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The most fruitful varieties of tomatoes in my greenhouse


Selection of tomato seeds is a difficult stage, as the stores are full of names. There are many varieties and varieties. hybridsthat give a wonderful harvest. But each person, relying on his own experience, makes his list of the most fruitful varieties. For cultivation in the greenhouse, you can pick up the most productive varieties that have good resistance to diseases and pests.

What to consider

When choosing varieties of tomatoes for planting pay attention to a number of factors:

  • yield;
  • climatic features;
  • fruiting period;
  • disease resistance;
  • germination place.

When choosing the best variety, it is important where the crop will grow: in a greenhouse or in the open. For greenhouse conditions can be identified most fruitful varieties.

On a note!

Many competently combine tall and short growing tomatoes in one greenhouse. The latter species are planted around the perimeter, and the high ones are located in the center. Low tomatoes fruit earlier, after harvesting, they are removed to make room for tall.

De barao

Very popular high-yielding type of tomato. There are several subgroups, but their main difference is the color of the fruit. In general, the care of De Barao is the same. High indeterminantny grade, which differs late fruiting period (from the time of planting to the collection of fruits takes 115-120 days).

The height of the bushes reaches 2 meters. It all depends on the type of soil in which the crop is planted. The bush is indeterminate, therefore, they constantly remove the stepsons, pinching the tops and forming bushes.

Unpretentious view from which the harvest is obtained, even with minimal watering. The average yield is 10 kg per plant. Fruits weighing up to 100 grams.


Sort De Barao is characterized by high rates of keeping quality, transportation, excellent taste. The taste of the tomato is very gentle and pleasant. There is a touch of acid and a small sweetness.

The main advantage is resistance to diseases and pests.

Spring North F1

Choosing among the most harvest tomatoes for greenhouses, pay attention to the early hybrid of the determinant type. It is grown for sale, as it is characterized by fast ripening periods (100 days from the moment of emergence) and good transportation indicators.

Bushes of small stature (50-60 cm). Despite the small height, you can collect 8-10 kg from each bush. Fruits of medium size about 200 grams.


Bourgeois F1

An early ripe type of tomato (from the moment of planting until fruit ripening takes 100-105 days), which grows well in any territory of the country.

On a note!

To grow tomatoes Bourgeois F1 in the northern regions can only be in greenhouse conditions.

Bushes up to 1,5 m high, standard. It is necessary to carry out regular removal of stepsons and the formation of bushes. The branches are relatively weak, so you need to tie up and install supports.

Fruits of medium size 150-200 g., Can reach 400. The yield per square meter is 8-12 kg. Attracts gardeners versatility. Used for preservation, production of juices, fresh consumption.

burzhuj f1

The advantages of this type are high resistance to many diseases. But it needs treatment from pests, as it can often be affected by the Colorado potato beetle, slugs, spider mites.

Choosing a variety of tomatoes, it is necessary to take into account various factors, listen to the experience of more experienced gardeners. But no matter what excellent characteristics the manufacturer specifies, without following the rules of care and quality care, the promised harvest will not work.

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