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Cucumbers with tomatoes for the winter - a delicious Korean snack

Cucumbers with tomatoes in Korean

This is the recipe for the most delicious winter cucumber and tomato appetizer in Korean style. Preparing the billet is easy and simple, and stored all year, until the next billet season.

This appetizer is well suited to meat and fish dishes. The taste of the blank can be made more spicy by adding chili peppers and other types of hot peppers, for example, allspice or black ground pepper.

Ingredients (3 cans of 0.5 l.):

  • cucumbers -1 kg.,
  • tomatoes - 1 kg.,
  • garlic - 3-4 cloves,
  • salt - 10 g,
  • granulated sugar - 30 g,
  • coriander (ground) - 5 g,
  • black pepper (ground) - 5 g,
  • vinegar (table) - 70 ml.,
  • sunflower oil - 100 ml.

ingredients for snacks

How to cook cucumbers with tomatoes in Korean

We wash the tomatoes and cucumbers, remove the tail of the tomatoes (if any), cut the ends of the cucumbers from two sides. Cut cucumbers or straws, or semi circles.

sliced ​​cucumbers

Tomato slices mode, removing the core.

sliced ​​tomatoes

Vegetables put in a bowl or pan for cooking.

Garlic we clean the husks, skip through the press or cut very finely. Garlic can be added and more or less, from the specified amount in the recipe, everything is to your taste.

Then we send salt, granulated sugar, ground pepper, coriander and garlic to the vegetables. Fill vegetables with sunflower oil (odorless) and table vinegar.

salt the vegetable mixture

Stir, cover the container with vegetables and set for 5-6 hours (you can spend the night) in the fridge.

put the mixture in the fridge

In the well-washed in warm water banks lay out tightly our vegetables from the refrigerator, the remains of the marinade are also sent to the banks.

put the vegetables in the jar

Then we put the jars for sterilization in a saucepan with water, and put cloth on the bottom so that the jars do not crack. After boiling water, sterilize 10 minutes snack.

we sterilize jars

We close the cans with metal lids, keep them upside down and covered with a blanket all night, then you can place the finished preservation in the pantry.

leak test

Bon appetit and delicious winter!

korean snack for winter

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Cucumbers with tomatoes in KoreanCucumbers with tomatoes in Korean

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