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10 options for the use of plastic bottles in the modern cottage

plastic bottles

From the plastic bottles in the country make crafts with their own hands, they are quick to make and easy to apply in plant growing, landscaping, and decorating the site. Practical use of PET containers solves the problem with the disposal of polymer dacha garbage, which, when burned, emits toxic smoke, and for decomposition it takes at least 500 years.

Preparation of plastic bottles for work

Polymer bottles from under drinks are an excellent material for the construction of various kinds of handicrafts. In the case are the neck, whole tanks, bottoms, carved walls. For the manufacture of useful devices make billets and stocks:

  • collect bottles with caps;
  • soak them in warm, soapy water;
  • rinse the container from the inside;
  • remove the labels.

Choose containers from the polymer of the same or different colors. Multi-colored bottles allow you to make a bright variety of crafts, lay out a mosaic, drawings. Collect the required amount in the winter time and ask to give the plastic container to neighbors and friends.

Country arbors of PET bottles

From the usual bottles of lemonade, milk, sunflower oil, you can build a full-fledged gazebo for recreation. Building materials are plastic containers that need to be laid like brickwork.

To build a gazebo for holiday cottages, proceed as follows:

  • build the base (concrete slab, dig in blocks, fill concrete with formwork);
  • tamp empty containers with sand or earth to give strength;
  • knead the cement-sand mortar;
  • build pillars, stacking 3 bottles lengthwise and crosswise, securing the elements with a concrete composition;
  • wall lay the method of brickwork.

700-800 bottles are required per gazebo, depending on the size of the design. Collect a container of the same volume from under any beverage for the masonry of PET containers.

The construction of polymer containers will last at least 10 years with the use of a well-mixed cement mix. You can build a gazebo of any shape. For the roof choose light practical materials - professional sheet, polycarbonate, flexible tile.


Greenhouse structures made of glass or polycarbonate require financial costs. You can build a similar building from PET containers. For one greenhouse you need to collect 500-600 bottles of polymer. For the construction will require a building material on the frame (wooden block or metal profile), wire or reinforced thick thread.

Build a greenhouse in the following sequence:

  • assemble frame;
  • cut the bottoms of plastic containers;
  • collect the cut blanks on a thread or wire of a length equal to the height of the greenhouse wall;
  • Close to each other fasten the columns collected from the bottles on the upper and lower planks of the greenhouse;
  • close the voids with available material (plastic wrap, board, polycarbonate strip);
  • sew polycarbonate or polyethylene roof, door, window for ventilation.

Collected from plastic bottles greenhouse almost inferior to similar structures of the film. Use only clear polymer.

Deep watering

In case of a dry summer season or for moisture-loving plants, build a PET container deep watering system. Capacity of 1,5-2 l of any color will be suitable for adaptation.

  • Proceed in sequence;
  • Partially cut the bottom so that it opens freely to fill the water;
  • dig a dimple depth of 20-25 cm near the plants;
  • put drainage to the bottom of the pit (gravel, pebble, small stone);
  • set the workpiece without the cover down the neck;
  • bury the container with soil, leaving an inverted bottom on the surface with an opening carved lid.

Pour water into a polymeric container before leaving the country house or in the evening of a dry period.


Build an elementary washstand to give next to the beds or gazebo. For a simple device you need only a plastic bottle, a nail or a screw, a tool. Work in sequence:

  • cut the bottom in the form of a lid;
  • screw the screw inside the bottle or drive a nail;
  • open the lid slightly to supply water.

Install simple and practical washbasins in different parts of the villa, so that you can rinse your hands and face at any time.


Beautiful curly fencing of PET bottles for beds or flower beds will give the plantings a well-groomed look. For the construction of a decorative border, use plastic containers of all sizes and volumes.

Construct the dacha decor in the following order;

  • fill bottles with sand or soil;
  • dig along the perimeter of the flower beds or ridges;
  • paint the mini fence in the desired color.

You can place the bottles up and down with your neck, dig in the ground at an angle, and collect fences from tanks of various sizes.

Garden paths

Simple and economical summer paths can be laid out from the bottoms of PET containers or lids. Build a garden path according to the following recommendations:

  • smooth out the path, if necessary, remove the sod;
  • if necessary, make a sand pillow;
  • cut the workpiece height of 5-7 cm from the lower parts of the containers;
  • submerge elements upside down.

Many handicrafts and decorations for the dacha can be made from the covers - lay out mosaic and panels on the walls of buildings, drawings on the ground in front of the house, make stands for hot dishes, decorate pots, pots.

The gaps between the round segments of the track fill with traffic jams, sand, small pebbles. Use multi-colored polymer bottles to lay out the pictures.

Traps for insects and rodents

It is possible to overfill suburban small mice, cockroaches, wasps or flies with the help of ordinary drink bottles. Set the trap as follows:

  • put bait in the container (bread, kvass, sugar syrup);
  • place the bottle without a lid in a place inclined to the pest;
  • keep the trap still.

Insects, once in the liquid, can no longer get out of it. Mice after penetration can not get on the smooth walls.

Repellers from mice and moles

Against rodents in the dacha, use humane deterrent method. Install the turntable in a windy garden.

Do crafts like this:

  • cut on three sides on the side walls of rectangular segments closer to the bottom;
  • bend the plastic perpendicular to the container, making the blades;
  • make at least 4 blades;
  • Place the workpiece upside down on a rod or rail.

During wind gusts the spinner will spin, which will scare away moles, shrews, and mice.


A simple drain to collect water for irrigation and economic needs, you can easily collect from ordinary plastic bottles:

  • cut the container along the bottom;
  • put the blanks on the wire, inserting one into another;
  • fasten a wide edge to the chute;
  • lower the edge of the drain in a tank to collect water.

A device for collecting water will eliminate splashing flow in wind and rain.


Summer work and the cultivation of plants include the treatment of crops from diseases, the implementation of preventive measures against diseases, spraying of repellent pests mixtures.

Make a simple sprinkler:

  • using an awl or a heated needle, make punctures in the lid;
  • pour the composition into the bottle;
  • pressing on the walls of the tank, spraying.

Make many small holes in the cover. This will create all the conditions for effective uniform spraying of solutions.


From the available plastic bottles in the country you can make a lot of useful crafts and accessories with their own hands. It is easy to work with polymeric capacities. Practical devices will facilitate the work of the gardener, decorate the local area, will serve as a building material. Apply your ingenuity and imagination in the use of plastic containers for the benefit of country comfort.

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