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Marinated tomatoes with marigolds, delicious recipe for winter

Tomatoes with marigolds

We present to your attention the next recipe for delicious pickling tomatoes for the winter. This time we put in a 1-liter jar with a marigold flower. This wonderful flower has such a pleasant and strong aroma that we do not need any more spices. These tomatoes come out unusual, with an original taste.

Appetizers can be justly considered festive, because the guests will disassemble these fragrant spicy tomatoes in a matter of minutes. Try to prepare tomatoes with marigolds, and you will surely be satisfied. The cooking process does not take you too much time, resources and effort.

Ingredients (per 1 liter can):

  • tomatoes - how much will fit in a liter jar;
  • marigold flower - 1 pc .;
  • sugar - 1,5st.l.
  • vinegar - 1st. l .;
  • salt - 1st.l.

marinating ingredients

How to cook tomatoes with marigolds for the winter

We wash the jar well, clean the contamination with baking soda. Sterilization is not necessary, because we will pasteurize the vegetables themselves in cans. Boil the lid five minutes to disinfect. The selected tomatoes as a whole is laid in a jar.

In order for the vegetables to retain their shape and better marinated, you can make punctures with a toothpick on each fruit. Flower velvet my and also put in a jar. Such a flower can be picked in almost any flowerbed in summer or early autumn.

we put tomatoes and marigolds in a jar

In the bank pour 1.5 st.l. sugar and a tablespoon of vinegar and salt.

falling asleep sugar and salt

Now fill the vegetables with clean cool water.

pour water

Take a suitable saucepan and cover it with a waffle towel or cloth napkin. Inside we put our billet and pour water into the pot to the level of the bending jar. When the water boils, we count 10 minutes and sterilize the jar in this way.

we will sterilize preparations

Then we can spin our bank. For better tightness leave the workpiece upside down. When the tomatoes cool, hide the jar in the basement or a dark pantry.

Tomatoes with marigolds are ready for winter.

tomatoes for the winter jar of tomato with flowers

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Tomatoes with marigoldsTomatoes with marigolds

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