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Mokritsa - a useful weed for health and beauty

There are a lot of vitamins and other useful substances in wood lice. The composition has an essential oil, lipids, acids of organic origin, tannins. That is why lice are actively used in traditional medicine and cosmetology.


Useful properties of woodlice for humans

The benefits of the plant are difficult to overestimate. It is used in different conditions:

  1. Anemia, vitamin deficiency, scurvy. Useful due to the high content of vitamins of group E and C.
  2. Problems with heart. Herbal remedies help strengthen the body, tone it up and have a beneficial effect on the work of the main organ.
  3. Bleeding The hemostatic properties of the plant and its wound-healing abilities are known.
  4. Skin problems. Use healing baths.
  5. Diseases of the liver, lungs - with them helps the infusion, which must be taken orally.

Also weed is famous for its anti-inflammatory, choleretic and analgesic properties. During its reception the metabolism improves, work of practically all systems and organs is stimulated. Indispensable in the treatment of hypertensive state, gynecological problems.

With joint pain, radiculitis, rheumatism and gout, steam the grass and apply it to sore spots. Baths with a healing infusion will relieve rash, dermatitis and eczema. And even if a person has a strong weight loss, vitamin deficiency, low hemoglobin and weakness, fresh juice or starlet extract will help.

To prepare the infusion, pour a glass of boiling water over a large spoonful of herbs, cover the container and leave overnight. After strain and take on ¼ Art. before meals.

The recipe for broth is also simple. 200 g of freshly picked weed pour a liter of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. When cool - strain.

Recipes for medicinal purposes

Not only infusions with decoctions are used, but also plant juice. Medicines are ingested and used externally. There are a lot of recipes and they will be useful for any occasion.

For cooking fortifying infusion you need to pour a glass of boiling water with a spoonful of grass, insist a little and take half a cup three times a day.

In case if dim cornea, this recipe will come to the rescue. Infuse 2 spoons of herbs in 400 ml of hot water for about an hour. Then filter and drip a couple of droplets in the eye 4 p. in a day.

In the absence of appetite greens are passed through a meat grinder and squeezed juice. Use it for tsp. 3-4 r. per day

Swelling and pain in the joints are treated with lotions with star sprays, which are made at least 4 times a day.

But if you collect a lot of woodlice, tamp it in a 3-liter jar, pour a bottle of vodka, pour the rest of the volume with boiling water and insist 3 weeks, the tool will save from sciatica. Pre-filtered, it is taken before lunch for 3 weeks.

Dizzy, feeling weak and symptoms of anemia appeared? Pour a spoonful of grass with boiling water, let it brew for half an hour. Take 50 ml of 4 p. / D. before every meal.

With sprains and bruises it is enough to put a chopped star on a sore spot for a couple of hours.

Infusion is able to save from pain in the stomach or intestines. To prepare, pour a spoonful of raw materials 1.5 tbsp. water, insist two weeks. Take 20 cap. on a glass of water on an empty stomach.

From hypertension and heart disease relieve infusion of art. l greens in 300 ml of boiling water.It should take 100 ml at least five times.

To make a lotion from skin diseases, including and purulent wounds, it is necessary to pour boiling water (1 tbsp.) of 10 spoons of raw materials. Boil for 7 minutes. Insist 7 hours. Strain and use as a lotion.

Healthcare products for skin and hair

With its help you can get rid of heel cracks in a short time. To do this, woodlouse simply put in shoes and walk all day in it. And in the evening it will be only to wash off the juice and spread the legs with a fat cream.

There are many useful recipes that will relieve your skin problems:

  1. Rejuvenation. Chop the leaves, measure out a tablespoon, add tsp. cream and honey. Apply to face for a quarter of an hour, then rinse.
  2. Nutrition. Prepare a decoction, dip the fabric in it and apply to the face. Cover with a towel. Keep at least 20 minutes and then wash.
  3. Cleansing. To permanently get rid of acne, it is worth every day to wash a decoction of sprocket.

The high content of vitamins and minerals makes this plant indispensable in hair care. Especially well proved decoction, which can be safely used instead of rinse. In a thermos place a tablespoon of raw materials and pour 2 tbsp. boiling water. With the help of this tool hair will become strong, shiny and strong, stop falling out.

Mokritsa is an excellent therapeutic and cosmetological agent. Due to its rich composition, it perfectly helps to cope with many diseases and conditions.

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