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Cucumber salad with mustard for the winter "Lick fingers"

Cucumber Salad

Delicious cucumbers with rich spicy mustard flavor - the best homemade pickles for boiled potatoes with bacon. A distinctive feature of this cucumber salad with mustard for the winter according to the recipe without sterilization “Yum fingers” - quick cooking. It is enough to boil the vegetables for a few minutes and pour the marinade.

Cooking time: 1 hour 45 minutes. Servings: 3 liters.

Products for cucumber salad:

  • cucumber - 4 kg;
  • onions - 800 g;
  • granulated sugar - 50 g;
  • table acetic essence of 9% concentration - 40 ml;
  • table salt - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • parsley, garlic, dill - on the branch;
  • black and allspice peas - 5 pcs.


The process of making cucumber salad with mustard

You must first soak the cucumbers in cold water for 2 hours so that the fruits in the preservation process remain elastic and crispy. Then wash the cucumbers, cut out the ass, cut the vegetable into half rings and place in a saucepan. For harvesting, use vegetables without dents and rotten areas.

Sliced ​​cucumbers

Now clean the onion from the husk, dip the vegetable into cold water, dry it and cut it into half rings, put it to the cucumbers. We recommend using non-bitter onions, then the salad will not give away bitterness.


Now add to the vegetables table salt and chopped greens. Leave aside for a few minutes to let the ingredients out. If a small amount of juice is released, then you can pour in water or odorless vegetable oil.

Chop greens

After that, add sugar to the saucepan with vegetables, vinegar vinegar, black and allspice peas. As an extra spice, you can pour mustard seeds, coriander, ginger or cumin.

Mix salad

We put the container on a small fire, bring to a boil, mix gently. Cook for another 2 minutes until the cucumbers change color: they become yellowish-green.

We washed and sterilized the banks in a convenient way for everyone. After we spread the hot welded mass into the prepared container, top it with the remaining marinade. Banks are filled to the level of the upper side.

Ready Salad

Immediately close the jar with scalded metal lid, turn over, check for leaks, wrap in a blanket and leave to cool for a day.

Bank of salad

For cooking salad, you can use ripe and overripe cucumbers.

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Cucumber SaladCucumber Salad

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