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What are the indeterminate tomato varieties most fruitful for greenhouses?

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There is an erroneous opinion that the indeterminate variety of tomatoes is just a tall plant, but in fact this is what its unlimited height means. If crops of this type are allowed to grow, they can reach two, or even three meters. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor their growth, otherwise it will be difficult to get tomatoes from such a height.

The advantages of this variety include the fact that their growth continues until the first cold weather, they are resistant to diseases and they are not afraid of temperature drops.

Advantages and disadvantages of indeterminate varieties

Indeterminate varieties can grow uncontrollably and give a good result of the harvest for a long time. Possess thick leaves on which tomatoes then appear, resistant to bad weather.


Tomatoes look like tall bushes with a single stem that performs the main function in the process of growth. Rarely, but still, these bushes grow to 5 meters.

Their flowering begins to develop after the first ten leaves, and then it continues after every three shoots. Ripe tomatoes appear much later, compared to other species, but this process continues the longest.

When the crop reaches the ceiling of the greenhouse, at this point it is necessary to cut off the top of the head, or the tomatoes that were there will not have enough time to ripen. If you look at the descriptions of many indeterminant species, then their height is observed from 1.5 meters to two. It is because of its positive qualities and the tolerability of temperature differences such tomatoes are grown for sale.
Among the minuses should be noted that the plant is recommended to tie up to the crown, so that it is well lit. Since seed ripening occurs late, you need to pay attention to this factor during planting.

The most productive indeterminant varieties of tomatoes for greenhouses

Indeterminant varieties have no limit in growth, and they can freely reach two meters, so their appearance is comparable with lianas, which also grow randomly. But at the same time on the bushes in the process of growth will appear shoots and flower brushes.
Popular varieties:


Deciduous bushes can be up to two meters long, which you need to pinch. The early ripe hybrid, technical ripeness comes later 91-96 days after emergence of sprouts. The fruits have a round shape of bright pink color, elastic skin that does not crack. The taste of tomatoes sweet with juicy flesh. Seed chambers three or four, in which there are not many seeds. One tomato weighs 120-130 grams. The yield is about 18 kg. The advantages of the variety include its fecundity, possibility of transportation, good quality, long storage. There is only one drawback - the bush must be tied up in order not to allow it to grow.


The plant is predisposed to the generative type of development, which allows it to bear fruit the whole summer. Mid-season hybrid ripens in 115-120 days after germination. Tomatoes have a rounded shape of light green color at the beginning of ripening and only then they turn to saturated red.The peel is shiny, does not crack. The advantages of the variety include its ability to transport, long storage, pleasant taste, multi-chamber and average weight, which can vary from 190 grams to 220.


The foliage of the bushes is quite thick, and the plant can be up to three meters long, which you need to pinch, so it is important to monitor their growth. The early ripe hybrid ripens in 90-100 days after shoots. Tomatoes have a rounded red color and relatively not firm pulp. One fruit weighs 250-580 grams. The yield is 26 kg. The advantages of the variety include the fact that grown tomatoes can be used both for salads and for spinning. Fruits have a strong peel and good transportability. They retain their taste and quality even after long storage. Resistance to common diseases. The disadvantages of a tomato are only in that its size is constantly changing from the very bottom to the top, and it also does not have resistance to drought.


High growth bush with a strong stem, good root system, abundant fruitfulness. The early ripe hybrid ripens in 100-105 days after shoots. Fruits are flat-rounded pinkish in color with a thin, but elastic skin. Have 2-3 seed chambers in which a small amount of seeds. One fruit weighs on average 200-250 grams. Harvesting varies from one kilogram to three. The sweetness of fruits and their universal application to all types of cooking belong to the advantages of the variety. Tomatoes can be transported and stored for quite a long time. It is moderately resistant to developed diseases. The only drawback is that cultivating the Dimerosis variety is possible only under a greenhouse or in a greenhouse.

Scarlet Mustang

Bushes can reach more than one and a half meters in height, so you should not forget to tie them up. Sheet weight is not thick, which does not interfere with the maturation of the new crop. The root system of this variety is quite large, able to grow. Mid-season crop ripens in 115-120 days after germination. The fruits have an elongated shape, juicy flesh with a pleasant taste. One tomato weighs about 200 grams, but sometimes more. The yield from one bush is five kilograms. The advantages of the variety include thin, but dense skin of the fruit, which does not crack, but also their resistance to various diseases. They can be transported from place to place, as well as tomatoes are of universal value in the food environment.


For greater fruitfulness of tomatoes, it is recommended to shake the bushes 1 time in 7-10 days in order to undergo inter-pollination.

Abundant harvest from indeterminantnyh varieties can not be obtained, if not in time to form a bush and do not stave. Culture needs to be provided with enough space so that each plant will receive good nutrition.

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