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How to grow tomatoes on the balcony?

For many city dwellers and not only for a long time, it is no secret that, for example, it is possible to grow tomatoes on the balcony at home. For this you need to know some of the nuances. And if we are talking about tomatoes, let’s see and deal with them.

To grow the harvest of these fruits, you need to consider the following important points:

  • variety of tomatoes.

In the conditions of a balcony, a saucer, plants cannot be pollinated by insects, that is, appropriate varieties must be selected. What are these tomatoes, we will say below;

  • temperature and humidity.

It is clear that when home grown vegetables should grow in a warm climate in the apartment, without drafts and excessive dryness;

  • lighting.

This is very important and one of the most important nuances in the cultivation of any crops and flowers in the home. If your apartment does not have windows on the south or east side, you will definitely need lamps for lighting up. The same applies to adverse days when the sun is constantly hidden behind the clouds. Otherwise, the seedlings will reach up in search of light, thin and break at the very foundation. Either will be frail.

So let's go in order.

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Tomatoes on the balcony. Growing step by step

maxresdefault (1)The first thing to do is, of course, buy seeds. For home cultivation you need to choose certain types. Often, manufacturers indicate on the packaging information that this type of tomato is used for growing indoors and at home.

Another important point is that the conditions on the balcony and, for example, in the greenhouse are completely different. And indoors, often the harvest still fails to get, although the seeds were good. Always better when buying hybrid varieties. They are more resistant to various difficult conditions, they do not require scrupulous care, pollination.

What sort of tomatoes for the balcony to choose? You can look at the following tomatoes:

  • "Angelica";
  • "Pearl";
  • Florida Petit;
  • Minibell;
  • "Romantic";
  • "Ballerinka";
  • "Cascade Red";
  • "Pearl Yellow".

Tomatoes on the balcony “Miracle Balcony” variety have also become very popular and popular.


An important point!

For a balcony of a grade it is better to take not only hybrid, but also undersized. Then you avoid problems with the garter. Yes, and high varieties have a well-developed root system, and it requires space.


We grow tomatoes on the balcony: preparing seeds and soil

obezzarajivanie_gruntaThis is a very important step in the cultivation of any crops. Seeds of tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables should always be pre-cooked. Namely, we are talking about:

  • selection of viable seeds by soaking in water. After which, by the seeds that have emerged, they judge the poor seed material that must be removed;
  • disinfection, which consists in soaking the seeds in manganese for 15-25 minutes, after which they are washed and dried;
  • about nutrition. Here everyone can choose their own method. Someone puts the seeds in "Epin" to improve germination, someone soaks in different folk solutions, someone uses an effective method of bubbling (saturation of seed material with oxygen).

After the seeds are ready, you need to take care of the soil. So that you are not so troublesome, especially in the conditions of apartments, where it is not very easy to prepare your soil, you can buy the soil in any garden shop.Take the land specifically for tomatoes or universal use.



Often purchase soil can be infected with diseases or parasites. Before planting a few days spill the soil with boiling water with manganese.


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Planting tomatoes

rassada-pomidor-2How to plant tomatoes on the balcony? To grow tomatoes on the balcony, you do not need to spend a lot of effort. Do as you see fit. If you have enough space, you can immediately plant each seed in a separate potty (peaty are great for this), if there is not enough space, then plant it in a total capacity, but you will still need to dive seedlings.

Garden shops offer different options for tanks:

  • You can buy a common long container, which is covered with a plastic lid on top, which is convenient;
  • You can purchase a common container, but in which there are separate compartments for each seedling;
  • you can buy peat tablets and cups;
  • You can use the materials at hand: plastic bottles, dairy products.

Seeds are buried in the nutrient soil no more than 1 cm. After that, the soil is slightly compacted and sprayed with a spray bottle. Further, if there is no special cover, they are covered with a film and placed in the sun. When sprouts appear, shelter is removed. Now water and light is important. Again, we remind about lamps - these can be either special lamps or fluorescent or even simple incandescent bulbs.

Care for seedlings at home

uxod-za-tomatamiTomatoes, after they have risen, must be constantly moistened. For irrigation, use warm water, which was a day. Be sure to avoid excessive moisture. If you planted seedlings in the spring, when it is warm, then open the balcony for airing. By the way, it is worth mentioning that all the dates of sowing and other cases need to look at the lunar calendar.

When the seedlings appeared 2-3 true leaves, the seedlings dive, if, of course, you did not plant it immediately in separate containers. After picking, after 10-12 days, the tomatoes are fed. After that they wait another 2 weeks and feed again. During this period, it is good to make complex mineral preparations from the store. After tomatoes it is necessary to feed once again, when they will set fruit and during fructification. But here it is necessary to take fertilizers that will not harm health, that is, without chemicals.

If your tomatoes began to stretch or you have a tall variety, you will have to build a trellis or just pull the rope for the garter. Be sure to take into account when planting information that indicates the presence of stepsons in one or another species. They need to be deleted.

To seedlings was strong, with the onset of heat harden it. To do this, open the windows on the balcony, first briefly after, leaving for the whole day and even at night.

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Conditions for growing tomatoes on the balcony

Here the most important point is at what temperature can you grow tomatoes on the balcony? We have already said about the light, and the method itself, but without the presence of the required temperature, all efforts will go down the drain.

So, you should understand that if your balcony is glazed only so that it is not flooded and there is no more heat there, then you can grow tomatoes only in the warm season. If you have a warm balcony, then in winter you can make crops.

The most optimal temperature is 20-22 degrees at day time, not lower than 16 degrees at night. That's all the secrets in the question of how to grow tomatoes on the balcony.

To get a good result, you should strictly take into account all the nuances, because only all the measures in the complex can give the proper result.

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  1. Evgenia

    I have experience growing tomatoes on the balcony and for this I use the Florida variety. It is rightly said that the light side is needed, my balcony is just on the sunny side. Since I have a glazed balcony, I occasionally open the windows so that there is fresh air. I also water seedlings every day, especially if it is hot outside. Tomatoes grow tasty, and I really like the growing process.


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