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7 indoor flowers that are dangerous to keep at home

Dangerous flowers for the home

Houseplants can have a positive and negative effect on a person’s mental state. Amaryllis, cyclamen, hibiscus, ficus are especially distinguished from the "good" growers. Some flowers are able to identify areas of the apartment where the most negative, for example, wither in the kitchen and bloom magnificently in the nursery. What indoor flowers have a negative impact on the person and the house, their name and photo will interest many.

What harm can bring indoor flower

Disputes about the dangerous for the house plants do not subside, many gardeners cite as an example the signs and beliefs, while others consider them to be inventions. What to believe, everyone decides for himself, but there is scientific evidence of the effects of plants on humans. For example, monsters and orchids at night especially actively absorb oxygen, if you put them near the bed, then in the morning you will feel muscle weakness, headache, nausea.


If there are children in the family, plants from the Kutrov family (Hoya, Tseropegiya, Adenium, etc.) are better not to grow, they release toxins into the air, which can lead to serious poisoning.

Dangerous flowers for the homeIt is a lot of house plants with poisonous juice, at the same time more often they are very attractive externally. It is permissible to grow them at home, but any work (pruning, transplanting) is best done with gloves and a protective mask. They should be located out of the reach of children and pets, away from the seating area, the dining table, the bed (where the owners spend a lot of time).

Flowers that delight us with greenery and bright buds all year round are conventionally divided into 2 groups: healer plants and vampires. The first ones improve their state of health, increase their tone, give a charge of energy, while the latter, on the contrary, draw vitality from a person, feed on positive emotions. The more scandals, quarrels, troubles, and diseases in the family, the more magnificent the plant. According to folk signs, there are flowers capable of attracting negatives, failures and misfortunes.

Top 7 plants with negative energy

Flowers decorate the house, create coziness, give the space freshness, purify the air, care for them is a favorite hobby of many, soothing nerves, uplifting. So that the purchase does not have a bad impact on health and fate, before choosing Indoor flower need to learn about its properties and features. The most popular and dangerous plants that are better not to grow at home:

Dangerous flowers for the home
  1. Monstera. Huge wide-leaf leaves absorb the positive energy of a person, break the aura, and have a negative effect on the casual body. Impact affects health, career and personal life. Juice causes burns, disorders of the digestive system, and if it gets into the eyes - serious damage to the cornea.
  2. Tsiperus. A very unpretentious plant from Africa, it is believed that it has a powerful biofield, actively absorbs energy, affects the well-being and mood. If there is a discord in the family or someone is sick, the flower can aggravate the problem. Cyperus has a particularly negative effect on hypochondriacs. The flower does not tolerate evil, envious and unfriendly people.The plant can be useful if you put it at the entrance to the house, people with a negative attitude will look at the guests as rarely as possible.
  3. Ivy. Any climbing plants in the house is not the place, they have an aggressive male energy, adversely affecting the space. Men in the apartment will be uncomfortable, which is not in the hands of an unmarried woman. Ivy and loach, suck vitality, a positive attitude, violate composure. These plants are best grown in the yard or at the entrance to the house, they will repel negative energy from the home.
  4. Fern. A flower is a vampire, if he is constantly with people, there will be a breakdown, apathy. The fern grows well only in houses with large families, as it needs powerful energy flows.
  5. Dieffenbachia. Large, incredibly beautiful leaves with a multi-colored color and a magnificent krone attracts attention, however the plant takes away health and positive energy, belongs to poisonous. Juice provokes allergic reactions, burns and severe poisoning when it enters the stomach. In living rooms, especially in children's dieffenbachia is not the place.
  6. Begonia. It greatly weakens the biofield of people suffering from various chronic diseases, as well as lonely and in old age. The flower affects the aura around the clock, taking power and a positive attitude. The plant sap contains insoluble salts of oxalic acid, which cause severe burns on the skin.
  7. Cactus. It takes away positive energy, and returns negative, according to popular belief, thorny plants are considered separate. The more cacti in the house, the worse the situation, men tend to drink. The flower brings discomfort to the atmosphere; this is especially felt by emotional, sensitive people who are exposed to outside influence. Cactus attracts quarrels, conflicts, scandals to the house, if you put it in the bedroom, it can bring disharmony into relationships and cool the passion.


Cacti and succulents can cause unreasonable feelings of anxiety, a person at a subconscious level is constantly in a state of protection, this leads to a nervous breakdown or depression.

Sometimes it happens that a person constantly experiences a headache for a long time in the same place, as a result, insomnia or depression begins. You can check the theory of the dangers of houseplants by rearranging flowers from frequently visited rooms to rooms where owners are rare, and you will feel much better. No need to neglect the knowledge of our ancestors and mindlessly buying into the house any attracted flower.

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Dangerous flowers for the homeDangerous flowers for the home

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