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What trees should not be planted near the house and why?

trees around the house

The area around the house, reminiscent of a forest area. Romance, which attracts citizens who come to their village for the summer. White birch under my window ... Oak with a gold chain ... Evergreen spruce, dressed with festoons for the New Year. But this is all an idyllic picture, suitable for a novelist's pen. A biologist, gardener or countryman understands: when planting trees near a building, it is worth relying on accurate knowledge. Sometimes it is possible to go deep into the national signs connected with forest plantations.

Closer to reality

The forest is saturated with unique microflora. But near the house trees can be harmful. With all their beauty, they become a haven for insects. They develop on any parts of acacia, birch, and other trees. Caterpillars butterflies, aphids, mites hide inside the growths, and then easily migrate to fruit. Remember which trees are best to grow in a forest belt or at least outside the fence:

  • white acacia;
  • Birch tree;
  • oak;
  • spruce:
  • willow (willow);
  • larch;
  • aspen;
  • poplar;
  • thuja

Only not on his estate

White acacia blooms with fragrant dense inflorescences. It grows quickly, creates a natural fence and a cozy atmosphere in the garden. Acacia is increasingly chosen by landscape designers. True, they forget about the main quality of a flowering plant. Its falling leaves are a complex of natural herbicides. If you leave the leaves on the plot or, worse, to mulch her garden, neither weeds, nor the necessary vegetables or grass will grow.

Birch, like alder, maple, ash, is allergenic. Favorite image in folklore, fairy tales and songs. They say a woman that birch. Suppose the same strong. After all, the light slender tree grows due to the powerful structure of the roots, taking all the moisture from the ground. Birch is better to plant behind the fence.

Poplar and walnuts also have no place near the shelter. A developed strong root system sprouts under the foundation of the building and breaks it down. In addition to the annoying fluff, the trunk of the poplar is hollow inside. Because of this, it can easily break during a gale. The consequences are not difficult to calculate.

Due to the shallow root system, a spruce tree may collapse during a hurricane. And if it is already high, it grows near the house, it will damage the building. The minus of an evergreen beauty is that it is flammable and quickly burns. The crown will shade the territory, the needles will not give the necessary humus. Putting something nearby is useless. Prose reasons not to grow spruce, trees, pines complement the mystical facts: conifers attract failures and bring home owners to death.


The ancient European nations considered spruce to be the tree of the dead. With its roots, it goes back to the past, the powerful, ancestral world. Spruce branches obkladyvali dead, covered the floors in the room where the deceased lay. Even walking alone in a spruce, dark grove was forbidden.

Age-old wisdom

With a weeping willow, you also need to behave carefully. There is a belief: those who plant a willow will die in the same year. Afraid - do not check. But know: two or three willow bushes will grow very quickly. After a couple of years, it will be impassable thickets. Their roots will dry the soil several meters in diameter.

People felt the greatest respect for the oak, respected, worshiped.Sacred in many countries, it was considered a male tree, able to give strength, power, health. Nevertheless, his ancestors did not plant him near the house. They believed that the old tree, a century old, survives the owner from the house. Scientific facts: strong root system. During a thunderstorm, the oak draws lightning. Because cultivate it - to attract fire.

Aspen people do not worship. From the Gospel we learn: Judas chose her to hang herself. An aspen stake was thrust into the ghoul's chest. In his existence, too, believed. Aspens can deplete the biofield of adults and young. Next to her, people feel apathy and fatigue. Biological characteristics indicate other reasons: after 3-4 years aspen reaches impressive size. But this hardwood suffers core rot. And the outwardly strong trunk can collapse during bad weather. Biologists have long confirmed the value of aspen. It is needed in the national economy, in construction, in treatment, and in cooking. So to so unique useful tree to grow. In the woods.

Vampire trees

People noticed that forest plants are divided into donor trees and vampire trees. Secular observations confirmed scientists. Wildlife treats. Pulls out bad energy and fills with health, activity. The classification does not contradict the principles of planting.

For health - in the forest

The exchange of energy with the forest, with a separate individual occurs during a walk or in close contact. At this time, a person heals. Doctors claim that regular hiking in the forest can replace medicines.


Man must find his tree. The same thing can react to people in different ways. For some it will be a donor, for another - a vampire. You can determine its characteristics using the test. A thin strip of foil with a length of 10-12 mm to bring to the trunk. If the foil deviates from it, then it will strengthen your energy.

"Hungry" vampire trees are not scary. They balance the power grid. Relieve aggression, excitability, any pain, physical or mental. They take all the negative, return peace of mind. The main thing is to listen to the state that you experience next to such an energy consumer.

Head chock

In the natural habitat of the plant, the main assistants to man. Oak will give strength and clarity of thought. Helps everyone who wants to become physically fit. More men - sailors, politicians, military. Oak dies are useful to those who are engaged in intellectual work, who has a heart ache. The aspen will relieve the pain from the blows if you put a chump on the sore spot. Fir cones in the hands free from negativity throughout the body.

Birch heals the skin, treats female diseases: mastopathy and myoma. Acacia gives vivacity. Pine favors creative thinking, tranquility and even spiritual insight. Aligns the disturbed human biofield. With the help of pieces of aspen, spruce or oak from the negative energy can be cleaned the room.

The right of everyone to pay attention to the signs associated with the trees, or ignore. But it is worth listening. Popular observations are often supported by scientific research. Leave the willow to grow to meet under its spreading bushes on the banks of rivers and reservoirs. Near the house admire rowan.

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trees around the housetrees around the house
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  1. Nadezhda Sereda

    Interesting .. we planted juniper and pine, near the bathhouse! Who would you find out near the garden? And the apple trees are growing excellently !! The pear did not take root! They removed the plum .. it was fruitful by the way! Stone and seed seeds .. together were !! And nothing is said about the maple ..


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