Money tree in the house: signs and superstitions

fat woman

The fat woman, better known as the "money tree", grows in many apartments. The popularity of the plant is associated with numerous signs, according to the interpretation of which it brings material well-being and happiness into the house. And if it is correct to take care of the bastard, it can bloom. The phenomenon is rare, but, according to giving, it is during this period that the plant has the greatest power to increase cash receipts.

Plant history

Crassula or Crassula is a succulent plant. Its habitat in nature extends to the territories of Africa, Arabia and Madagascar. Culture received the name "money tree" from the merchants of the Middle East, who considered the similarity between leaves of silver and dinars. Even then, the plant became a symbol of wealth.

In Europe, the flower gained popularity only in the XIX century, when it came to the continent from the South African colonies, along with other representatives of tropical flora. In the greenhouses began to grow a variety of Crassul, which in nature has about 200. They differ in size and shades.

Signs and superstitions

The fat woman is the flower with which the most beliefs are associated. In all Crassula acts as a "money magnet":

  1. While wiping leaves from dust, they are counted to attract money.
  2. Planted jade in a red pot to enhance the financial flow.
  3. After making a profit in the pot they spread a pile of coins that enhance the positive energy, beneficially affect the improvement of material well-being.

Why bloom

The appearance of flowers on succulent is a rare phenomenon. To achieve flowering, it is necessary to make an effort. According to the sign, the flowering phase is a sign of rapid enrichment. During this period, the plant has a positive effect on the financial position of the owner. If you make a wish in front of a blooming sweetie, it will surely come true. Inhabitants of the house can get material benefits from the most unpredictable sources.

Crassula heels

Despite the superstitions that suggest that the fall of the money tree is a sign of impending financial difficulties, the fatty heel is easy to explain in terms of physiology:

  1. Incorrectly formed crown - it grows strongly, has an irregular shape and bends the trunk under its weight.
  2. One-sided placement of the flower - if you do not systematically rotate the plant, the crown develops only in one direction, which can lead to a break in the central shoot.
  3. Violation of the irrigation regime - stagnant moisture in the roots of a succulent has a negative effect on the state of the stem. The latter begins to rot and softens, and then breaks under the weight of the crown.

Crassula has a superficial root system, which is not able to hold a fragile trunk under the weight of thickened leaves.

How to care for a money tree

The fat woman does not require much attention, but if the florist has set himself the goal of flowering, it is necessary to strictly observe the agrotechnical cultivation of the crop. In addition, you should initially select the appropriate pot and substrate.

Soil and capacity

The pot is chosen wide, but shallow, which is connected with the superficial root system of the culture. The soil is placed on top of a thick layer of drainage so that the roots do not stagnate moisture. The substrate is prepared loose and nutritious, mixing turf, leaf soil and sand in a ratio of 1: 3: 1. To reduce the acidity, if necessary, you can add wood ash.

Lighting, temperature and transplant

Place the container with the money tree should not be on the windows of the southern orientation, as direct sunlight can burn the delicate leaves of the plant. The flower develops well at room temperatures, but it should not be left near the heating devices, which are very dry air. Crassula is long over the procedure. Every year it is transplanted only up to the age of three. Then it is enough to update the soil at intervals of 3 years.

Watering and feeding

Succulents accumulate moisture in the leaves. It easily goes through dry periods. But waterlogging for culture is dangerous: it contributes to the development of gray rot. Watering should be carried out after drying the surface layer of the soil. Feed the bastard should be only during the growing season twice a month. Used for this fertilizer for cacti or succulents.

A money tree is an exotic plant that can perfectly do without moisture for a long time. It is unpretentious, but to achieve the flowering of Crassula, you have to put a lot of effort.

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