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Juicy, crispy instant sauerkraut


Many factors influence the taste, juiciness and crunchiness of sauerkraut. One of the main ones is the variety, degree of maturity and quality of the main ingredient. By the way, it is possible to boil leaven not only white cabbage, but also red cabbage, but now we will consider the classic version of cooking one of the most famous snacks in the Russian national cuisine. Analogs of sauerkraut can be found in the cuisines of other nations, but on such a scale and on such a scale cabbage is not known anywhere, perhaps.

In Russia, cabbage was leavened in large wooden barrels - so there was enough reserves until spring. And even during the USSR, snacks were being prepared for hundreds of kilograms. Now ready cabbage can be bought in grocery stores or on the market. But will this product be natural, cooked without water, vinegar and granulated sugar?

The preparation of this sauerkraut is based on the natural process of lactic fermentation, for which salt and cabbage juice are necessary. Nothing more is needed for crisp and juicy sauerkraut! Even the traditional grated carrot is an additional ingredient. Cooking snacks pretty quick - it takes only 2-5 days, depending on the amount of cabbage.

Ingredients for 1.5-2 liter jar:

  • white cabbage, late varieties - 1 head out weighing 2-3 kg;
  • salt - 2-3 tbsp. l (no slide);
  • Juicy carrots - 1-2 pcs. (optional).

On a note!

You can also add 1 sour apple or a handful of cranberries to this amount of food.

How to cook crispy sauerkraut

Clean the cabbage head from the top layer of leaves, in the presence of dirt - wash under a tap and pat dry. Cut the forks into 4 pieces for easy shredding. Remove the stalk - it is not suitable for pickling.

Sliced ​​Cabbage

Thinly chop the cabbage with a knife, shredder, using a special grater or food processor with the appropriate nozzle.

shred cabbage

Peel carrots, grate with large holes. Carrots should be sweet, juicy, bright orange. Fat, tasteless vegetable is better not to add.

grated carrot

Fold cabbage and carrot into deep dishes with enamel or other coating (plastic container can be used).

carrots and cabbage together

Add salt at the rate of 1 tbsp. l without top for 1 kg of cabbage.

add salt

Stir vegetables with salt.


Tamper a future snack with a fist or pestle from a mortar (preferably wooden, not metal) so that the cabbage makes juice.

tamp vegetables

Cover the cabbage with a flat plate or wooden circle, put a heavy load on top (2-4 kg). Leave the cabbage to boil at room temperature for a day.

set oppression

After one day, remove the oppression and “move” the cabbage, piercing it with a wooden stick, in order to release the gas formed during the fermentation process. This procedure will need to be carried out twice a day, until the cabbage is ready. After 2 days to taste the cabbage. If there is not enough acid, leave the snack for another 24 hours.


If the taste suits you, put the cabbage in banks and store in a cold place. Optionally, between the layers of cabbage, you can put the cranberries or diced sour apple.

Serve as a cold snack, watering with fragrant vegetable oil and sprinkling with fresh herbs.

crispy cabbage with carrots

Enjoy your meal!

sauerkraut crispy cabbage sauerkraut for the winter

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