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Selection of standard varieties of tomatoes for 2019

Standard Grades

Pick up a stable and unpretentious variety of tomatoes for open ground will not be difficult if you study the selection of the best selections for 2019. In the new planting season, as always, standard tomato varieties will be popular. They not only attract with their performance, but also surprise gardeners with the shape of fruits, colors, easy to maintain.

Standard tomatoes

The stem variety is a tomato, which, when it reaches a certain height, laid down at the genetic level, stops the growth. Vegetable gardeners of such tomatoes are also called undersized. Up to 6 brushes form on one bush (5-8 fruits are fastened on one). Outwardly, they resemble small trees. Determinant tomatoes for open ground can be grown not only in the garden, but also in the greenhouse and balcony.

Common features of stunted crops

All standard cultures have common characteristics:

  1. The height of the bushes. Tomatoes are formed not high from 30 centimeters to 100-120 centimeters. Therefore, they do not need to pinch, so that the plant does not give strength to the green mass, and formed the fruit.
  2. The root system is branched, but not large, which makes it possible to place the culture close enough to each other.
  3. Unpretentiousness. Low-growing tomatoes for open ground do not require constant care, as indeterminant varieties require. It is not necessary to graze, pinch, tie them up, which is a big plus.
  4. Breeders laid a high yield of standard tomatoes. Small and neat bushes are completely covered with fruits. Sometimes, gardeners have to do props so that tomatoes do not fall to the ground.
  5. Fruits ripen at the same time. After harvesting the first crop, the cultures again begin to form the ovary. If the plants were planted early, then until the fall, you can collect several harvests.

Interesting fact!

Tomato fruits are considered berries, despite the fact that they grow on vegetables.

Advantages and disadvantages

Regardless of the culture, there are always advantages and disadvantages that make the plant attractive or repulsive. Standard tomatoes are no exception.

Benefits disadvantages

Lack of excessive formation of stepsons

In comparison with tall tomatoes, yields inferior

Thick stem that can withstand heavy loads. Tying in a pole is extremely rare

Fruits rot, due to their close proximity to the soil.

The fruits ripen amicably

Most varieties are not large-fruited. Used for conservation. For the preparation of salads are not always suitable

The rapid development of seedlings

Despite high cold resistance, require hardening before planting

Top 7 best standard tomatoes in 2019

Breeders managed to derive about 100 determinant varieties of tomatoes. For planting in Russia on open ground, only a few dozen are considered the best. They are characterized by high yield, increased resistance to adverse conditions, low degree of damage to fungal diseases and pests.


The variety ripens quickly, from the inputs of the sprouts to the ripening of the fruits it takes 90-95 days. The bushes are low (40-50 centimeters), the stems are powerful, spreading, but neatly arranged. Potato type foliage, medium size, color dark green. Tomatoes are formed in a rounded flat shape. On the bush tied by 4 brushes. The weight of one fruit on average 60-90 grams. Ripe tomatoes become saturated red, the surface of the skin is glossy and shiny. It is recommended for the fresh use.


The tomato is recommended for cultivation on an open ground. The ripening period is medium early, 82-120 days from germination. Fruiting long. Bushes grow upright, not razlahee, height does not exceed 45 centimeters. The leaves are weak, the leaf plates are of medium size, their surface is glossy. Productivity is high even in rainy periods. Fruits are tied by clusters of grape clusters. The yield per square meter reaches 4-8 pounds. The shape of the fruit is oval-elongated, the color is mottled red. The mass of one tomato is small, only 25-55 grams. Used for canning.


Early ripe tomato with fruits not exceeding a weight of 30 grams. On one brush 6-7 round tomatoes are tied. Ripe tomatoes become bright red. The skin is shiny and glossy, with a slight ribbing throughout the surface. The height of the bushes reaches 25-30 centimeters. The leaves are not large. The yield per square meter of plantings is 3-4 kilograms.


Determinant cultures can be planted at a distance of 35-40 centimeters from each other.

Pink leader

Ripening tomato, ripening time 85-90 days after germination of sprouts. On one brush 4-5 tomatoes are formed. The height of the bushes does not exceed 55 centimeters. Stem is powerful, lined with medium, leafy plates are voluminous. Ripe fruits become saturated red with a pinkish tinge. The mass of one tomato reaches 150-170 grams. The shape is rounded with a slight flatness at the base. With one square meter yield on average reaches 10-12 pounds.

Florida Petit

Resistant to diseases and pests undersized variety of tomato. Quickly adapts to sudden changes in weather conditions. The height of the stem does not exceed 40 centimeters. Bushes are compact, not razlohe, but are densely foliated. The period of ripening of fruits from germination is 80-95 days. The fruits are small, the mass of one 25-30 grams. On one brush 6-10 tomatoes are formed on average. The skin is painted bright red, the surface is smooth and shiny. Suitable for salads, canning. The yield from the bush reaches 0.5-0.6 kilograms.


Early ripe tomato, from germination to full maturity 95-100 days. The growth of the stem is limited, the height does not exceed 150 centimeters. The leafiness is average. Fruiting long. The yield per square meter of plantings is 10-11 kilograms. Shows high resistance to both cold and dry weather. Breeders managed to instill a variety of immunity to viral and fungal diseases. Fruits grow plum-shaped, painted red, the mass of one reaches 80-200 grams. It lies not long after harvesting from the bed, it is not recommended to be transported over long distances.


A late-ripening hybrid tomato, 120-130 days from germination. Shrubs grow to 120 centimeters. Lined densely, leaf plates are wide. Fruits are rounded with a slight flatness. The surface of the tomatoes is ribbed, glossy, the color is bright red. The average weight of one tomato is 100-200 grams.The yield per square meter is 4-8 kilograms. It is resistant to fusarium and verticillosis.

A selection of the best determinantal varieties of tomatoes compiled on the basis of feedback gardeners. It presents, as large-fruited tomatoes, and small-fruited.

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