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We destroy weeds without chemistry for a long time!

Many believe that the most effective way to get rid of weeds - weeding. However, no matter how many poly beds, weeds appear on them again and again. But it is not necessary to resort to the use of chemicals. There are many proven popular methods of dealing with tired grass. One of them is the use of vinegar.

How does the vinegar from the weeds

This is a universal remedy that will help to effectively get rid of weeds for a long time. The appeal of this tool is also that it is completely safe and cheap. Moreover, products with acid and additional ingredients eliminate not only excess grass, but also some insect pests.

But the acid can harm not only the weeds, but also the planted plants, so the grass should be watered with this tool carefully.

You need to process the plot according to the instructions. It is important to respect the proportions of the preparation of drugs. The most commonly used aqueous solution of 40% vinegar. It must be mixed with water in equal quantities, and then spray the clogged area. But you can use less concentrated substances. For example, dilute 2.5 tbsp. vinegar in a liter of water. The mixture is enough for a hundred.

According to another recipe, the vinegar concentrate is mixed with lemon juice (3: 1) and sprayed with a pulleviser.

The recipe is a super-efficient preparation with salt

If coping with weeds is difficult and nothing helps, you should prepare a more caustic solution of vinegar and salt. This method will save even from perennial weeds. To make such a solution, prepare the ingredients:

  • water - 1 l;
  • vinegar - 5 tbsp. l .;
  • kitchen salt - 2 tbsp. l

Boil the water, then add all the ingredients, mix well to dissolve the salt, and treat the area.

Product with soap

The soap solution turns out to be very caustic, so before processing the cultivated plants are covered with paper so that not a drop of them falls. The particular efficiency of the mixture is observed on hot sunny days. For the preparation of a herbicidal agent, a liter of white vinegar, 150 g of ordinary salt and a syringe of liquid soap are mixed. Mix better in a plastic bottle, shaking well. After this, pour a mixture of weeds. In this case, care must be taken that the solution does not leak under the other plants. The more concentrated the acid, the more “lethal” is the mixture. Usually used 15-20% solution.

The effectiveness of such destruction of weeds

The main advantage of the described means is that neither acetic acid nor other components are dangerous to humans and domestic animals. Such tools are very effective and show good results. Acid can destroy any weeds, regardless of their age. As practice shows, after treatment, the ants also leave. And the result will be noticeable instantly!

Before using the acid, study all the features of its application, it will help avoid harming the rest of the plants.

This method is better and safer than chemicals, it eliminates the need to use other means.

Thus, getting rid of weeds, even the one that has been sprouting for many years in a row, is now completely easy. The ingredients from which effective solutions are prepared are always at hand, and they are quite inexpensive!

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