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Tomato "Countryman". Great choice

Further, you will read all about a grade of a tomato "Countryman". The description will make it possible to understand how much tomatoes will help you, and you will not make a mistake in the new season when they are planted.

general description

Tomato "Countryman" with the same home name can rightly be called one of the best varieties. It's all about his unpretentiousness. Especially suitable for those people who can not spend much time in the country, do not have a greenhouse for growing. The variety for such people and for beginners in the dacha business was ideal.

Why? You have a question. Yes, because the “Countryman” is growing on the street without greenhouses, shelters. It is grown in regions with a temperate climate that stretches for thousands of kilometers, but even the inhabitants of Siberia have long appreciated the variety.

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But cold resistance is not the only plus of the “Countryman”, as it gives a good harvest, and labor costs require minimal, because you do not need to remove his stepsons from him constantly, to form and tie up a bush.

Tomato "Countryman" - this is not a hybrid, because its seeds are suitable for growing crops for next season, and it will have the same quality.

Characteristics of a variety

  • Refers to the determinant species, bole does not form.
  • The height of the bush is about 70 cm, this compactness allows you to grow it without garters.
  • It is grown in open field, but the variety can be planted in a greenhouse or greenhouse.
  • Steadily fruits in all regions of Russia.
  • In warmer climates, it can be grown by a seedless method.
  • Treats tomatoes with early terms of ripening. You can harvest your first crop 95-97 days after seed germination.
  • Productivity is high. So, from one compact bush can collect more than 4 kg of fruit.
  • It has good resistance to diseases, weather extremes.
  • It can be stored for a long time and transported over long distances, because it is profitable to grow it for sale. Recommended variety for industrial cultivation.
  • Fruits ripen compact in size, weighing up to 100 grams. This makes it possible to preserve them as a whole.
  • It has a universal table purpose, that is, they can be consumed fresh, in salads, canned.
  • Tomatoes are oval and scarlet. One brush forms up to 15 fruits in which there are few chambers.
  • Dry matter - 4.6 grams.
  • Taste and aroma are pleasant, sweet.

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Planting and care for tomato "Countryman"

As mentioned above, in a warm climate can be grown directly in the open ground from seeds. In all other regions grown seedlings method. Crops on the lunar calendar carried out in early April. Transfer to the open ground will be in late May - early June.


This variety, though unpretentious, but it is better to water it with settled and warm water. That is, pre-pour water into buckets, and do not pour out of the landing hose.


Seeds are planted in the easiest way. Or in the general capacity in soil for vegetables, or in tablets from peat. After that, the crops are moistened and covered until the moment of emergence with a film. Then put on the window. In April, there are already a lot of light hours, so there is no need to highlight the seedlings. Just water evenly as it dries and turn over so that the stems do not bend.

Landing begin with the advent of heat. The soil should pass air well, be slightly acidic. Before planting, you can make humus and ash.You can pour a spoonful of superphosphate into the well. Landing is carried out according to the scheme 35/70 cm.

Over the entire growth period, the variety will require only regular wetting as needed. During the season 2-3 times liquid feed is made on the basis of mineral fertilizers. You can use mullein and chicken droppings. Tomatoes always love this organic matter. Also, make sure that weeds and pests do not bother planting. After each watering or rain, loosen the soil so that there is no stagnation, a crust on the surface that blocks the access of oxygen to the roots.

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You met with the tomato "Countryman". Description of the variety and photos clearly show all the advantages of a tomato. Feedback is always very positive. Because you can plant a tomato without fear.

Changing the varieties on your plot every year, you can find the best and most productive for yourself. At the same time you will spend a minimum of effort and time.

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