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Lunar calendar for November 2018: gardener and gardener

Moon calendar

November is the last autumn month and the last month when we still have the opportunity to prepare our summer cottage for the winter. Although in previous months we have done a lot of work on harvesting and preparing the territory, we won't have to sit back.

What work is carried out in November at the dacha?

Even at the end of autumn, the amount of work on the site is considerable, so we will examine in detail all the duties in the garden, garden and flower garden in particular.

Works in the garden

At the very end of autumn, the following works in the garden await us:

  • The first thing that needs to be done is to loosen the soil near the trees after the last watering and cover it with, for example, compost. This will allow the plants to take root a little better and increase yield;
  • You also need to take care of young ornamental trees. Their trunks should be tied with spandbond material. This will protect immature plants from frost and rodents;
  • further, it will be necessary to prune fruit trees and large berry bushes;
  • the plot should already be cleaned from fallen fruit and foliage. But if for some reason they didn’t clean up earlier, now is the time;
  • Digging land near trees and shrubs carried out in October. If the procedure was not performed, then it must be done in November;
  • November - the last month when you can do preventive whitewashing trunks;
  • Now is the perfect time to do the mulching of strawberry bushes. Without this event, the culture will die with a drop in temperature;
  • The final stage of work in the garden will be the organization of storage of apples and pears. It is imperative to ventilate the storage facilities in order to preserve the harvest.
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Pay special attention to young trees in the first year after planting. Literate activities determine the development of culture in the coming years.

Works in November in the garden

We advise you not to delay the work in the garden, since November is an unpredictable month, which can bring both warm sunny days and frosts with snow:

  • if the weather permits, it is possible to plant winter varieties of garlic that were not planted in October. After the planting itself, it is necessary to loosen the soil and cover it with compost;
  • onions, on the contrary, should be planted on cold days when the soil has already cooled. Be sure to ensure that the ridges on which the landing is planned, did not heat up;
  • now is the time for sowing some root crops that are resistant to low temperatures - carrots, beets, parsley, parsnips;
  • Next, let's do perennials. In November, it is necessary to cut off the dead leaves and stems, loosen the soil and sprinkle it with wood ash;
  • if the previous month did not have time to remove the roots, there is a chance that it is still possible to save some of them. Carrots, cabbage and beets could save their fruits under the growing foliage;
  • Next, prepare the ground for the seedlings. Until the soil is frozen, we will make its reserves in separate bags. Stock up bags of compost. Everything prepared should be placed in a place where the material can freeze through in winter;
  • after we have carried out all the above measures, we can additionally dig up the soil on the site, additionally fertilizing it with organic substances. All vegetable waste should be placed in a compost pile.

Events in the flower garden in November 2018

Work in the flower garden, even in November, is enough with his head:

  • Rose bushes and clematis, which were cut earlier, must be covered with a thick layer of compost;
  • further, we wait for the onset of negative temperatures and cover the rose bushes with a film or non-woven material;
  • bulb flowers should also be covered. Make it a thin layer of foliage;
  • further, you can try to plant some varieties of flowers: chrysanthemum, calendula, cornflower, aster and other cold-resistant crops;
  • then you need to take care of coniferous plants. Fallen snow can damage the branches of the plant, so they should be tied with a string in a timely manner.

Pay special attention to the shelter of flower gardens. The onset of frost does not guarantee the loss of a large amount of snow, which could save the plants from negative temperatures.

Lunar calendar for the gardener for November 2018

Knowledge of the lunar calendar allows you to intelligently plan all activities in the garden. And it gives the opportunity to do it as efficiently as possible.

Below you can find the lunar calendar for November 2018, favorable and unrecommended days for carrying out certain procedures.

date Moon position Recommended work
1.11 Decreasing Moon Influenced by Virgo Auspicious day in order to engage in planting, feeding, pruning crops in the garden. The only jobs that are recommended to be avoided are activities affecting plant roots.
2.11 Decreasing Moon Influenced by Virgo Not the best time for any active manipulations. Therefore, it is best to engage in sowing or planting root crops. It is necessary to avoid watering crops.
3.11 The waning moon under the influence of the Virgin It is necessary to avoid active work. We are engaged in cleaning the territory and its preparation for the winter. Any manipulations related to root systems, as well as watering are strictly not recommended.
4.11 The waning moon under the influence of the sign of Libra Active activities at the dacha are not recommended. We are engaged in cleaning the territory, sowing and planting of root crops. It is better to refuse watering.
5.11 The waning moon under the influence of the sign of Libra It is necessary to abandon the work, which implies pruning, removal, weeding. It is best to engage in planting and feeding crops.
6.11 The waning moon under the influence of Libra You should not plan any serious affairs on a site. We are engaged in the removal of dry branches of trees and shrubs.
7.11 New moon The root system of cultures is very weak, so we try to avoid work associated with it. It's time to collect the seeds and the fresh crop of root vegetables.
8.11 Growing Moon under the influence of the sign of Scorpio The beginning of the lunar month brings with it the growth and development of plants. Therefore, allowed any activities at their summer cottage. Exception - pruning shrubs and trees.
9.11 Growing Moon under the influence of the sign Sagittarius Restrictions on the manipulation in the garden and the garden there. Recommended watering plants.
10.11 Growing Moon under the influence of the sign Sagittarius Auspicious day for planting and transplanting crops, weed control. Pruning is not recommended.
11.11 and 12.11 Growing Moon under the influence of the Capricorn sign With pruning trees and shrubs worth the wait. All other activities, by contrast, will be effective.
13.11 and 14.11 Growing Moon under the influence of Aries Let's do the sowing, cleaning the territory, watering plants. The only thing not recommended is pruning fruit trees and shrubs.
15.11 and 16.11 Growing Moon under the influence of the sign of Aries Active activities on the site should be postponed for another day.It is necessary to engage in watering, feeding plants and harvesting.
17.11, 18.11 and 19.11 Growing Moon under the influence of the sign of Aries Plants receive a powerful charge of energy, so let's take active measures - planting, weeding, feeding, preparing the soil for the winter and watering. Only pruning should be avoided.
20.11, 21.11 and 22.11 Growing Moon under the influence of the sign of Aries, Taurus and Gemini Favorable days are still preserved for almost all works in the garden. But, as before, pruning trees and shrubs is not recommended.
23.11 Full moon Calm day to work in the garden. Therefore, we will prepare the territory for the winter months.
24.11 Waning Moon Influenced by the Gemini Sign Auspicious harvesting day only.
25.11 The waning moon under the influence of cancer Excellent time to carry out activities related to the root system of plants.
26.11, 27.11 and 28.11 Waning Moon Influenced by the Sign of Cancer, Leo and Virgo We take care of the ground part of the plant and harvest.
29.11 and 30.11 The waning moon under the influence of the Virgin Favorable time for any leisurely activities on the site. You can do pruning, watering, cleaning the area.

Do not rely only on the lunar calendar. We also pay attention to the temperature with precipitation. And remember that the harvest of the remaining crop - the primary task.

Preventive measures to protect the site from pests, diseases and frost

The final step in preparing the site for the next season are preventive measures against pests, diseases and destructive frosts:

  • First of all, the prevention of diseases and the appearance of pests implies the treatment of plants with various chemicals. For example, Bordeaux liquid, urea or manganese solution;
  • the second stage is whitening tree trunks. Allows to protect a plant from sunshine and sharp differences of temperatures;
  • the third stage is the digging of the soil. During this event, we remove all weeds and larvae of harmful insects.

Compliance with the above measures will necessarily provide a rich harvest and strong plants in the new season. Good gardening!

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