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Tomatoes in Korean for the winter

Tomatoes in Korean for the winter, the most delicious recipe with photos

Korean pickles are famous all over the world. They are very piquant, spicy to the taste and are popular. Prepare blanks that are similar to Korean, you can easily and at home. Make Korean-style tomatoes for the winter, the most delicious photo recipe will help you with this. Appetizer goes incredibly spicy, tasty and moderately spicy. Suitable for any dishes, as well as exists as a separate savory snack.

Ingredients (finished snack yield = 4 liter jars):

  • tomatoes - 2000 g
  • carrot - 4 pcs.,
  • sweet pepper - 5 pcs.,
  • Table vinegar - 100 ml,
  • vegetable oil - 100 ml,
  • garlic - 5 cloves,
  • red chilli pepper - 1 tbsp.,
  • salt - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • granulated sugar - 100 g,
  • favorite greens - to taste.


How to cook tomatoes in Korean for the winter

We wash all the vegetables. Peppers cleaned from the core and stem. With garlic we remove the husk, and with the carrot a thin skin. Grind greens. It is best to take parsley, cilantro, dill.

cut greens

Bulgarian pepper, garlic and carrots mince or interrupt with a blender. In this vegetable puree add finely chopped greens, table salt, refined vegetable oil, granulated sugar and a portion of vinegar.

Stir well.

make a dressing

Tomatoes are cut into two even parts and remove the green rods.

cut tomatoes

In a sterile jar lay out a bowl of tomato, cut down. Top pour a bowl of fragrant vegetable puree.

fill a jar with tomatoes

Then again tomatoes and so on until the bank is completely filled.

tomatoes with dressing

Finished jars are sterilized for 15 minutes in a saucepan, with a bottled bottom. If you take banks of a larger volume than one liter, then sterilization is carried out 1.5-2 times longer.

sterilize tomatoes

After that, roll up the covers.

roll up tomatoes

And after the banks are cooled upside down, they can be hidden in a dark, cool place, such as a cellar or a storeroom.

Korean Ready Tomatoes Tomatoes in Korean for the winter

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Tomatoes in Korean for the winter, the most delicious recipe with photosTomatoes in Korean for the winter, the most delicious recipe with photos

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