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Early ripe greenhouse tomatoes resistant to diseases and low temperatures

early tomato varieties

To grow a good crop of tomatoes in most Russian regions is a lot of work. Gardeners construct greenhouses, grow seedlings, care for plants all summer. A lot of effort is taken by disease prevention, protective measures against diseases and pests.

To facilitate the work will be able to choose the right varieties. Early-ripening greenhouse tomatoes resistant to diseases and temperature drops have been developed. They give a high yield, managing to “escape” from diseases and infections.

Features of the choice of varieties

No country yet has tomatoes that are 100% resistant to various infections. Advertising appeals should not be taken for granted, but it is worth paying attention to the recommendations of breeders offering new hybrid forms of culture.

In weather-sheltered shelters, tomatoes feel comfortable. This increases the risk of disease, as the microclimate of greenhouses is favorable not only for plants, but also fungi, viruses, bacteria. It is recommended to pick up hybrids that, unlike varieties, are more resistant to infections.

On a note!

When growing F1 hybrids have to buy new seeds every year.

For risky farming regions, it is advisable to purchase tomato seeds of early ripening. Summer residents have the opportunity to choose lettuce tomatoes, hybrids for preservation, as well as universal options.

early ripe varieties of tomatoes

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Early tomatoes for greenhouses

The review contains hybrids and varieties of tomatoes that have received positive feedback from gardeners from different regions of the Russian Federation. Noted yield, early harvest, resistance to infections.

Firebird F1

Firebird F1

The tomato is put out in Siberia, it is recommended for cultivation in shelters. The bush is small, up to a meter. Sprawling branches, thick foliage.

The crop is removed after 90 days. The fruits are orange, each weighing up to 150 grams. They have good taste, high content of carotene. Hybrid is valued for resistance to infections, friendly yield of the crop, even under adverse conditions.

Diva F1

Diva F1

Fruitful and unpretentious hybrid gained popularity among gardeners in different regions of the country. They grow it in shelters, although some summer residents of the middle lane note a good result when landing directly on a bed.

The bush grows to 1-1.2 meters, strong, solid. Forms up to 8-9 brushes. Recommended management of the plant in two "trunk."

Tomatoes slightly rounded, with a “nose”, dense texture. Stand out bright red. By weight reach 120-130 grams. This hybrid is great in salads, in conservation. Up to 18 kg of tomatoes are harvested from one square meter.

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Mikado pink


Of pink tomatoes in the greenhouse, it showed itself well early grade Mikado. This is an indeterminate tomato that grows to 1.8 meters. Be sure to tie up the stem, branches, brushes.

Gives a harvest for 95-105 day, at the correct agrotechnology collect up to 10 kg from square meter. They lead most often into one trunk, regularly stepchildren.Tomatoes are round, bright pink at full maturity. The flesh is juicy, meaty, good taste.

On a note!

Mikado pink is considered one of the best early tomatoes for salads, making sauces.

The tomato was registered in the State Register of the Russian Federation, recommended for all regions of the country.

Aurora F1


Gardeners love tomato Aurora. Hybrid rapid maturity, grown mainly in shelters. It grows up to 70-80 cm, when ripe tomatoes need garter.

Fruits weigh 100-110 grams, in shape - slightly ribbed, scarlet. 4-5 kg ​​of fruits are collected from the plant. The return of tomatoes is friendly, while the hybrid is distinguished by unpretentiousness, resistance to diseases.

Boheme F1


Almost 25-28 kg from one “square” with good care are collected from the bushes of this variety. Tomato indet, very tall - up to 2 meters. On powerful bushes grow 6-8 brushes.

The fruits are large, round shape, 300-600 grams. The flesh of juicy, bright red fruits is dense, with good taste. Maturation occurs in about 102 days. The hybrid is resistant to infections, temperature leaps and a slight cooling. Powerful tall bohemian bushes need an obligatory garter.

Pink raisins

pink raisins

Variety from Ukrainian breeders. It is appreciated for the friendly yield, excellent taste. Summer residents note the resistance of the tomato Pink raisins to the main diseases.

It grows up to 1.3-1.5 meters, forms a thick stem with leaves of potato type. Crop harvested at 90-92 day, the fruits for a long time hang in the hands and do not crumble.

Tomatoes elongated, up to 4-5 cm in length, with smooth skin. Unripe fruits are light green, the fruit stem is darker. Ripe tomatoes acquire a delicate pink color with mother-of-pearl overflow.

Gives brushes of 30-40 fruits. The weight of each - 70-130 grams. The flesh is thick, but tender. Tastes excellent. The variety is grown in shelters, harvested up to 10-12 kg per square meter. meter

Resistant to traditional tomato infections, gives an early harvest. According to reviews, tomatoes are tied even in adverse summer.

Eupator F1


Resistant to diseases and harvests - so say gardeners about hybrid Eupator F1. Tomato with unlimited growth, recommended for greenhouses, requires mandatory removal of stepsons, shaping and garters.

Bushes are powerful, up to 1.8-2 meters, with simple buds. Bright red fruits reach 120-150 grams.

Suitable for salads, taste rich, "tomato". The first tomatoes are removed in 98-100 days. Resistant to a hybrid main disease, characterized by prolonged fruiting.

President-2 F1

the president

Will please early yield hybrid president. The plant is resistant to phytophthora, fusarium, tolerates cold weather and heat.

Ripening is ultra early, the first fruits ripen on day 85-90. Tomatoes weighing up to 200 grams, massive, rounded. The color is red. Basically, the fruits go to salads, cooking various sauces, ketchup, adjika.

The peculiarity of the hybrid form is strong foliage. Be sure to stepchild a bush and tie up.

Blagovest F1


Since the end of the 90s grow gardeners tomato Blagovest. They appreciate the hybrid for disease resistance, early harvest, tasty fruits. In shelters the bush grows up to one and a half meters, forms up to 8 brushes. Fruits are round, with a gloss on the skin, red. The flesh is thick, so these tomatoes are often salted and preserved. With the full ripening of the fruits on the bushes removed for salads.

Weight of tomatoes - 100-120 grams. The taste is a classic "tomato", with a barely noticeable sourness. The hybrid is not prone to cracking the fruit, gives up to 6 kg per shrub.

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By choosing varieties and hybrids of early ripening and disease-resistant, gardeners save themselves from additional troubles. Preventive work is carried out, but thanks to the resistance of tomatoes to bad weather and infections, it becomes easier to get a high yield.

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early tomato varietiesearly tomato varieties
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