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Tomatoes series "Date": abundance of fruit in each garden

Tomatoes date, characteristic and description of the variety are very diverse, since neither the variety nor the hybrid of this type is in the register of selection achievements of the Russian Federation. Vegetable growers, sharing their opinions, someone is enthusiastic, someone is outraged, one thing is clear - a continuous transfer.

general information

Since the market is replete with bags of "dates", of course people are buying. Moreover, sown seeds and grown plants from one, give good yields of tasty and sweet tomatoes, which are quite satisfied with vegetable growers, while others still have much to be desired.

Perhaps sometime, they will carry out trials and introduce such a “miracle” into the registry, but for the time being we will be content with what the “craftsmen” have produced in the field of seed packaging.

Description of the series

If we consider all possible options for tomato dates on the market, we can find common features for the entire series:

  • Small-fruited (up to 50 g);
  • Oval, ovoid or obovate;
  • Abundance of fruits;
  • Semi-determinantness of whether the vegetative form is indeterminant.

Grown bushes of tomato-dates, if you are lucky to become the owner of good seeds, can amaze and delight the vegetable grower with the beauty of their bush. Red and yellow candle tomatoes hang in clusters from low-leafed bushes.

These tomatoes are good and in a tin can. Vegetable growers who love the exotic and who know a lot about cooking constantly search for interesting forms and in this regard, dates are quite appropriate.

These varieties are popular in Europe. Although dates are not called, but small, oval, cocktail tomatoes are present at any meal.

A vegetable plate with colorful tomatoes can be a decoration for any table. Picking up very small tomatoes can be combined with olives and olives, which also looks interesting.

Such small tomatoes are very popular with children, both in raw and tinned form.

“Red date”

Small red tomato came to taste vegetable growers.

Characteristics and description

The company "Russian garden", which has filed on the market of this "date" describes the hybrid as a semi-determinant. However, the tomato date red f1 in reviews is listed as tall, indeterminant, reaching heights of 180 or even more centimeters. Some, describing these tomatoes compare them with tomato-octopus.

Describing the form should be said that it is not unambiguous. One shrub, and even one tomato cluster can bear the fruits of a round classical form, oval, ovoid and obovate. This feature does not upset vegetable growers at all, since it is easy to calibrate them in shape.

The size of the tomatoes is also not uniform. At the time of ripening, one tomato may be weighing 15 g, the other 7-8 g.But in color they will all be uniform, scarlet, saturated color.

At the cut, two nests with fine seeds are clearly visible. Seed nests are not filled with pulp, and the juice is almost clear.

The skin of the fruit is very delicate, thin, but at the same time strong and well keeps the flesh from cracking. For fruit temperature treatments are also very good, nor do they crack under the influence of boiling water.

Tomato fruits are collected in brushes. Harvesting can be carried out with brushes, since ripening proceeds evenly, and all fruits have approximately the same degree of maturity.

Special praise deserves the taste of tomatoes. The fruits are sweet, rich in tomato flavor and a pleasant tomato flavor.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of vegetable growers identified the following:

  • high yield;
  • good disease resistance;
  • great taste;
  • good keeping quality;
  • interesting shape of the fruit.

The disadvantage of the variety can be considered re-grading. However, this is most likely a human factor, and not a property of a variety.

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But later ripening is really considered a disadvantage of the variety, since late autumn it is necessary to pluck completely green tomato brushes and measure them indoors. However, this can be wrapped up to their advantage. Many vegetable growers note the fact that tomatoes on a brush have very good keeping quality. They can be kept in a cool, but dry place for 1.5, and then 2 months.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Those vegetable growers who have already managed to grow a tomato "Date Red" tell about the extreme resistance of the variety to fungal and bacterial diseases.

Under conditions of variability of weather, the variety behaves very well in relation to late blight and other diseases, although the fruit set is reduced.

When planted together with other varieties, this variety will be the least sensitive to fungal spores.

Features of growing varieties

"Red date", being late, needs early sowing. When choosing a date you need to stop at the beginning of March.

After preparing the soil, the seeds are sown and sent to a warm place. Shoots appear quickly and together. Since at the beginning of March there is not enough daylight, it is necessary to light up.

The seedling period does not differ from all other varieties, but when a plant is being transplanted, it is necessary to maintain a distance of 35-40 cm. The plant is formed into two shoots.

Since the tomato, although with small fruits, is very fruitful, it requires regular dressings:

  1. The first in 2-3 weeks after disembarkation. It feeds with a solution of nitrogenous mineral fertilizers (2 tbsp of carbamide spoons per bucket of water);
  2. The second after 2 weeks with a solution of organic matter (1 kg of manure per bucket of water);
  3. Third in 2 weeks. On a bucket of water 1 tbsp. spoon of ammonium nitrate and 1 tbsp. spoon superphosphate;
  4. The fourth and subsequent with an interval of 2 weeks with a solution of organic fertilizers.

In August, feeding stops.

"Yellow date"

Oval yellow tomatoes are beautiful on the bush and on the plate.

Variety description

Tomato "Date Yellow" has a semi-determinant shrub. Plant mid-late ripening. The leaf shape is weak, and the leaf plate itself is shallow and light green.

Fruits are not large, equal in size and shape. Oval fine cream has a weight of up to 20 g. Tomatoes are tied up on a simple sour 6-8 pieces.

When cut, you can see two nests filled with saturated pulp.

The taste of tomatoes is very rich, sweet, without cloying.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomatoes really like vegetable growers. Among its advantages:

  • Productivity;
  • Interesting taste with sweetness;
  • Resistance to diseases.

As a lack of vegetable growers note the late maturity of the fruit.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Tomato is very disease resistant.There is not a single response that would say that his tomato bushes were “attacked” by phytophtoras or bacterial diseases.

Phenicia yellow is insensitive to changes in temperature and humidity of the environment and well knit fruits.

Features of growing varieties

There are no particular difficulties in growing this “date”. Like all semi-determinant varieties, it needs support and tying.

The formation of shoots is carried out in 2-3.

"Siberian date"

What sort of tomato is so called, remains a mystery, but the Siberian Date tomato f1 leaves positive feedback if it is from the Russian Garden company.

Characteristics and description

This tomato has a determinative shrub. Ripening begins quickly - tomato early ripe. In the garden, the height of the bush will be between 60-70 cm, but in a limited space it will not stretch above 50 cm. The tomato sprout is resilient, dense, it well holds a large number of fruits.

Tomatoes weigh about 20 grams. They ripen together, and the bush quickly becomes covered with svlvovidnymi tomatoes. If the grower does not have time to harvest, he may well hang on the bushes until the tomatoes are removed. The shoots firmly hold the crop, and sometimes it has to be cut off with a stem and whole clusters.

Reviews about the taste of the fruit suggests that the sugar content in tomatoes is very high, and the balance of organic acids is very organically combined with sugars.

The wonderful sugar content is reflected in the taste of tomatoes, which were preserved in marinades. Such tomatoes are dense, tasty, sweet and without cracks.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomato "Siberian Date" has a number of advantages:

  • early maturation;
  • high yield;
  • excellent taste properties;
  • harmonious ripening;
  • good keeping quality of fruits;
  • universal use;
  • opportunity to grow in a limited space.

Features of growing varieties

Experienced vegetable growers, knowing that an early ripening tomato does not grow its seedlings, but sow directly into tubs. If the seeds sprout well, then seedlings are thinned in the phase of the two true leaves. Surpluses are planted in the garden, and some are left in the tub. Leaving 25-30 cm between the plants, after a while they close and form a beautiful composition.

The main concern in the cultivation of "Siberian Date" comes down to:

  • dressings;
  • watering;
  • soil loosening;
  • mulching when needed.

"Sweet date"

Since there are no varieties of dates in the registry, experienced dealers solve the problem in their own way. It is not always bad, but vegetable growers are confused in varieties and hybrids.

Vegetable growers, growing tomato “Sweet date”, the description of which completely coincides with the hybrid of “Cherriliz F1”, came to the conclusion that this is the brainchild of the company “Semko-Junior”, Moscow Russia.

The hybrid was entered into the register in 2010 and is recommended for cultivation under film covers.

Characteristics and description

The tomato has a salad designation, and is also suitable for whole-canning. Early ripe, it quickly releases an inflorescence of the intermediate type and imposes wonderful fruits.

The plant is tall, indeterminate. The leaf is dark green and completely small.

Fruits are tsilendrichesky, smooth, dense, elastic bright orange color. The weight of one fruit from 8 to 10 g. The fruits are the same, equalized in length and width. Each brush carries on itself 18-20 fruitlets that look lovely.

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Tomatoes are very good in taste. They are sweet and pleasant, that is why, probably, this hybrid was chosen for “Sweet Date”. The tasting is excellent.

Advantages and disadvantages

The tomato was very popular with those who once raised it and has a number of advantages:

  • high yield (up to 12 kg / m2);
  • great taste;
  • excellent presentation;
  • disease resistance.

Disease and Pest Resistance

Tomato firmly secured a position of resistance to:

  • tobacco mosaic virus;
  • alternariozu;
  • top rot fruit;
  • bacteriosis.

Pests are affected at the level of the remaining tomatoes.

Features of growing varieties

Tomato is very tall. He needs tying and support. Conducting culture is carried out in 3-4 shoots. Small foliage and small fruits do not interfere with each other and show an excellent harvest.

Tomato, after transplantation in the greenhouse requires:

  • dressings;
  • watering;
  • mulching;
  • timely formation.

Orange Date

Very similar to a date is sweet, but unlike it, “Date Orange” refers to late-ripening tomatoes.

Characteristics and description

The tomato is intended for cultivation both in film greenhouses, and in an open ground.

The variety is tall, indeterminate, wrist. One brush carries up to 20 fruits aligned in shape and size, weighing up to 20 g.

The fruits of this tomato are bright, saturated, orange-amber, oval-shaped.

Taste characteristics are rated "excellent". Balanced sugar and acidity, pleasant notes in taste and aroma, long aftertaste, all this makes the tomato desirable for growing again and again.

The core of the tomato fruit has no voids. The seeds are small, the skin is thin, but not allowing to burst during bad weather and heat treatments.

Advantages and disadvantages

The variety is very good for growing, it has:

  • great taste;
  • beautiful colour;
  • high yield;
  • excellent keeping quality of fruits;

As a disadvantage can be called:

  • late maturity;
  • the need to form;
  • the need for garters.

Disease and Pest Resistance

In a greenhouse, the tomato behaves very well. But there is no specific data on the resistance of the variety to diseases in the open field.

To avoid damage to the tomato during the growing season it is better to apply a series of preventive sprays.

Using modern fungicidal drugs can easily prevent the spread of fungal infections. The first spraying is best done at the time of formation of the initial ovary, and then with an interval of 15-20 days.

Experienced growers recommend changing 3-4 fungicides for the season, this will not allow microscopic fungi and their spores to mutate and adapt to chemical preparations.

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Features of growing varieties

Tall variety. Permanent tying of shoots to supports is a mandatory procedure. The date tomatoes are not large, so they can be formed into 3-4 shoots. Small foliage does not obscure the fruits of sunlight, and they are fully heated and illuminated.

Pysynki also break off regularly. The peculiarity of dates is that the formation of stepsons intensively takes place at the beginning of growth, and then their growth stops.

To grow several tall shoots and form chic brushes on them, even with small fruits, nutrients are needed.

The first feeding is carried out in 12-14 days after planting the plant to a permanent place. During this period, nitrogenous substances are needed and for this, ammonium nitrate or carbamide is dissolved in a bucket of water.

The second feeding is carried out after 12-14 days, preferably with organic fertilizers, potassium sulphate can be added to them, which will improve fruit set. For feeding on a bucket of water take 1 liter of slurry or animal manure, or 0.5 liters of bird droppings. When feeding for each tomato bush pours 0.5 liters of nutrient solution. Since the variety is late, then at the beginning of August one can still make one last feeding.

When purchasing tomatoes from a series of dates, try to collect seeds, regardless of the designation F1, and you may become the owner of a very good variety, although you will not know the exact name of it.

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    This year, the first time planted a tomato "Red date". I am delighted with this variety. There were three bushes. They were covered with fruit. I planted near the fence and almost did not care for them. Very tasty, sweet, fleshy, with a thin skin. November is already on the nose, and we are still savoring the fruits.


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