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The most delicious assorted cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers

assorted tomatoes and cucumbers

Probably everyone likes to enjoy spicy, crunchy, pickled cucumbers and supplement their main course with juicy canned tomatoes. But you can also prepare in one jar both, and get a delicious salty snack 2 in 1. It is very easy to prepare a mix of cucumbers and tomatoes, pepper for the winter. We offer the most delicious simple recipe. It is not necessary to build a structure for sterilization, because such vegetables are perfectly preserved due to repeated pouring with boiling water. A delicious marinade, without any extra ingredients, will give you vegetables - a real delight.


  • cucumbers - 350-400 g,
  • tomatoes - 250-300 g,
  • sweet pepper - 0.5-1 pcs.,
  • Dill sprig - 1 pc.,
  • black pepper-peas - 5 pcs.,
  • allspice-peas - 5 pcs.,
  • bay leaf - 1-2 pcs.,
  • garlic - 5-6 cloves,
  • salt kitchen - 2 tbsp.
  • granulated sugar - 4 tbsp.,
  • Table vinegar - 6 tbsp.


The number of ingredients is designed for one liter jar of assorted.

How to cook a platter of tomatoes and cucumbers

We wash all our vegetables. Cucumbers cut off the ends, clean the peppers from the core and seeds.

prepare vegetables

Sterilize the container in any way convenient for you. Covers soak in boiling water for a few minutes. Apply peeled garlic cloves, pepper-peas, dried laurel and a sprig of dill into a sterile container.

greens in the bank

Optionally, you can add a few leaves from a bush of black currant or cherry tree. Now tightly put a layer of cucumbers in a jar. They should be placed vertically and very closely. In between the vegetables can be placed slices of Bulgarian pepper. Do not forget to leave room for juicy tomatoes. They tightly impose in the upper part of the banks.

vegetables in a jar

Now pour the vegetables with boiling water, wait 10 minutes and pour the water into the saucepan to boil it again. Repeat the procedure again.

pour vegetables

After that, from the same, drained water, boil the brine. We throw table salt, sugar, vinegar. Boil a couple of minutes and fill the assorted. We roll up the covers, turn over the covers, cover with a blanket.

close the lid

Preservation we remove in the pantry or basement when it becomes cold.

Assorted cucumbers and tomatoes, pepper for the winter is the most delicious

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assorted tomatoes and cucumbersassorted tomatoes and cucumbers

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