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Gorloder from tomato with garlic and horseradish, tasty and spicy!

Tomato horloder with horseradish

A tomato gorloder is a very spicy spicy seasoning, which may include garlic, horseradish root, hot pepper (this option is for fire-eating), sweet pepper, vinegar, ground pepper, apples and even plums.

Prepare it for the winter of both red and green tomatoes. The ingredients are crushed or blender, or passed through a meat grinder. Less often - when there are no kitchen devices at hand - they are rubbed on a grater.

The most popular recipe of a horloder is tomato, garlic and horseradish. Such seasoning is stored without problems for several months in the fridge; neither vinegar nor citric acid should be added to it.

Tomatoes and chopped horseradish root will be a natural preservative. Spicy seasoning is great for meat dishes, it can be served with fish or spread in small quantities on bread.


  • ripe fleshy tomatoes - 0.5 kg;
  • horseradish root - 10-12 cm;
  • garlic - 1 head;
  • salt - to taste.

How to cook tomato gorloder with garlic and horseradish

It is better to take tomatoes fully ripe, fleshy, so that the seasoning does not turn out to be watery. Wash, remove twigs. If there is damage on the skin - cut. The skin should not be removed, it is not felt in the finished seasoning.

seasoning tomatoes

Cut tomatoes into slices or large chunks. Horseradish spine scraping knife, peeling the skin. Cut into slices. Clean the garlic teeth.

prepared tomatoes, garlic and horseradish

We skip through tomatoes first, then garlic and last of all horseradish. Hard horseradish fibers push out the tomato pulp, clean the screw and the meat grinder knife.

chop vegetables

Spoon mix the chopped vegetables. If the seasoning is too watery, excess liquid can be drained, but not poured, but added to adjika or tomato sauce. Salt to taste.

salt the mixture

Let the seasoning stand for a few minutes to dissolve the salt. Then lay out on clean sterilized banks and twist the lids.

laid out on the banks

We store the seasoning in the fridge or take it out to a cold cellar or basement. If the proportions and storage conditions are respected, the horloder may be stored for several months. Successful to you preparations!


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Tomato horloder with horseradishTomato horloder with horseradish

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