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The most delicious assorted tomatoes and cucumbers for the winter

Assorted cucumbers and tomatoes

Vegetable assorted cucumbers and tomatoes (and you can also add sweet peppers or onions, carrots) - the most delicious billet for the winter. You will definitely like the recipe for seaming assorted without sterilization, because cooking will take less time. But then, he opened the jar - and on the table immediately a variety of pickled vegetables. Someone wants to crunch a cucumber, someone to eat a tomato - there is a snack for every taste.

With all its advantages, an assortment of cucumbers and tomatoes is prepared very simply: we put sorted vegetables and spicy greens in jars, pour boiling water twice, and marinade for the third time. Roll up and put away for storage. You can use any jars, depending on the number of eaters - for a small family it will be more practical to pickle vegetables in one-liter or one-and-a-half-liter jars, for a larger family it is better to take three-liter containers.

To prevent tomatoes from bursting when boiling water is poured, select varieties with thick skins, fleshy, of small size. And before stacking in the banks, make punctures on one side (around the stalk).


Ingredients per liter jar:

  • tomatoes - 300 grams;
  • cucumbers - 300 gr .;
  • garlic - 4-5 cloves;
  • Dill umbrellas with seeds (fresh or dry) - 3 pcs .;
  • celery (twigs) - 2 pcs .;
  • horseradish leaves - 1/3 of a large leaf;
  • Allspice - 3-4 pcs.

For the marinade:

  • water - about 500 ml. per liter jar;
  • Vinegar 9% - 40 ml .;
  • salt and sugar - 1 tbsp. l with a slide.

Cooking assorted tomatoes and cucumbers for the winter

We select small cucumbers and tomatoes. If you roll in a three-liter jar, take the vegetables bigger. Rinse under running water. Tomatoes prick with a toothpick or skewer. You can cut the tips of cucumbers.

preparation of vegetables

Lay in a clean-washed jars a set of spicy greens: horseradish leaf, dill, garlic, celery (if there is, add a leaf of currant or cherry). We place cucumbers vertically, we occupy about half a jar.

laying cucumbers in a jar

We cover cucumbers with a layer of greenery, we throw pepper peas, garlic. Fill the remaining space with tomatoes, put them more tightly, but do not press down too much so as not to damage the skin. Void the top fill with greens.

canned vegetables

In a scoop boil the right amount of water (calculated based on the volume of filled cans). Pour into jars with vegetable platter. Covering up, leave to steam for 10 minutes.

pour boiling water

Drain the cooled infusion, boil again and re-fill. Withstand 15 minutes. Pour back into the dipper.

drain the water from the can

Bring the infusion to boil. Add salt (use large), sugar. Give boil a minute or two. Pour in vinegar.

cooking marinade

Ready marinade fill the cans with vegetable platter, completely covering the vegetables and herbs. Twist screw caps or roll up the machine.

pour marinade

Turning the cans with the platter on the side, throw a blanket and leave to cool for 10-12 hours. Then rearrange in a shaded cool place for storage. It is recommended to try a platter of tomatoes and cucumbers not earlier than in a month so that the marinade can absorb the vegetables. Successful to you preparations!

vegetable platter for winter


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Assorted cucumbers and tomatoesAssorted cucumbers and tomatoes

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