Easy way to get rid of grass in the garden paths for a long time.

Vacation outside the city is a stay on your personal island of man-made nature. Overgrown stone paths can spoil the look of the garden. In the summer, they lose their beauty because weeds begin to climb on them. The owners of country houses are concerned about combating unauthorized vegetation. Not only the daily tedious weeding by hand can give the result - there are quick tactics for removing uninvited guests.

The emergence of weeds

If you have ever observed the process of paving garden paths on a plot, then you notice that there are seams between the tiles. They are usually covered with sand. And there, where at least one grain of sand has hit, the soil for weeds appears. Weed grass has a great vitality. Wildlife seeks to sow life everywhere, so not carrots, but unpretentious green grass grows where nothing would seem to grow.

It is important to know!

There are several insurmountable natural factors in the appearance of weeds on paths and paving. First, it is the wind, the main peddler of all small seeds. Secondly, bird droppings with undigested seeds of wild plants. Footwear owners of the site will be the same carrier. It’s pointless to struggle with these reasons, but they need to be understood.

The more darkened the place, the more conditions for comfortable growth of grass and weeds. Of course, if the pavement is under the scorching sun, the risk of the appearance of life is reduced. But when there is shade, a favorable environment for weeds is created. This violates all the harmony and perfection of the pavement pattern in the garden. It becomes inconvenient to move along such paths, and sometimes it is dangerous.

The main methods of weed control:

  • mechanical;
  • chemical;
  • originally unconventional.

Solution to the problem

There are many ideas that a villager can use to keep garden paths clean and tidy. Following the basic, easy rules of care, the summer resident will enjoy every day immaculate paving. Original ways have been developed to defeat the grass in tracks at once, but it will have to work hard. If you don’t limit yourself to just one, the effect will appear much brighter.


Weeding weeds as they appear. This method is used by everyone, because there is nothing easier. It has a lot of indisputable advantages, for example, if you tear out the grass before new seeds ripen on it, the chance for new growth decreases to almost zero. However, if the weeds have a developed root system, it is difficult to select all the underground parts of the plant from the soil. But even if you pull it out many times, it will gradually drain vital resources. Of course, this method of struggle implies constancy and diligence, but some prefer to do just that, especially if the section of tile or paths is not very large.


When weeds become very much, it is difficult to fight with “bare hands”. Roundup is a popularly proven chemical that acts extremely aggressively on plants. It can be purchased in specialized stores.It is poisonous, therefore, processing tiles, be sure to use protective equipment. Kills on the spot all the "living creatures", because of this, it is not suitable for those who have bushes or other plants near the paths.

Among the methods of struggle are less toxic, for example, bleach. In early spring, when the grass had not yet come out, the seams were shed with a mixture of chlorine and salt. Most likely, after this, not a single seed can germinate in the soil treated in this way. Herbicides are also referred to this group; every second summer resident knows about them, who at least once thought about reducing the weed population on his plot.


If salt is sprinkled all over the pavement, the possibility of weeds appearing in its joints becomes small. Salt gradually penetrates the sand, impregnating it, and does not give rise to a fertile environment for a long time. Another productive way to get rid of grass for good is to add cement to the sand. This can be done after the track is paved. It is necessary to make a mixture of cement and sand in the ratio of one to six, then shed seams between the tiles with this mass.

It has long been invented easy ways to get rid of weeds on the garden paths. A spoiled form of paving covered with moss or windweed will be a thing of the past. Already from early spring it is worth thinking about the problem of excess grass. It is always more effective to attack the enemy in advance, to complicate the conditions for his appearance, or to completely eliminate such a probability. In a situation where an uninvited green guest is already on the track, be sure to use quick and effective solutions.

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  1. Vladimir

    An article from the category of "zamanuh" the entire working field is a solid "advertisement of trash." But in fact: the advice is mostly not working, but with salt and bleach - just bad. I apply herbicides on my site for rest (patio), and quickly and safely decompose into gas and water. There is no grass for 5 years now. Good luck to everyone in the season, turn on the brain sometimes.

  2. Stanislav

    Vladimir, what specific herbicides used?


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