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My convenient way to soak and temper pepper seeds

There are many ways to prepare seeds for planting. Today we will talk about sprouting pepper in sponges. This process is very interesting and fascinating, while it gives good results.


Selection and preparation of seeds

Before you start the preparatory processes, you should sort the material. To do this, simply spill the seeds on a sheet of paper and select small and too large seeds, leaving only medium ones.

Select hollow - soaking in saline solution will help (30 g of salt per liter of water). Put the seeds into the container and wait about five minutes. Those that emerge are unsuitable for landing. After selection, the seeds must be prepared. This process consists of two stages:

  1. Disinfection. Prepare a weak solution of potassium permanganate and send it seeds for a quarter of an hour. Then rinse well and dry.
  2. Nutrition. After disinfecting measures, it is necessary to saturate the future seedlings with microelements. Use for this as a commercial mix, and cooked on their own. Especially good infusion of wood ash. For its preparation, it is necessary to mix 20 g of raw material with a liter of water and let it stand for a day. Put the seeds in a fabric bag and send in the infusion for 5 hours. After that, dry.

Step by step algorithm of germination and hardening of seeds in sponges

And now comes the long-awaited moment of germination. All the preliminary preparatory stages have been completed, you can proceed to this lesson.

Follow the instructions:

  1. Saturate two dishwashing sponges with melt water.
  2. On one spread out the seeds, the second to cover the top.
  3. Drag the sponge clerical elastic and send in the package. Before you wrap tightly, you should breathe in the bag so that carbon dioxide appears in it, which is necessary for germination to begin.
  4. Tighten the package stronger, hide in the refrigerator for 12 hours. This will help temper future sprouts.
  5. Take out the sponge and put them on the battery for 12 hours.
  6. Alternate cold and warm about a week.
  7. Plant sprouted seeds in seedling boxes.

Advantages of the method and the result

This method has many advantages. Particularly important is the hardening stage, which the seeds undergo in the kitchen unused sponges. It has a great effect on the early spring landing in the ground. Seedlings grown in this way are not afraid of frost. They are also resistant to heat.

And thanks to the initial disinfection, seedlings are resistant to a wide variety of diseases and produce excellent yields.

This method of soaking and hardening seed is quite unusual and unusual. However, as practice has shown, it is effective and efficient. So be sure to take it into account and use it with pleasure!

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