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What is Tomato and how to use it to stimulate the fruit formation of tomatoes

tomato stimulator

Experienced growers have long used various growth stimulants to increase yields and improve fruit quality. In order to achieve a decent crop when growing tomatoes, you should use special-purpose preparations, one of which is Tomato. It is used in protected ground and in open beds.

Drug description

Tomato is designed to stimulate the fruit formation of tomatoes of different varieties. Since 2006, it has been included in the list of pesticides recommended for use in agricultural enterprises and personal subsidiary farms.

Produced on the basis of natural, natural growth substances, so its use does not adversely affect the quality of commercial fruits due to its environmental friendliness.


The active substance of the stimulant is auxin, obtained by a synthetic method.

How does the drug

As you know, under adverse weather conditions, various negative actions can occur with tomatoes:

  • possible falling off of flowers and young ovaries;
  • loading fruit is not very intense;
  • their ripening slows down.

Auxin deficiency can be replenished from the outside, as it is contained in the growth stimulator "Tomaton". The plant processed by this stimulator redistributes the batteries so that they are sent in the right amount to the flowers.

As a result, the tomatoes are well tied, and the growth of the shoots is slightly inhibited. "Tomaton" stimulates fruit loading and leads to a rich harvest, increasing it by 30-40 percent.


Along with this, the drug significantly increases the rate of fruit ripening. Tomatoes ripen 7 days faster than usual.

Instructions for use

It is recommended to treat with the preparation only inflorescences, having previously dissolved one ampoule of the agent in half a liter of water and adding a few drops of detergent there. Inflorescences are desirable to be processed in a rainy period and in the morning.

The solution, being closed in the package in a dark place, can be stored for a whole season without losing its beneficial properties. But it is more efficient to prepare the working solution for a single use.

How to process

The treatment of this whole plant with this stimulator should not be done entirely. It is intended only for inflorescences. Tomato flower brushes can be stimulated in two ways:

  • spray spray;
  • dip in the solution of the drug.

If you have some amount of working solution, do not pour it out. It will fit for the next processing. Store the solution in a dark and cool place.

Security measures

Those people are mistaken who believe that the “Tomaton” stimulant is not at all a dangerous tool. It should also be used wisely.

It is recommended to take care in working with the solution, wearing personal protective equipment:

  • old clothes;
  • gauze bandage;
  • gloves;
  • protective glasses.
  • After work, you should take a shower or at least wash your face and hands.

If the drug solution still gets into the eyes or on the skin, immediately rinse these places with plenty of water, and then consult a doctor.

Cost of goods

The cost of the drug depends on the number of ampoules in the pack and the method of packaging.One package can contain from 1 to 10 ampoules with a volume of 1 ml. The cost of one ampoule is no more than 130 rubles. You can buy the drug both at retail outlets and online.


Victoria, Orenburg, 34 years.

“I have been using Tomatone for a year now. I spray it with a spray bottle that is screwed onto 1.5 liter plastic bottles. It's easier to get into the flowers. Previously, tomatoes grew very poorly, they were not even enough for salads. Now there are so many tomatoes, which is enough for both spinning and other purposes. The taste of tomatoes has not changed. We were not poisoned, therefore, it is absolutely obvious that the drug is not dangerous. ”

Lydia, Kostroma, 46 years old.

“Last summer, Tomaton acquired, after reading about him in the network. As far as she understood, a pesticide is involved in it, which means that it is all the same chemistry. However, I decided to experiment. From the tomato beds, where the treatment with this stimulant was carried out, subsequently gathered a bountiful harvest. Tomatoes ripened faster and had the same taste as unprocessed. As a result, we ate plenty of salads and made spins. ”

Olesya, Saratov, 57 years old.

“Although chemistry is not the best option, but its use is more acceptable than buying what tomatoes it is unclear. I grow it myself, because I can not find tasty tomatoes at a decent price. I doubt that this drug is harmful to health. Therefore, I will continue to use it. ”

As can be seen from the reviews of people who used "Tomatone" on tomatoes, the stimulant really helps to fill larger fruits and accelerates their ripening. It is also important that the drug does not impair the quality of the crop of tomatoes.

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tomato stimulatortomato stimulator

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