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Honey tomatoes for the winter - the recipe bomb

Tomatoes with honey for the winter, the recipe from the photo fingers you will lick

The number of different recipes for pickles and pickles from tomatoes is impressive. There are some proven ones that you make from year to year, and there are new ones that you should definitely try to do. Tomatoes with honey for the winter are very tasty. I offer a recipe with a photo, thanks to which you will cook vegetables so that you will lick your fingers. They are suitable for any occasion: for a simple dinner, holiday feast or fasting. Honey tomatoes are also beautiful because they remain whole.


  • tomatoes - 1000 g,
  • dill - 2 sprigs,
  • hot pepper - 4 small pieces,
  • garlic - 4 slices,
  • honey - 6 tbsp.,
  • salt kitchen - 2 tsp
  • Table vinegar - 2 tbsp.,
  • water - by eye to fill a jar.

The list of components is designed for two jars of 1 l.


How to cook honey tomatoes for the winter

Tomatoes are washable. It is better to take the fruit is not too large, so that with little effort to put the container and then remove it from there. Sterilize jars in your favorite way. This can be done with steam, in the oven, and even in the microwave. Tight covers evaporate in boiling water. Now in each of the clean, dry cans put the peeled garlic (as a whole), dill branches and small rings of hot peppers. If you are not too keen, you can skip this step.

put greens in the jar

Tightly lay in the container. We try to do this as carefully as possible, so as not to damage the delicate fruit.

put the tomatoes in a jar

Now pour boiling water into the jars to cover the tomatoes and leave for half an hour.

pour boiling water

Drain the cooled water in a suitable container, add there kitchen salt, a portion of vinegar and six tablespoons of honey.

cook marinade

Now bring to a boil, mix thoroughly, and pour the tomatoes with hot, sweet, honey marinade. We roll up the cans with lids, leave them upside down and covered, and when they become cold, we remove them to the basement or storeroom.

twist the banks honey tomatoes for the winter

Enjoy your meal.

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Tomatoes with honey for the winter, the recipe from the photo fingers you will lickTomatoes with honey for the winter, the recipe from the photo fingers you will lick

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