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Tomato "Cardinal": characteristics and description of the variety

Often, summer residents plant the same type of vegetable crops from year to year, then in the autumn they complain that the land is bad, the weather is not so in our time, because the return from labor is small. Why do many of the old used to use the same things? And it concerns any sphere. Why not choose a new, excellent grade. Yes, here, for example, if we talk about tomatoes, the "Cardinal" justifies all expectations. Let's, about him in more detail.

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Characteristics and description of the variety

  • Universal variety, which you can grow with good returns on the street and in greenhouse conditions.
  • This variety can be attributed to tomatoes with an average ripening period, so from the time of sowing the first seeds to harvest, it takes about 110-115 days.
  • "Cardinal" indeterminate tomato. This characteristic can give us an idea of ​​the height of the bush. So, in greenhouse conditions, the "Cardinal" will grow more than a meter and a half, what about the street, the bush will be a little lower here.
  • The first brush that will bear fruit is formed above the 8-9 leaf. In addition, each such brush will bring summer residents 5-6 tasty and large tomatoes.
  • The shape of ripe tomatoes is somewhat like a heart. They all ripen evenly, look the same on a bush. The skin is shiny.
  • The color of ripe fruit is scarlet and saturated.
  • All the above characteristics will not give a concrete idea of ​​the "Cardinal" tomato. In the same paragraph, one of the main advantages should be noted - the mass of fruits. And they are very, very large. So, one tomato can reach up to 800 grams. Such large tomatoes are formed on the very first tassel, then tomatoes will be a little less, but still they weigh 400-500 grams.
  • The pulp of the fruit is sugar, there are very few pits in it, which, by the way, is another significant plus of the variety. Taste and aroma pronounced tomato. These tomatoes are favorites on the table in a fresh form, most often they make summer salads. But for the conservation of the variety is also well suited.
  • To get a good harvest, the variety will need to be formed. This is done in one or two stalks.
  • Since the bush is tall and its fruits are very heavy, it will be necessary to take care of the support, otherwise the branches will break under the weight of their own harvest. At the same time, support is necessary not only for the stem, but also for the brushes with fruits.
  • Another significant advantage of the "Cardinal" is its resistance to cold, because culture can be grown in different regions of our country.
  • And with diseases, things are good. In terms of "Cardinal" to them very stable.
  • Taste of pulp sweetish with juicy sourness. Also the tomatoes are very juicy.
  • The skin is quite dense, which gives the tomatoes a good keeping quality, they do not burst. They can be easily transported and profitably grown for sale, especially in greenhouse conditions.
  • The best predecessors for the variety "Cardinal" are peas, beans, carrots, cabbage. But after the potatoes and eggplants better culture is not planted.

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It is noteworthy that this variety has two varieties. One is called "Cardinal Raspberry", the other is "Cardinal Red." Both of these tomatoes are excellent candidates to win the heart of a summer resident once and for all. In principle, there is no particular difference except for the color of the skin between the varieties. Both are high-yielding (4 or more kilograms from a bush), if you follow competent agricultural techniques.Now you know about the Cardinal Tomato variety according to its characteristics a lot of useful information..

Video review varieties of tomato "Cardinal"

Features of growing

tomat-kardinalCrops are carried out in March, according to the calendar of lunar days. Before planting, seeds are pickled and soaked to stimulate growth. Many gardeners recommend not to buy a finished product, and use aloe juice. Steep seed material in it for 12 hours.

Planting is carried out in containers where garden soil mixed with humus is added. You can add ash. In order not to dive saplings, it is best to plant in peat pots by seed. After which they are placed under glass or covered with a film, which is removed after germination. The optimum growing temperature is 25-27 degrees. The soil is moistened with an atomizer.

If the sun on the street is not enough, then you need to put the lamps Before the seedlings are transferred to the open ground, they are shed with complex fertilizer and quenched in two weeks with the help of temperature reduction.

Planted in open ground in early June, in the greenhouse - in May. Props are made here in advance. The distance between the bushes should be left at least 80 cm. You can plant saplings in a checkerboard pattern, you can in a row. It is recommended to pour mineral dressing or ashes into the hole during planting. During the season it will take 3-4 more times to fertilize.

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Water this variety moderately. If a shrub overgrows, then it is pinched. Also, stepchildren, lower leaves are removed, forming a two-stem culture.

That's all that we would like to tell you today. Great tomato, we advise you to plant it in the new season.

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