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Variety of tomato "Pink Katya f1": high-quality harvest for the entire season

The determinant early ripe hybrid of the first generation Tomato Pink Kate f1, description, reviews, photos and yield, for its relatively short existence, proved that he deserves to be on the list of some of the best fruit crops. The variety was obtained by Russian breeders in 2000. And already in 2007 it was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation in the North - Caucasian District for growing in private farms in open ground. The application was submitted by the breeding seed-growing company OOO SEMKO-JUNIOR, which to this day is the patent owner of the Pink Katia tomato.

The hybrid has a good and stable yield throughout the season, the culture is not whimsical in cultivation, because of these qualities Rose Katya fell in love with a huge number of gardeners and gardeners.

Characteristics and description

Description of the bush

The stem of a bush reaches a height of 60-70 cm. An average amount of foliage grows on a bush, of medium size, which has an emerald shade. The growing season begins on approximately 5 leaves. On the bush can be formed 6-9 clusters of fruit. The inflorescences are simple, stem with articulation.

Description of the fetus

The fruits have a regular rounded shape, slightly flattened on the side of the stem. Differ in the absence of green spots around the stem. Tomatoes are resistant to cracking, strong, dense, weighing 120-130 g. During the period of biological maturation, they become pink or bright scarlet. When ripe, have an excellent presentation in 94%. When cutting the fruit, you can notice the presence of 3-4 seed chambers. The flesh is tender, pleasant, dense and very juicy. Have a pleasant tomato flavor and aroma.

Productivity and keeping quality

The hybrid has a characteristic friendly fruiting and high yields from the bush throughout the garden season. When grown in a greenhouse, with 1 square. m. it is possible to get 16-18 kg of high-quality fruits. In open ground - 8-10 kg. Mass, rather than gradual ripening, contributes to the harvest in waves, which is very convenient. Fruits are perfectly stored thanks to a strong peel.


First of all, the hybrid is intended for the fresh use and for preparation of salads. Due to its taste and commercial qualities, it is widely used in cooking. It can be used to prepare different dishes, juices, preparations. Dense peel allows you to use (Tomato Pink Kate) for canning in general form and blanks. In general, tomatoes are versatile.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Tomato Pink Katya, not only his characteristic and description of the variety, but numerous positive reviews from experienced gardeners, confirm that it has a lot of advantages over other varieties. Even despite the fact that the hybrid was bred relatively recently, he gained a lot of satisfied fans, not only among gardeners, but also among farmers.


  • adapts quickly to extreme climate change;
  • perfectly tolerates dry and rainy summer;
  • resistant to almost all diseases characteristic of tomatoes;
  • has excellent taste;
  • brings a stable harvest throughout the season;
  • differs in the early period of mass ripening;
  • universal tomato;
  • the formation of ovaries occurs, despite even adverse climatic conditions;
  • fruits do not crack and are stored for a long time;
  • well tolerate long-term transportation without losing the commercial appearance;
  • perfectly are suitable for cultivation, both in greenhouse conditions, and in an open ground.

With so many advantages, the hybrid still has several drawbacks. Although, some of them can be prevented in advance.


  • bushes need a garter to a strong support;
  • under the weight of the crop, the branches may break;
  • with all resistance to diseases, possible infection with fomozy.
All the shortcomings of the variety, in comparison with its merits, can be called insignificant, if at the time of taking measures to eliminate them, they can be avoided.

Features of growing varieties

The hybrid is not whimsical in growing and care. If properly and regularly take care of him, you can get excellent results on yield. To do this, you must follow some rules of agricultural engineering.

Rules for the proper cultivation of Pink Katie:

  • sowing seeds is necessary for 60-65 days before planting seedlings in a permanent place;
  • soil for planting, you can buy or prepare a soil mixture of their own;
  • if it is planned to use a garden soil mixture for planting, the land should be disinfected in advance;
  • drainage should be placed at the bottom of the container for planting material;
  • after the appearance of the first shoots, it is necessary to sow the seedlings in a separate container;
  • plant seedlings in open ground only when the danger of night frost has passed.

Properly grown seedlings - the key to a good harvest in the future, observing all the simple rules of growing planting material, good fruiting can be expected with further proper care.

Recommended growing regions

The hybrid is recommended for cultivation in all regions of Russia, regardless of climatic conditions. In areas with a cold climate, tomatoes should be planted in greenhouses and greenhouses. In other regions, there is the possibility of growing in open ground.

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Growing seedlings

To grow a tomato Pink Katya SemCo, recommended by the seedling method. To grow good, strong seedlings, it is necessary to provide her with decent care.

Seedling care:

  • planting material to sow in late March - early April. Before planting, the seeds must be processed in a solution of potassium permanganate, from diseases and pests;
  • a drainage layer must be placed at the bottom of the container or other container, then the ground is filled up;
  • seeds should be planted to a depth of 2 cm, leaving a distance of 2-3 cm between them. Then pour the soil, preferably with a spray bottle and cover with a film or glass. This is done in order to create seedlings favorable microclimate for germination. The container should be placed in a well-lit room, with a temperature regime of +23 degrees;
  • with the appearance of the first shoots, the film can be eliminated. Watering seedlings should be regular, dry out and fill the soil can not;
  • After the appearance of 2-3 true leaves, the seedlings must be dived into peat pots.
Transplantation to a permanent place is carried out in early June, when night frosts are no longer. Planted tomatoes should be in the already prepared holes.

Transplant into the ground

Tomatoes should be planted in well-lit areas, protected from the winds. Before transplantation, the wells should be prepared, the distance between plants should be approximately 30 cm, the distance for rows should be 70 cm. Pour 1 liter of water into each well and apply compost and complex fertilizers.

Only then can the seedlings be released from the tank and planted. Peat pots are placed immediately in the ground, it is not necessary to free them. After planting, the soil around the hole should be mulched. That will ensure the retention of moisture, protects against drying out of the soil and for some time will protect against weeds.


Tomato Pink Katya unpretentious in the care. Nevertheless, it is necessary to ensure its regular watering, hilling, loosening, weeding, the formation of bushes and mandatory feeding.

Watering need tomatoes 2 times a week, if watered more often, the fruit will have a watery taste. The first hilling to produce on the 10th day after planting, the next, after 20 days. Spud, loosen, weed and fertilize tomatoes, it is necessary only after abundant watering.

Formation of a bush occurs, as a rule, in 1-2 stems. Therefore, pinching and pinching the tip is necessary from time to time.

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Top dressing is made:

  • complex fertilizer - solution of mullein and superphosphate - 15 days after planting the crop. Prepare fertilizer easy. In 10 liters of water, 2 kg of mullein and 25 g of superphosphate must be dissolved;
  • after 2 weeks, you should make a dry dressing. To do this, you can mix the potassium salt, superphosphate and a solution of ammonium nitrate, in a ratio of 10:20:15;

This is a mandatory feeding. During the growing season it is possible to feed the crop every day with organic fertilizers that are not very saturated.

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