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5 best recipes lecho from tomato, pepper, carrot and onion

tasty lecho

Billets for the winter - a source of vitamins, which the body lacks. Lecho is considered one of the most popular recipes. Hungary is considered the birthplace of the dish, but the real recipe has changed.

It left only the main ingredients - sweet peppers, onions, tomatoes. In addition, hostesses began to supplement lecho with carrots, rice, eggs and other products. Each recipe has a specific taste, from sweet to sour and spicy.

Recipes lecho

There are many different recipes that you can use to make lecho for the winter. A few of them are the most popular.

Without vinegar

Easy cooking option lecho. In addition to the absence of vinegar, oil is also not used for cooking. You can eat during the post. The following ingredients are needed: 3 kg of tomatoes, 2 kg of sweet pepper, 0.5 kg of carrots, 0.3 kg of onions, 2 tablespoons of salt, 0.3 kg of sugar, a large head of garlic, if desired, you can add one and a half teaspoons of ground black pepper.


  • Tomatoes are required to be crushed and, after being crushed or ground, mashed potatoes until smooth;
  • remove seeds from peppers, cut into strips;
  • carrots need to get rid of the peel and recycle with a grater (it is not recommended to use small divisions);
  • cut onions as little as possible;
  • garlic, as well as carrots, can be rubbed or finely chopped with a knife;
  • further, the resulting mass of tomato must be placed on a small fire;
  • after boiling cook for 15-20 minutes;
  • add spices and mix the tomatoes thoroughly;
  • the next step is to add carrots in mashed potatoes and cook the mixture for another 10 minutes;
  • put onion, pepper in a saucepan, leave on the fire for another third of the hour;
  • 5 minutes before you turn off the burner, you need to add garlic to the mixture.

All vegetables must be fresh. They must be rinsed before cooking. Banks are required to wash with soap and boiling water. Before applying lecho in a container, they need to be dried.

With butter

This recipe is easy to prepare. Suitable even for those who first decided to make leko. The dish will require the following products: 4 kg of tomatoes, 3 kg of Bulgarian pepper, 1 kg of onions, 1 kg of carrots, 0.5 liters of oil, 0.4 kg of sugar, three tablespoons of salt, 0.1 liters of 9% vinegar.

Before cooking, be sure to wash the vegetables with running water. Further, cooking consists of the following actions:

  • To drive tomatoes through a meat grinder, cook on low heat for about an hour, constantly mixing thoroughly;
  • onion cut into half rings;
  • cleaned washed carrots processed through a medium grater;
  • stew onions and carrots on low heat with a small amount of oil for 10 minutes;
  • Bulgarian pepper cut into thin strips;
  • add to fried tomatoes (frying), sweet peppers, spices, mix thoroughly;
  • bring the mixture to a boil and cook for 20 minutes;
  • 5-7 minutes before removing the mixture from the fire, you need to add vinegar to it;
  • place the hot dish in previously prepared clean and dry jars, close.

To check the blockage of lecho cans, turn them upside down before they cool down.

In the multicooker

The use of a multicooker will greatly simplify the preparation of lecho for the winter, and also exclude the possibility of sticking tomatoes during cooking. The undoubted positive quality of the multicooker is the preservation of more useful substances.For treatment, you will need: 1.5 kg of tomatoes, 0.5 kg of onions, a kilogram of sweet pepper, 5 medium cloves of garlic, a tablespoon of salt, 0.1 kg of sugar and 100 ml of oil.

Algorithm of preparation:

  • chop the tomatoes with a meat grinder, place in a multicooker bowl;
  • chop the sweet pepper into thin straws, add to the tomatoes;
  • process carrots on a medium grater, finely chop onions and garlic, also place in a slow cooker;
  • immediately add spices;
  • it is necessary to use the "quenching" mode for one and a half hours;
  • after vinegar is added;
  • changing the mode to “heating” (“maintaining the temperature”) for 10 minutes.
  • ready to lay down spread out in containers and close them.

Sterilization of cans and lids under the dish is carried out in the oven for a third of an hour at a temperature of 110-120 degrees Celsius.

With rice

Lecho with rice is a good side dish, which is just heated in a griddle for lunch or dinner. For its preparation you will need: 3 kg of tomatoes, 1 kg of Bulgarian sweet pepper, 1 kg of carrots, a glass of rice, two tablespoons of salt, 0.15 kg of sugar, 0.3 l of oil, 50 ml of 9% vinegar.

Preparation consists in:

  • grind tomatoes, put them in a large saucepan;
  • using a medium grater, chop the carrots, chop the sweet pepper, chop the onion finely and add the vegetables to the tomatoes;
  • turn on a small fire, boil it for 20 minutes after boiling the mixture;
  • after you need to put the grits, spices and oil to the mixture, simmer for half an hour until rice is ready;
  • add vinegar to the lecho and leave on the fire for 5 minutes;
  • as soon as the dish was removed from the fire, it is necessary to expand it into pre-prepared containers.

Meat patties and sausages can be served as a second course along with lecho.

Without sterilization

Sterilization of jars under the lecho is a procedure that many hostesses would gladly refuse. This recipe will help to avoid it. It needs: 3 kg of tomatoes, 1.5 kg of carrots, 1 kg of onion, 3 kg of sweet pepper, 250 ml of oil, five tablespoons of salt, 100 g of granulated sugar, 6 black peppercorns, 0.1 l 9- percentage vinegar.


  • put carrots in a medium grater, finely chopped bell pepper and onion in a pan;
  • the next step is adding oil, stewing vegetables is required within a quarter of an hour;
  • process tomatoes using a meat grinder; put in a saucepan, add spices;
  • after boiling the mixture, boil it for 10 minutes;
  • further, it is necessary to pour vinegar and leave lecho on the fire for 5-7 minutes;
  • It is recommended to immediately pour lecho on the banks.

Such a cooking option will be well kept without sterilization.

Lecho cooking tips

Observing the secrets of cooking dishes will help get a tasty dish.

  1. Tomatoes for lecho should be ripe, elastic. Do not use spoiled vegetables.
  2. All varieties of sweet peppers are suitable, but it is preferable to use red.
  3. It is important to ensure that the pepper is not digested during cooking.
  4. Before grinding the tomatoes, it is desirable to clear them from the skins.
  5. When using dried herbs and spices to comply with the measure. After adding them to the mixture, you need to try.
  6. Add dried herbs at the beginning of cooking, fresh - at the end.
  7. To extend the shelf life, add dried herbs to the recipe.
  8. It is better to keep jars with lecho in a cool room hidden from the sun.
  9. Immediately after the containers are blocked, it is recommended to turn the jars upside down and wrap them in a warm towel. This will help cool the workpiece evenly. It is advisable to leave the container in this form at night.

For the recipe can be used any vegetables and spices that loves the hostess. Do not be afraid to experiment. Lecho can cook even a beginner.

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tasty lechotasty lecho

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