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How to distinguish stepchildren on tomatoes from floral brushes

Removing stepsons

Bushes of tomatoes need to be staved. Arbitrary plant growth will result in lower yields. For carrying out the pinching take into account the peculiarities of the formation of the selected tomato variety, the differences between the stepsons and floral tassels.

Removal of stepsons is considered a mandatory procedure, since it depends on whether there will be enough nutrients for the proper development of tomatoes.

Why you need pasynkovanie

MaskingThe absence of the formation of bushes will lead to a lack of tomato crop: an additional lateral stem will appear from the bosom of each leaf, the bush will grow strongly and become lush, flowering. The ovaries of flowering unformed bushes are formed on individual flowers, and the power of the plant goes to the development of flowers and the fruits are small.

For the formation of bushes requires:

  • pinch, controlling the growth process;
  • to conduct pasynkovany in time, as the formed stepsons slow down the development of the fruit;
  • to maintain the proper development of full-fledged floral brushes for obtaining additional fruits.

The formation of the bushes is based on the differences between the stepsons and the floral tassels. The butchers have small leaves and begin to grow out of the leaf bosom. Flower brushes initially possess only peduncles and flowers. Grow directly from the stem of the plant.

Features of pasynkovaniya

Pasynka are lateral shoots that form between the stem and the axil of the leaf. Gotting is carried out taking into account the characteristics of the growth of tomatoes:

  1. The shoots that form in the axils of the lower leaves grow quickly. They must be removed. For the development of the lower required nutrients, so the tomatoes lack the nutritional components. It is recommended to remove small stepchildren (the length should be less than 5 centimeters). Timely pinching accelerates the healing of wounds on the stem, protects the plant from stress.
  2. The procedure must be repeated several times. For the first time stepson after 1-1.5 weeks after planting, then - twice a month. When growing tall varieties, procedures are required throughout the summer to control plant size and ensure nutrient absorption.
  3. Pasynki need to be removed on time. If the procedure was not performed in a timely manner, it is recommended to use a knife or sharp scissors to cut. A stump should be less than 1 centimeter.
  4. Tomatoes are formed in a single-stem form to obtain a good harvest. When forming 2-3 stems, optimal yield indicators are noted, but ripening slows down. With a 2-stem culture, the main stem and the first shoot are left, located below the plant. With a 3-stem formation, the stepchildren are left at the very bottom and one more (the strongest). In tall varieties allowed the presence of a larger number of floral brushes and a pair of stepsons.

When pasynkovaniya observe the following rule: when in the brush the fruits were fastened individually, then the whole leaves should be placed above it for proper growth of tomatoes. And when all the fruits were formed in the brush, below you can remove the leaves completely.


To prevent stress for the plant, 1-2 leaves are removed at a time, otherwise the green mass will be actively restored and fruit ripening will slow down.

Features of the formation of floral brushes

tomatoes are bloomingIn some cases, stepchildren grow on the flower tassels of a tomato. This process is called overgrowth. Such violations are caused by the features of the variety, oversupply or moisture. To obtain a good harvest, it is recommended to carefully cut off the shoot, stem or leaf, using special garden shears. Otherwise, the stepchild of the flower brush will take away the nutrients from the fruit ovaries, worsening the yield indices.

Proper formation of stepsons and flower brushes in tomatoes is a guarantee of a good harvest.

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Removing stepsonsRemoving stepsons

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