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Why are tomato seedlings covered in yellow spots?

yellow spots

Spots on the leaves of tomatoes - a very common phenomenon. Do not ignore their education.

Depending on the appearance of spotting determine the problem and methods of struggle. This may be a banal violation of the rules of agricultural engineering, and may be a serious disease that can lead to the death of all plantings.

Causes of

The appearance of yellow spots on the seedlings clearly indicates that the plant has a stressful situation. Various reasons can cause it. Yellow spot can cause a violation of the rules of agricultural engineering or various diseases, namely:

  • lack of certain trace elements;
  • sunburn;
  • high humidity;
  • cladosporia (brown spot);
  • viral mosaic and so on.
On a note!

If the plant is not affected by any disease, just experiencing stress, then you can help him if treated with the preparation "Riverm".

Solving problems with yellowed leaves

Before how to start to deal with the problem and save seedlingsshould clearly understand the reason. For each disease is characterized by its own individual signs by which you can clearly understand the problem.

Not enough food

Very often, discoloration of the leaves depends on the lack of certain trace elements.

  1. With a lack of copper, but an excess of organic substances, the surface of the leaves becomes specks of pale green or yellowish color.
  2. With a lack of manganese, the lower tier turns yellow, and the new one grows into a speck.
  3. Lack of iron provokes yellowing and falling leaves.
  4. With a lack of nitrogen, blotches of light green or yellow appear.
  5. With a lack of magnesium pigmentation is not only yellow, but brown or dark red.

It is very easy to correct this problem of micronutrient deficiencies - it is enough to start regularly to apply fertilizers, which are composed of the missing microelements.

Burn in direct sunlight

Leaves may be affected by improper lighting. Spots of white or light yellow color can appear from both excess direct sunlight and its lack.

With a sunburn, the density of the spots can be completely different: from small specks to large spots that cover the entire surface.

In these places the tissue dies completely, which is quite dangerous and can lead to death if the plant is not saved. For a quicker recovery, you can use the Epin solution, which is sprayed on the plants after removal of the affected areas. Tomatoes will develop more slowly, but still get the desired yield. The only consequence, he can mature a little later than the calculated period.

On a note!

Most often spots are formed in those places where water gets during watering. Her drops become peculiar lenses. Therefore, watering seedlings, make sure that the water does not fall on the vegetative part of the plant, but only absorbed into the ground.

To avoid sunburn, you should follow the simple rules of care.

  1. Tomato seedlings need to be grown in the brightest place in the house, and after transfer to the greenhouse, young bushes cover from direct sunlight.
  2. Watering of tomatoes should be in the evening or in the morning when there is no scorching sun.
  3. Watering is carried out strictly under the root.

Such simple activities will help avoid the death of plants from direct sunlight.

High humidity

If there is high humidity indoors, it is not regularly ventilated, watering is carried out too often, then yellow spots will start to appear on the leaves. In such conditions, fungal diseases begin to develop.

To correct the situation, it is enough to normalize the irrigation schedule. Tomatoes need regular abundant, but rare watering. It is enough to water the culture 2 times a week.

Brown spot

This is a fungal disease.which first strikes the lower tier of leaves, and then moves up the bush. First, small yellow blotches appear, which gradually grow and merge. Fruits of adult plants do not suffer. If you do not take action, then gradually all the leaves will turn brown, dry and fall off.

It is necessary to take measures at emergence of spots on the lower leaves. They are removed and the plant should be treated with a biological fungicide. The rules and the number of procedures are always indicated in the instructions of the preparation.

To reduce the rate of development of the fungus can be adjustable humidity. When the humidity is less than 70%, the development of the pores of the fungus is suspended. Similar actions are carried out for the treatment of any fungal diseases.

Virus mosaic

The first signs of the disease the leaves are uneven in color, yellowish spots and blotches appear on them. Also the leaves are curled down. The affected plant can no longer be saved, it is destroyed so that the virus does not switch to other plants.

As an effective prevention, it is necessary to carry out the disinfection of seeds by soaking them in a solution of potassium permanganate. The most common cause of this disease is the seeds that were originally infected.

The main thing for a gardener, if yellow blotches or spots appear on the leaves of tomatoes, is to correctly identify the cause and take the necessary measures. The sooner treatment is started, the higher the likelihood that the future crop will hardly suffer.

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