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"Tree of Destiny": a beautiful indoor flower that brings love and happiness

Tree of Doom

Clerodendrum is a genus of deciduous shrubs, lianas and trees, which is part of the Cluster family. Under the name combined 308 species that grow mainly in tropical and subtropical climates. Some species are cultivated as indoor crops, including the thromson's clerodendrum, popularly known as the “tree of destiny”. With the right care, he decorates the room with beautiful racemes for a long time.

Description and history of the plant

Liana came to Europe about 200 years ago from Africa, from where she was brought by the Scottish discoverer George Thompson. In honor of him and was named a kind of tropical plants. His second name "tree of destiny" is only a translation from Greek. In addition, in everyday life it is called "a symbol of love", "the vine of the bleeding heart."

At home, a shrub liana forms from a liana covered with oval leaves, or is attached to a trellis, giving rise to 3 m. However, in order for the blooming phase to come it is necessary to make an effort.

Growing conditions and care for clerodendrum

Clerodendrum Thompson - a plant from the tropics. For the normal development of vines, it is necessary to create a certain microclimate close to the natural:

  1. Lighting - the flower is placed near the eastern and western windows, because it needs a lot of soft light. With its deficiency, flowering may not occur.
  2. Temperature - in summer, the flower is provided with a temperature in the range of 18-25 ° C, in winter it is lowered to 15-16 ° C. At this time there comes a period of stagnation, when the plant drops leaves. If there is no rest period, then flowering may not begin.
  3. Humidity - the air should be well humidified. Experienced flower growers install a stationary humidifier or sprinkle a flower every day with separated water, except during the rest period when the plant drops foliage.
  4. Soil - the substrate is prepared nutritious and loose with a weak acid reaction. Take the soil for roses and add a little soil for azaleas.


Depending on the area and the wishes of the grower, the vine can be used for vertical gardening or grown as a standard tree, a shrub.


Moisturize the soil moderately, only after the topsoil dries. Otherwise, water may linger in the roots, which will cause the development of root rot. After the onset of the dormancy phase, watering is carried out extremely rarely, since the roots do not absorb moisture, and the soil begins to acid. For procedures use only separated water at room temperature.

Top dressing

During the period of active vegetation, the liana is provided with additional food weekly. For dressings suitable liquid mineral complexes with a low concentration of nitrogen.With the onset of autumn, fertilizing is reduced to once a month, and completely stopped in winter.


Inflorescences are formed only on new shoots. This is connected with the need for deep pruning, which is carried out before the beginning of the growing season, in early spring. At this time, all old shoots are shortened by ⅓, to stimulate lateral growth. Young specimens are not pruned, but pinched in order to achieve stronger branching.


While the plant is young his transplanted annually in a pot of larger diameter. Carry out the manipulation of the vein, prior to the beginning of active growth. When the copy reaches the desired size, transplantation is carried out every 2-3 years to update the nutrient soil. The container is used the same, having previously disinfected it. If necessary, shorten the roots of the flower. It slows down the growth of culture.

Signs and superstitions

“The tree of fate” is a symbol of spiritual well-being, which is not only possible, but also necessary to keep in the house. No wonder he is often called "innocent love." The flower awakens positive qualities in the owner - purity, disinterestedness.

The magical properties of clerodendrum:

  • removes damage from the owner, taking away the negative impact on himself - this is indicated by the rapid death of a completely healthy flower;
  • establishes relationships between family members - blooming klerodendrum - evidence of harmony;
  • kindles faded feelings - if the flower bloomed in winter, then it is worth preparing for a meeting with a former lover.

Clerodendrum Thompson is a natural decoration of both a small apartment and a large country house, which will thank the grower for his care with abundant and long flowering.

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Tree of DoomTree of Doom

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