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Tomato "King of London": medium and large-fruited

Considering the “King of London” tomato reviews, photos, yields, described by those who have already grown, it becomes clear that the descriptions are very diverse and different. What's the matter? Yes, that such a variety is not in the register of selection achievements of either the Russian Federation or other neighboring powers, and each packer packs what he considers necessary.

general information

Conducting a review of the market on the shelves of seed shops and in the Internet resource, one can find both the King of London and just London, which of course causes confusion and is unacceptable in the names of the varieties. Consider the following "Kings":

  • "King of London" from "Seeds of Altai";
  • “King London” Agreks company Sverdlovsk region Russia;
  • "Biotechnology" Russia;
  • Sadbrest Belarus.
  • "Siberian varietal seeds" Russia;
  • TM "GL SEEDS" Ukraine.

It should be noted that all these firms describe their selection of masterpieces as a national selection.

Characteristic of what we have

Looking through the description, it becomes clear what unites all these descriptions is one thing - tomatoes should turn out to be large-fruited. But the further vision of the “king” is different for everyone.

Variety description

  • From the company "Agresk" you will get mid-early tomatoes. The bush claims a height of no more than 150 cm. Tomato fruit in the range of 200-250 g, a pepper-shaped form with a slightly elongated tip, the so-called "spout." After sowing seeds from this packer, you will receive red, fleshy tomatoes with smooth skin and dense, fragrant, tasty pulp for salad designation and processing into tomato products;
  • Choosing the "King of London" tomato from the company "Biotechnology" will become the owner of the middle-late tomato. The height of the plant form manufacturer promises to 200 cm, but only with good care.
The weight of the fruits will get in the range of 150-300, but 700 g, as if you can achieve. The shape is rounded pyramidal, although professional breeders do not even realize this form of tomato.

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"Biotech" guarantees excellent taste, fleshiness and red color of fully ripened tomatoes, as well as excellent keeping quality, until November, which is quite possible for late tomato.

The yield of their "king" is within 5 kg from a bush, but they say that 10 kg from a bush can also be taken.

  • "Garden Brest". Claims that the tomato breeding in Russia, but do not indicate who it is. Their “king” is mid-ripe, up to 160 cm high, and produces from 350 to 600 g, and possibly up to 800. Fleshy, with a small amount of seed, heart-shaped, raspberry-pink color.
Belarusians claim that a special load falls on the first three brushes, which carry up to 6 fruits.
  • "Siberian varietal seeds" produced packaging that will give a vegetative form under 180 cm with fruits heart-shaped and raspberry-red color. The average fruit weight is 300–500, but the manufacturer claims that individual specimens can give 700–1000 g.

Tomatoes fleshy, with excellent taste. Variety is recommended as a salad, as well as for use in processing.

The guaranteed yield is 5-5.5 kg, or even all 10 kg from a bush. The safety of the fruit is excellent.
  • TM "GL SEEDS" presents the variety as a well-leafy vegetative form up to 150 cm high.Fruits are heart-shaped tomato, and weighing about 400 g.

The company ensures that the tomatoes have excellent taste with a pleasant sweetness and a high content of dry substances of pink-raspberry color.

The tomato is recommended for open ground and film greenhouses suitable for fresh consumption and processing into juices, sauces, pastes, ketchups.

Disease and Pest Resistance

It is impossible to determine the stability of the variety without observation and laboratory research. All the more difficult to describe in the event that the regrader is just huge.

Those vegetable growers who want to preserve the grown crop, and not allow diseases and pests to take part of it, do not look at the description of resistance, but regularly and timely treat the tomato bushes with fungicides.

The first treatment is carried out as soon as the ovary has appeared, and then every 15-20 days with the indispensable alternation of antifungal drugs.

Advantages and disadvantages

Whichever producer you choose, the advantage of this tomato is one thing - large fruit.

And then it all depends on how lucky you are with a genetic variety.

All manufacturers point to:

  • high yield;
  • salad type;
  • excellent taste.

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Features of growing

All packers said that the variety is tall, indeterminate. This suggests that the plant is necessary:

  • grow through a seedling culture;
  • when transplanting into the ground to plant a prone or very deep;
  • steadily monitor the nutritional value of the soil;
  • duck in time and lead the culture in one shoot;
  • regularly tie up both shoots and seedlings.

Evaluating a tomato "King London" characteristic and description of the variety speaks of very large fruits, even up to 1000 g. Looking at such data, it should be understood that it is impossible to get high returns from low-nutrient soils. Only a balance of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus can allow the plant to show its full potential and please the grower with a good harvest.

Top dressing of bushes begin 10-14 days after transplanting to open ground. The first feeding is carried out with a solution of nitrogenous fertilizers. The second is nitrogenous with potash and phosphorus, and the third should be already without nitrogenous compounds.

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Ideal for feeding you can choose when alternating organic and mineral supplements, as well as root and foliar. In this case, the plant receives a balanced diet, which guarantees an increase in the vegetative mass, resistance to diseases, and good yield of high-quality crops.

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