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Red outside, white inside - why are the tomatoes? What to do


Eating immature tomatoes with white streaks, we do not even think about the danger that they carry. Cutting off the green or rotten part, you will not be able to solve the problems - you need to look into the depths.

And, before answering the question of how to get rid of white streaks and make tomatoes softer, find out the main reasons.

Why are the tomatoes inside white and tough

The reasons for which tomatoes lose their presentation, forming inside the white, hard streaks are not so much, but almost every gardener faces them.

Features grade

Recently, there has been a proliferation of varieties in which there is a gene responsible for the formation of white veins in tomato fruits. They, like a skeleton, prolong the shelf life and transportability, since, unlike classical species, they are softer and more tender. These varieties include: Snow Globe, White Queen, White Wonder, White Heart, White Beauty, as well as some types of yellow tomatoes. Most often they are grown for sale.

What to do to make tomatoes redden

If under-ripening is a characteristic feature of the variety, then place the fruit in a warm, dark place for a few days next to the ripened fruit. Tomatoes will reach biological maturity and will be edible.

Viral disease - phytoplasmosis

Identify what it hit tomatoes, pretty easy. In addition to the fact that the fruits get uneven color both externally and internally, they do not grow to the desired size and lose their presentation. It is worth paying attention to the bush, also influenced by the virus:

  • leaf shrinks;
  • its surface becomes rough;
  • the ends of the leaves turn a grayish-pink hue, bend and curl;
  • the stalk becomes thick;
  • newly formed flowers lose color and grow together.

What to do

Affected bushes are not treatable. They must be pulled from the bed, burned, and the earth layer must be renewed. Fruits to eat is strictly prohibited. It is necessary to pay special attention to preventive measures. Pathogens are aphid, whitefly. To combat them, treat insecticides every month or, if the bed is relatively small, spray the bushes with infusion of garlic (cut the head of garlic into halves and place in a 5-liter bucket. Insist for 2-3 days and proceed to treatment). You can fight insects by collecting them from the leaves with your hands or placing 10-20 ladybirds on a bed. They in a few days completely exterminate the population of pests.

After watering, weed the crop and get rid of the grass.


For maximum protection, give preference to low-growing varieties with a short ripening period (no more than 110 days).

Adverse weather conditions and micronutrient deficiencies

These two conditions are closely related. The higher the temperature outside the window, the faster calcium, potassium and useful trace elements are washed out of the seedlings, while the nitrogen content increases, an excess of which leads to a deterioration in the appearance and development of certain types of bacterial diseases.

What to do

With a lack of potassium, calcium and minerals, it is necessary to add monophosphate or potassium nitrite to the soil. They can be replaced with a folk remedy (dilute 3 cups of ash in 5 liters of water and leave for 24 hours). Fertilizer should be applied no more than 1 time per month.

With an excess of nitrogen, which is accompanied by a thickening of the stem, leaf blackening, deformation of fruits and appearance, it is necessary to water the seedlings (2 times a week), and also add more phosphorus to the soil, and use ash as a root feed. ).


To determine that a tomato needs potassium supplementation is simple - pay attention to the leaves. An edge burn will be present on the lower leaflets, and the color will be uneven.

Why tomatoes ripen by half

Ripening tomatoes in half also occurs for the reasons described above.

It only remains to add that the lack of potassium, in addition to the under-ripening of the top, will indicate the external condition of the bush - sluggish, rotten leaves, an atypical color. If no negative manifestations have been identified, most likely the reason lies in the lack of sunlight.

Is it possible to eat unripe tomatoes?

Immature tomatoes can only be consumed if this type of coloring is a feature of the variety. Some varieties have a non-mature top as their peculiarities, for example, Paul Robson or Tula Black. Fruits, whose feature it is not, contain a huge amount of corned beef. Excessive consumption can cause poisoning.

If the cause of non-ripening is vertex rot or phytoplasmosis, it is strictly prohibited to eat tomatoes because the fungus that causes the disease affects the entire fetus. Cutting rot does not mean solving a problem. Spores of fungi infect all the flesh and it becomes dangerous for humans.

Tips and tricks

Choose varieties that are not prone to the formation of white veins. Try to collect the fruits only when they reach biological maturity, so you can feel their real taste.

Observe the rules of crop rotation and do not plant decorative flowers near the tomatoes; do not use the same bed from year to year. Take a break for 3-4 years.

After each watering, inspect the leaves and pay attention to the appearance of the bushes.

What to do when vertex rot

The disease is characteristic of the southern regions. A provocateurs are high humidity and late watering. It is impossible to fight the summit rot, because fungi quickly infect all fruits. Remove all infected tomatoes from the bed and change the soil layer, and burn the bushes. To help only preventive measures, which include treatment with insecticides and compliance with conditions that do not provoke the spread of the fungus.

These include:

  • placement of beds with tomatoes on moisture-intensive soils;
  • watering strictly under the root either in the early morning or in the late evening;
  • controlled and timely fertilization;
  • removal of grass from the garden;
  • mounting support for the proper development of bushes.

After familiarizing yourself with all the ways to solve these problems, you will be able to please your loved ones with tasty, juicy tomatoes with red flesh without white streaks and carry out preventive measures in advance of preventing illness.

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