impression of a tan, as darkness is formed from the side of sun illumination. Further, the tomato begins to blush and gradually put on a dark cloak.

Absolutely black fruit from the bush can not collect a lot. The bulk is dark red-brown fruit with a black side. When winter is on the threshold and you have to remove all the fruits, they ripen in a warm dark place, but do not become black.

The photo shown on the bag of seeds is true only if the bush is planted very early in greenhouse conditions. In an open garden such bushes can not be seen. Perhaps, if this tomato is grown in the southern regions, they will be able to ripen before the onset of cold weather and show their full color.

An interesting fact is that even not completely black fruits have a beautiful gloss. Vegetable growers, comparing them with the fruits of other varieties and hybrids, say that not a single tomato has such brilliance.


The manufacturer claims that the tomato has a very pleasant taste and resembles a plum aftertaste somewhere.

However, reviews say that sourness is not at all like plum, and the taste, to put it mildly, is not harmonious. Moreover, the tomato leaves in the mouth a strange plaque, which you can not quickly get rid of.

Tomato has no special aroma.

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Fetus size

The manufacturer claims about 35-70 g. Indeed, tomatoes are collected in a brush.

The largest has a weight of up to 70 g, then they shrink, but not much. Each brush carries 6-7 fruits.

They are located very loosely. Since the shoots are very dense, and the tomatoes are not large, they are well kept horizontally and have a decent appearance.

If the photo shows exactly the same fruits, then in reality they are of different size and different color intensity.

Advantages and disadvantages

In pursuit of black fruits, the Black Cluster tomato reviews, photos, yields are not very high, and given the taste and interesting taste, it is difficult to find the merits of this tomato.

Having made the first attempt, the vegetable growers still hoped that maybe the year was not exactly a tomato one. However, attempt number two also failed.

Reviews of those who have already managed to “enjoy” the “Black Bunch” tomato say that they will not grow this hybrid anymore.

Among the black varieties and hybrids there are not very productive, but very beautiful and tasty. Choosing an exotic coloring you can choose more worthy options.

One of the advantages of this hybrid is the high keeping quality of the fruit. Harvesting the last harvest, tomatoes ripen for a long time and maintain their density. Reviews say that such a tomato may well lie down until the New Year.

If some vegetable growers grow exotic tomatoes for the sake of decorating the estate, the Black Cluster is no good for this. His bush has no particular beauty and presentability and looks shabby.

Disease resistance

The manufacturer is silent about how the variety is resistant to viral, fungal and bacterial diseases. However, those who have already grown a hybrid, notes the lack of stability of the Black Cluster.

Compared with other varieties and hybrids growing in the garden, under the same weather conditions, this hybrid is much worse.

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Features of growing

By purchasing a bag of seeds you can read the information that this tomato ripens 75 days after germination. However, on the same bag indicated that the seedlings are planted in open ground at the age of 55-70. Consequently, the seedling form should already be not just with buds, but almost with ripe tomatoes. But this does not happen.

The one who has already grown this tomato made sure that the information is not correct and the tomato does not have early ripening.

Seeds are sown in early March. By the time of planting in open ground, seedlings really should have 55-60 days, but even there are no signs of budding on it.

But ripening begins on the 75th day not from the moment of emergence, but from the moment of landing in open ground. Most likely, this hybrid is of medium or even late-medium term of maturation.

In order to speed up seedlings and thus ripening, it is necessary to increase the seedling period. To do this, you can take the following measures:

  • You can sow seeds not at the beginning of March, but at the end of February. This way we win 8-10 days;
  • If the sowing is carried out not with dry seed, but already wetted, chopped, then we win another 5-6 days;
  • Creating an optimal temperature for germination, and for tomatoes it is 22-24 C, you can improve growth by 5-6 days;
  • Creating a contrast between day and night temperatures in the post-emergence period with a difference of 4-5 C will allow the seedlings not to stretch, but to be strong and cinnamon.
  • Creating additional illumination with special phyto lamps will improve the seedling period, and in this case, planting in open ground can be made already in the budding phase;
  • If you grow seedlings in individual containers, the landing will take place for the root system is not noticeable, without stopping in the growth phase.

Try to grow tomatoes "Black Cluster" which description is given above, and perhaps your opinion about this hybrid will be different, especially if you make an effort to create optimal, comfortable conditions.

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  1. Vladimir

    It planted a black bunch for the first time in 2017, the South of Siberia, in a greenhouse made of polycarbonate. From 10 seeds of 10 plants it turned out. By the end of autumn, all the tomatoes were sick with phytophritia except this one. The bush is strong, tall, strong. All hung with brushes with tomatoes. very lezhkiy. I will plant next year, only less.


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