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Tomato "Strawberry tree": a non-standard look and wonderful taste

In a friendly tomato family relatively recently, in 2013, a new variety of Strawberry Tree appeared. Breeders in Siberia brought this delicacy. In 2013, the variety passed certification and took a worthy place in the tomato market.

Tomato Strawberry tree was proposed by the Siberian Garden agricultural firm, for a relatively short period of time (from 2013 to this day) has become very popular, judging by the reviews of those who have already planted it. The tree turned out impressive, the fruits are very similar to large strawberries. The hybrid successfully grows and bears fruit now on many dacha and not only plots.

Characteristic and description

This new tomato has excellent data, is interesting for its non-standard look and attracts with wonderful taste.

  • medium late, indeterminate variety;
  • its height is up to 2 m;
  • trunk thick, durable;
  • fruits ripen on 110-112 day after planting;
  • be sure to tie up and pinch;
  • bush strongly leafy, srednevetvisty;
  • leaves are dark green, smooth, large, typical for tomatoes;
  • needs shaping
  • bush almost hung with brushes with strawberry tomatoes;
  • cold-resistant variety;
  • growing steadily in the Urals and the Far East, in Siberia, in central Russia;
  • resistant to adverse weather conditions, well suited for areas of high risk farming;
  • grows in the south in the open field, does not lose its remarkable qualities;
  • grows successfully on any soil, even barren;
  • feels better in greenhouses;
  • on one bush 5-7 brushes successfully fruit;
  • on each brush matures up to 7 tomatoes;
  • Yield is high - on average it is possible to collect 5 kg of a tomato from 1 bush;
  • average fruit weight is 200-250 g;
  • fruits are bright red;
  • the shape of the fruit is very similar to strawberry;
  • the taste is unusual, but pleasant, sweet, with a slight sourness;
  • fruits contain lycopene (antioxidant) and serotonin;
  • the pulp is fleshy, dense, juicy.

Appointment: for the fresh use, for conservation, technical processing (juice, pastes, drying), in salting.

To prevent the emergence of soil pests in closed and open ground, between mustards and along the perimeter of planting tomatoes, mustard, undersized marigolds, and calendula can be planted, which will save the plants from pests.

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Disease and Pest Resistance

In general, the tomato The strawberry tree confirms its characteristic and description of the variety: it is very resistant to various diseases of tomatoes, in particular, it does not suffer from verticelle wilting and tobacco mosaic virus at all.

However, he happens to be sick with brown spot. In greenhouses, due to excessive moisture, it may suffer from Alternaria (dry spot), as well as be affected by blight (due to excessive moisture). Therefore, it is very important to monitor the microclimate in the greenhouse, observe the temperature, maintain the required level of humidity, prevent excessive soil moisture, regularly air the room in suitable weather, do not plant tomatoes in the same place for several years in a row - you must follow the rules of crop rotation.

If there is not enough light in the greenhouse, the plants should be lighted up with special fitolamps.

Spraying the bushes with garlic solution can also help with brown spot.

If the plant is sick with brown spot, you can not be afraid that it will amaze phytophthora - they do not coexist together.

For the prevention of fungal diseases tomato Strawberry tree should be sprayed with fungicides, which include copper, four times per season. The fourth time spraying should be carried out no later than 20 days before the harvest.

Typical pests affecting tomatoes in protected areas are the greenhouse whitefly and the spider mite.

Whitefly larvae cause damage to plants. Because it is important to periodically wash with soapy water. It is useful to hang special adhesive tapes in the greenhouse. You can spray bushes infusions of dandelion or garlic. Of the chemical preparations, the spraying of the plants by Iskra or the Commander gives a good effect.

In the fight against spider mites, “Karbofos” or “Forbitsid” help, spraying with herbal infusions. For infusions, you can use potato tops, chamomile, dope, onion, garlic, henbane, yarrow, horse sorrel.

To prevent the appearance of infections and pests in the greenhouses, it should be treated in the late autumn and before planting seedlings into it by special means, for example, use sulfur bombs. Greenhouses should be thoroughly cleaned after removing plant residues from it, changing the soil every three to four years, and carefully following the rules for using greenhouses.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Like other tomato varieties, the tomato Strawberry tree has its advantages and disadvantages, which can be seen by looking at the photo of the plant and reading its description.


  • high yield: from one bush you can get 5-6 kg of excellent tomatoes;
  • strong immunity;
  • high resistance to most diseases of tomatoes, especially to the tobacco mosaic virus and vertselleznuyu wilt;
  • almost unaffected by pests;
  • unpretentious, little picky about care;
  • can grow and bear fruit on any soil, even infertile, which is useful to fertilize for better yield;
  • long period of fruiting;
  • resistance to adverse climatic factors;
  • excellent transportability;
  • perfectly dozaryvaetsya indoors;
  • good keeping quality

Deficiencies almost not identified. The only thing that can create certain troubles is the obligatory tying of bushes and the need to ensure timely watering, because the tomato Strawberry tree does not tolerate drought.

It should be noted that this variety was created not only as the majority of tomatoes - for the harvest, but also as an ornamental plant. Tomato Strawberry tree has a very aesthetic appearance, is able to decorate any greenhouse or greenhouse.

Features of growing varieties

Strawberry tree can be grown seedlings, you can sow the seeds immediately into the ground.

  • seed sowing seedlings in mid-February;
To get strong seedlings, improve their immunity, the seeds must first be processed in potassium permanganate, hydrogen peroxide and other means for disinfecting seeds and their nutrition.
  • on 1 square. m should be planted two or three plants;
  • Tomato bush should be formed in 1 stem;
  • Watering should be timely, however, excessive waterlogging should be avoided;
  • observe temperature conditions;
  • provide the necessary level of lighting;
  • pasynkovanie;
  • it is better to feed with mineral complex fertilizers, however in this case it is better to underfeed than overfeed: exceeding the norms of fertilizers will lead to yield loss, since the plant will begin to grow green mass instead of fruit;
  • obligatory loosening and timely removal of weeds;
  • preventive measures to prevent the occurrence of pests and diseases.
Hybrid tomato seeds Strawberry tree should be purchased from reliable companies.The collected seeds from the fruits obtained may be disappointing: they will not grow a Strawberry tree, it can be completely incomprehensible to grow.

With the most necessary growing conditions, you can get a very good, stable crop of your favorite tomatoes.

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Since the tomato Strawberry tree is still quite new, not widely distributed, there are not so many reviews about it. However, there are quite impressive photos confirming the high yield of this variety. This tomato deserves to grow it on its plot - it will decorate with itself both an open garden bed and a greenhouse or greenhouse.

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  1. Hope

    Tomato "Strawberry Tree" was grown in a polycarbonate greenhouse in the summer of 2018. Tomato bush looked very decorative. This is a very powerful plant with strong leaves. (this is despite the fact that the seedlings seem hilinkoy). Brush with tomatoes seemed to cling to the trunk. The tomatoes themselves are evenly calibrated as in the picture. But, there is a minus for me personally - a very tough skin! In the bank - probably fit
    but on summer salad - there are better varieties. Conclusion: tomato for pickling.


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