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Landing lunar calendar for October 2018

garden work in october

With the arrival of these autumn days, the air temperature is constantly decreasing. Even more often at night there are frosts, however in the afternoon the sun gives out still heat. The lunar calendar of the gardener for the second autumn month is a good hint to organize the timing of work on the sites. Choosing favorable days, you can hold all the events with maximum benefit.

Ongoing work in October

work in October in the garden

In the autumn the summer season is nearing its end. In October, it is important not only to have time to harvest the crop remaining in the beds, but also to prepare plots for the next season, lay the fruit in storage, organize work in the garden and flower gardens. And also worry about indoor plants.

On a note!

In October, on the vacated beds you can lay out a pile of straw, under which pests will crawl overnight. After the bait-straw will lie on the site for several days, burn the trap along with pests.

In the garden

On the territory of the garden in the second autumn month a number of important activities should be performed:

  • to conduct sanitary pruning of fruit trees, to form the crown of shrubs. The cut sites should be treated with special tools for treating log cabins or with a mixture of ordinary clay and cow manure;
  • harvest late ripening varieties of apples, pears, quinces and plums. Prepare fruit for long-term storage;
  • to whitewash the trunks with quicklime solution with the addition of chitosan-based growth regulators and any biological antiseptic. The preparations in the complex will have a bactericidal effect, will protect the trunk and lower branches from pathogens and viruses;
  • in early October to start planting seedlings of fruit trees and shrubs, for which it is necessary to prepare planting holes in advance;
  • trees, from which the leaves have completely flown around, provide irrigation water to prepare the plants for a long winter period and a successful wintering season;
  • at the end of the month, warm the soil over the underground part of the trees with rotted cow dung or straw.


On a note!

In order to protect young trees in the winter time from the invasion of hares, in October, the trunks can be wrapped with a metal mesh-rabbit with the smallest cells.

Thanks to the recommendations of the season, it will be much easier for summer resident to carry out work in the garden and not to miss the stage of preparing trees and shrubs for winter.

Number Phase The position of the night lights in the signs of the zodiac Events held


Decreasing In twins Harvest late ripening varieties of apples, quince. Do not recommend watering the berries and fruit trees.
2, 3 Decreasing In cancer Removing root raspberry shoots, applying organic fertilizer to the root zone of trees.

4, 5

Decreasing In lion Sanitary pruning crowns of trees, collecting the last wave of remontant raspberries.
6, 7 Decreasing In maiden Preparation and laying of the harvest of fruit for storage.
8 Decreasing In scales Cleaning the garden of weeds. Planting conifers.

New moon

In scales

Digging the soil under the trees. Do not recommend planting, fertilizing.

10, 11, 12 Growing In scorpion Cutting and vegetative reproduction of fruit trees and berry bushes. Do not recommend planting seedlings.
13, 14 Growing In Sagittarius Planting fruit stone trees: plum, peach, apricot.
15, 16 Growing In ibex Preparation of landing holes. Phosphorus-potassium fertilizers introduced into the soil under trees.
17, 18, 19 Growing In aquarius Spraying trees and shrubs with insecticides.
20, 21 Growing In fish Warming of the soil over the underground part of trees and berry bushes.
22, 23 Growing In a ram Whitewashing tree trunks, spraying the garden with biofungicides.
24 Complete In the body Work is not carried out.
25 Decreasing In the body Cleaning of fallen leaves and plant residues. Do not recommend laying the fruit harvest for long storage.
26, 27, 28 Decreasing In twins Soil mulching in tree trunks circles, removal of blackberry sprouts, raspberries.
29, 30 Decreasing In cancer Collect late varieties of plums and drying fruit, planting berry seedlings.


Decreasing In lion Whitewashing trees with lime with the addition of antiseptic, warming trunks.
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In the garden

Works in the garden in October

Since the very beginning of autumn, there is much more work and care in the garden plots than in the garden. It is necessary to harvest the rest of the crop, clean the areas of weeds, prepare them for the next season.

  • clearing the beds of weeds, get rid of dried cultivated plants;
  • sprinkled manure and wood ash onto the vacated areas;
  • sanitize future beds with diluted copper sulphate or potassium permanganate;
  • sow the treated areas with plants that improve the soil structure and enrich the plants with nitrogen: mustard, oats, phacelia, sweet peas;
  • starting on October 10, plant a chernushka onion, pudzimny sevok, a batun on a feather, as well as garlic;
  • dig up leeks, mint, rosemary, coriander, and basil before growing in the winter;
  • to make mineral fertilizers and dig up the beds under the winter crops of vegetables: beets, root parsley, carrots;
  • harvest late-ripened white cabbage and red cabbage, carrots, potatoes of the second planting turn;
  • to fight with slugs and snails, which in cold nights will crawl under the plant residues on the plots;
  • before the onset of sustained frost, sow underwinter varieties of onions, beets, dill. After embedding the seeds in the ground, the areas will be mulched with a layer of straw, hay or corn stalks.



When choosing a bed for sowing in early spring of radish or carrots, you should choose a plot that after the convergence of the snow will not heat up and will quickly dry out.

Every day the moon carries its energy, affecting the conduct of agricultural work in the garden.

Number Phase In which sign Events held
1 Decreasing In twins The introduction of mineral fertilizers in the beds under the subwinter crops.
2 Decreasing In cancer Sowing under the winter: spinach, carrots, onions, sideratov.
4 Decreasing In lion Harvesting late maturing varieties of potatoes. Digging and fertilizing is not recommended.
6 Decreasing In maiden Loosening the soil, preparing areas for planting garlic.
8 Decreasing In scales Cleansing areas of weeds and crop residues.
9 New moon In scales Work is not carried out.
10 Adding In scorpion Treatment of the treated areas with copper-containing preparations.
13 Adding In Sagittarius Harvesting white and red cabbage.
15 Adding In ibex Planting garlic, onion seedlings.
17 Adding In aquarius Disinfection of storage facilities and cellars. Do not recommend planting vegetable seeds.
20 Adding In fish Sowing podzimnyh varieties of beets and carrots. Drying mushrooms.
22 Adding In a ram Digging shallot onions and batun for growing indoors in the winter.
24 Complete In the body Work is not carried out.
25 Decreasing In the body The introduction of mineral and organic fertilizers into the soil, followed by digging.
26 Decreasing In twins Preparation of beds and planting garlic. Digging carrots.
29 Decreasing In cancer Drying greens and herbs.
31 Decreasing In lion Sowing seeds of wintery sideratov: colza, phacelia.

In the flower garden

Works in the flower garden in October

All plants in the flower garden in the second autumn month should also be prepared for the long winter period:

  • after night temperatures fall below -2 degrees in October, dig and trim: gladioli, Cape hyacinths, cannes, fragrant gladioli, tuberous begonias, alstroemeria. Sort dug plants, cut frostbitten tops, clean in a dry room to dry;
  • prepare rose bushes for winter: cut off all the buds, dig around. To bend the most sensitive varieties to the ground, fix with wire, cover with agrofibre;
  • trim the apical parts of perennials. Plants that are not frost resistant cover with spruce, reeds, corn stalks or sorghum.
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With potted flowers

From the second half of October, the heating season begins in almost all regions. Therefore, when taking care of indoor plants, add humidification from a sprayer, both the vegetative part and air, to ordinary watering. Works in October with indoor plants:

  • introducing into the room of flowers brought to the street or balcony;
  • two to three times reduction in irrigation, reduction of additional nutrition;
  • providing plants with additional lighting;
  • increase in air humidity;
  • parasite insect treatments with insecticides approved for use indoors;
  • preparation of bulbous flowering plants in winter for distillation.


In October, brought from the street into the room cacti, reduce watering to once every one and a half to two months.

In October, the flowering of perennial asters is still pleasing to the eye, and the green kohia in summer attracts the eye with its bardic coloring. The lunar calendar for the second autumn month will help to perform important activities in the flower garden, to choose the best period for caring for plants. The influence of the queen of the night on indoor and garden flowers depends on the phase in which it is located.

Number Phase The position of the night lights in the signs of the zodiac Events held
1 Decreasing In twins Preparations for the removal of hippeastrum.
2 Decreasing


In cancer


Watering indoor flowers. Sowing seeds of biennial flowers: viola, daisies, bluebells.


4 Decreasing


In lion


Planting large spring flowering bulbs: narcissus, hyacinth, Darwin tulips.


6 Decreasing In maiden Top dressing of potted fertilizers containing potassium.



In scales


Prophylactic treatment of indoor plants with biological fungicides.

9 New moon In scales Work is not carried out.
10 Adding



In scorpion



Warming window sills for growing thermophilic Saintpaulia.



13 Adding


In Sagittarius


Pruning faded perennials.


15 Adding


In ibex


Digging of gladioli, cape hyacinths, cannes, fragrant gladioli, tuberous begonias, alstroemerias.


17 Adding



In aquarius



Preventive spraying of flowers from diseases and pests. Do not recommend planting and transplanting plants.



20 Added


In fish


Planting of small-bulbous early flowering: Pushkin, hionodoks, iridodictums, crocuses, botanical tulips.


22 Adding


In a ram


Sprinkling of indoor plants.


24 Complete In the body Work is not carried out.
25 Decreasing In the body Pruning overgrown potted flowers. Sowing seeds of perennials that need stratification.
26 Decreasing



In twins



Preparing for wintering rose bushes.



29 Decreasing


In cancer


Shelter is not frost-resistant perennial flowers.


31 Decreasing In lion Top dressing of indoor winter-flowering plants.


Favorable and unfavorable days

works with flowers in october

Thanks to the recommendations of the calendar favorable days of work, everyone can choose the optimal time for important matters.

Successful ones: 2, 3, 4, 5, 14, 20, 21, 25, 26.30.

Unsuccessful: 9, 17, 18, 19, 24.

The lunar calendar of events at the sites for the second autumn month of 2018 will help to evenly distribute the work for 31 days. Following his recommendations, you can prepare the plants for wintering in a timely manner.


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garden work in octobergarden work in october

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